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It's a little-known fact: You can make just about any type of investment in your Individual Retirement Account or other retirement plan, including investments around the world. Few people realize they have so many choices, because most IRA Custodians and plan administrators limit your investment horizon to traditional, plain-vanilla U.S. stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Sovereign International Pension Services can help you discover new horizons in your quest to protect and grow your hard-earned assets
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Batman/China/Gold and the Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,


There has been a lot of talk about how China, (they are not alone), would like to see the dollar replaced as the world's reserve currency or at the very least it's position weakened and or supplanted by some other basket of currencies.


You can imagine, China didn't really think there was much of a chance the U.S. Government would default on it's debt in spite of all the talk and waiting to the last minute. After all, they own a significant amount of our debt and undoubtedly have their own "bat phone" that connects them right to the commissioner.


I can see it now, we are in Commissioner Gordon's office, (a.k.a. Jack Lew/Treasury Secretary), when the red bat phone starts flashing. The conversation probably went something like this. "Commissioner Gordon here. Batman what can I do for you? Yes Batman I know I usually call you when I have a problem, not the other way around. I know, I know, I usually try to downplay these little internal spats we have and bring confidence to the markets but we were in an unusual position this time. We had to try and scare Wall Street into putting pressure on the House of Representatives in an effort to force them into throwing in their cards and folding a weak hand. Look Batman, I can't help it if Wall Street didn't really go for it and the markets weren't as volatile as we would have liked. It wasn't for lack of effort on my part! You can only use the word catastrophic so many times. We may have cried wolf once too often. Yes, I understand there was an unintended consequence, there often are in matters like these. Batman, really it's not like Dagong is one of your arch rivals. I promise you no one outside of the bat-cave has payed any attention to the fact an obscure Chinese rating agency that nobody cares about downgraded us to an A-....who cares! What do you mean it triggered an automatic 911 call? No, I didn't notice the dollar took a pretty big hit and gold made a pretty big spike. I told you I was busy with the reporters out on the steps of City Hall. I was trying to scare them, I mean reassure them everything was fine.


Gold Schmold! Nobody cares about gold anymore Batman it's not a secret weapon. Yeah Alfred mentioned something about you secretly buying more gold through London than you are producing, so what? Look Batman not to be rude but I've gotta go. I promised the mayor I would get my tactical plan on how to scare the markets the next time to him by the end of the day. Oh you didn't know our latest solution is only good for a couple of months and we are going to be right back where we started? You gotta get out of the cave and into the real world more often Batman.........


Musings And A Cry In The Dark: Is Anyone Out There?


Oh what an incredibly interesting and totally boring month all at the same time. Thank goodness our gifted politicians reached a deal to keep the government running at the last second. Not for the reasons you think.....I swear if I had to listen to one more story about the government shutdown I would have been sick! I have almost reached a point where I want to throw my hands in the air and yell "Who Cares!"


But then I come back down to reality, take a look around me and wonder what, if anything, is all of this likely to do to my clients and my family.


Lately I have had trouble writing anything worth sending out. Usually I sit down at the keyboard and it just spills out of me. If anything I run out of room to write, not things to say. For days now I have been staring at the screen knowing I need to write something but just not finding the strength and the courage to do it.


Here's the question(s). Is anyone out there? Is anyone reading this? Does it matter to you? Are you going to do anything about your situation based upon the things I have been saying?


Let me just give you a little snippet of what I am thinking about that should matter.


For years I have been writing about changes I see coming to IRA's and retirement plans that will have a significant impact on your future.


  1. The president's proposed budget has some pretty striking provisions that will dramatically effect your retirement such as limiting the amount of money you can save or how much income you will be allowed to take in retirement.

  2. Sen. Harkin's proposal promoting "USA", a, "Universal, Secure and Adaptable", privately run retirement system for older Americans. (Trust me- it's anything but privately run.) He is retiring in 2014 and wants to push for adoption prior to his departure. It has some interesting things like it should be universal and automatic, a shared responsibility between you, employers and the government, a pooled and professionally managed approach to managing YOUR money, (translate Retirement Plan Czar), a lifetime benefit or payment stream.

  3. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Richard Corday's seeking of a legal opinion that would give them authority over how your IRA or Pension Plan is invested.

The president wants to limit how much you can withdraw from an IRA or retirement plan. A limitation that by it's nature would control how much you are able to accumulate or save. If interest rates and or investment returns go up then the amount you are allowed to accumulate would decline. And heaven forbid you do a good job of investing your account and making it grow too much, for surely you will be penalized.


Sen. Harkin's proposoal makes me laugh and scares the heck out of me all at once. It makes me laugh because they call it privately run. That's like saying the Affordable Care Act is privately run. Can you imagine the government having to create another website capable of handling every single working American so they can be enrolled in a universal retirement plan system? How well do you think that is going to interface with employers when it comes time for mandatory contributions! Who gets the job as the new retirement plan Czar? They want to invest it all in treasuries anyway, it's the only way to do the job with the "least risk and in the most cost effective way" in their eyes. Besides they want to pay the money out over your designated lifetime, which is a fancy way of saying a lifetime annuity that will be funded with treasuries. (Download here: USA Proposal)


The CFPB was created under the Dodd Frank act and has very little accountability or oversight. Seriously, this agency should really, really scare you. Check out our company Facebook page if you want to know more about them and their mission. Ostensibly they want control over your retirement plan for your own good. They know how to manage it better than you do. (Once again this is just another shill for the purchase of treasuries.)


These are just a few of the proposals you should be watching. There are others on the table that are equally frightening. Want a copy? Just let me know.


"Liberate Your IRA"


Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about how you can move your IRA or pension plan offshore. You can do some amazing things like investing in your own Gold Offshore Secret Weapon, just like Batman with a self-directed IRA or pension plan through Sovereign International Pension Services.


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