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It's a little-known fact: You can make just about any type of investment in your Individual Retirement Account or other retirement plan, including investments around the world. Few people realize they have so many choices, because most IRA Custodians and plan administrators limit your investment horizon to traditional, plain-vanilla U.S. stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Sovereign International Pension Services can help you discover new horizons in your quest to protect and grow your hard-earned assets
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Everything Going To Be Iwry!


My father was a DJ for the better part of his life. I was surrounded by music. Many famous musicians were friends with my dad and would stop by when in town. I grew up with an intense love of music, which I still enjoy. My taste in music has been described as eclectic. I prefer to think of it as a love of good music no matter the genre.


Reggae has always been one of my personal favorites. It's feel good music. What's not to like? You can't talk about reggae music without including Bob Marley in the conversation. He wrote, "Everything Gonna Be Alright", which is one of the best feel good songs of all time.


In Jamaica there is a famous saying that is closely intertwined with the song. Everything is irie mon! The Urban dictionary defines irie as- "to be at total peace with your current state of being. The way you feel when you have no worries."


I wish I could tell you everything is Irie and I have no worries but that's just not the case. Everything is going to be Iwry and that's what I am worried about.


J. Mark Iwry's official title is Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury and Deputy Assistant Secretary (Tax Policy) for Retirement and Health Policy U.S. Treasury Department. He's been involved with both the Brookings Institute and as a Principal of the Retirement Security Project.


  • J. Mark Iwry, deputy assistant Treasury secretary for retirement and health policy. In recent years has been recognized as one of the "30 top financial players" (Smart Money magazine), "100 Most Influential People in Finance" (Treasury and Risk magazine) (one of 5 in the field of Retirement and Benefits), "100 Most Influential People in the 401(k) Industry" (401(k) Wire), "Investment News 20" (20 individuals expected to have a major influence on the financial services industry). He has been a proponent of the previously discussed. He also is pushing for the availability of annuities for retirement plans as a source for the lifetime income option.


I have written numerous articles concerning the not so hidden attack being waged on retirement plans by Mr. Iwry and other characters. I will gladly send you a copy of any of these articles, going all the way back to 2010. Send me an email requesting a copy.


Confiscation/Nationalization of Retirement Plans


I have authored a number of articles and given countless presentations going back years, in which I discuss my belief the federal government eventually wants to force all IRA's and retirement plans into owning Treasury bonds. Many have expressed a concern the government might confiscate or nationalize retirement plans. Call it what you will. My belief is their ultimate goal is to force your retirement plan into financing the deficit or future spending.


Recently Mr. Iwry took a giant step towards forced ownership. Mr. Iwry announced something called "Retirement Bonds" that he said was on the front burner of ideas. He made the announcement, while speaking at the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement conference.


Mr. Iwry said the bonds would be offered to employees of companies not offering a retirement plan. They would have tax benefits similar to an IRA, and could be converted into an IRA at some point in the future.


Ominously Mr. Iwry went on to say, the Treasury Dept. wouldn't need approval from Congress to sell the bonds or start the new program. It sounds innocuous on it's surface. However, there are several important reasons it should get your attention.


  1. It's a new type of retirement plan created by the Treasury Dept."needing no approval".

  2. The only investment that will be offered is a new type of bond, funded by Treasuries, "needing no approval".

  3. It's convertible into an IRA.


Think about it like this, it's a "gateway drug". It may seem harmless by itself, but it opens the door to harder drugs. In this case, it's the gateway that will eventually force all retirement plans to invest solely into Treasuries.


Everything Gonna Be Alright


I don't think so. Everything Going to be Iwry. 


The question is, is there anything you can do about it? I don't think you or I can do anything to stop the government from spending too much money. The question becomes how do they pay for it? Traditionally more spending has meant higher taxes, but we have gotten so far in debt they are scratching their heads trying to find other sources of funding. They are concerned the Chinese and Japanese might eventually cut back on purchases of Treasury Bonds, and are actively seeking other sources of revenue. They have shifted their gaze to the vast sums of money held within IRA's, 401(k)'s and Retirement Plans, as a future source of funds.


Now that you know your account is in their cross hairs, what do you do about it?


If you've seen me speak at a conference or read any of my past articles or newsletters, then you know I believe you have to move your account offshore, and structure it in a legal and compliant manner that will protect it. You still have access to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF's and most every other type of investment you can imagine, including foreign real estate and precious metals. 

Precious Metals

Bullion & Coins

SIPS has signed an agreement with, and become a member of, one of the most prestigious precious metals platforms available anywhere. We have done so at the request of our clients who are seeking the most secure, cost effective way to buy and sell bullion.


A wide choice of bullion products, allocated lots of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium - single coins to multi-ounce bars - worldwide storage options, low prices, complete liquidity, total security, limited reporting requirements, and access to a 24-hour buying and selling platform instantly, online.

Store Precious Metals Globally

Store your precious metals with total security in fully audited and insured independent vaults in New York (Brinks), Salt Lake City (Brinks), Zurich (ViaMat), London (ViaMat), Singapore (Malca Amit) or Melbourne (Brinks) - the same vaults used by central banks and governments throughout the world.  





  1. Minimum requirement- $5,000 for U.S. Vaults, $10,000 for non-U.S.

  2. Pricing- Competitive pricing with at least 4 suppliers. instantaneous

  3. Platform- Buying and selling is accomplished online from your own computer simply and efficiently.

  4. Storage- Storage of precious metals outside of the U.S. requires the use of an LLC.  



More information on the trading platform, metals offered, pricing, technology, delivery etc. is available upon the establishment of an IRA or other type of Retirement Plan with SIPS.
As always, please feel free to contact the office for additional information.


Find something to be thankful for and share it with a friend, family or a stranger. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

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