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 May 2013
Dear Valued Clients and Friends,


"A Prediction about the Federal Gov't So Dangerous, I've Been Advised NOT to Voice it in Public"


This was the headline in an ad that popped up on my Facebook page. It was a marketing piece for a well known newsletter writer with a bold headline designed to catch your attention. Normally I don't pay much attention to ads but with a headline like that how could I not take a peek. The writer went on to say there were 3 major events or threats he had identified. Here is the 1st one-   

 The Obama administration might confiscate retirement plans!


Threat #1:


"The U.S. government will seize 401(k)s,
IRAs, and other private retirement accounts.


I have been warning investors about this threat for years. When I first began to openly speak and write about things like this I was considered to be pretty radical and most people thought I was just plain out there. The media and more and more financial analyst are only now beginning to recognize this threat.


Even IRA Custodians are beginning to talk about this threat even though they clearly aren't convinced yet but the very fact they are speaking about it should tell you the threat is very, very real.


This custodian went on to mention that their industry trade association discussed this very fact at their most recent conference. The consensus of the group  was if the new rule passes, which includes a cap on the amount of money someone can earn from their retirement plan, anyone with savings beyond the limit will be grandfathered in. I wish I could believe this. They went on to say this group is actively monitoring and lobbying against any efforts by the government to limit the amount of savings or income  for retirement plans.


Let me speak about one of my biggest concerns. The way the current administration has been doing things like this should be very, very disconcerting to you. For example, the so called Obama Care was passed without the majority of the underlying rules or regulations that are required to support and implement the bill ever being included or disclosed. This allowed the administration to come along and add them after the fact. The amount of rules and regulations that have a direct impact on your life being written are staggering and now some of the most ardent supporters of the original bill have publicly stated it is a nightmare!


It's clear to me this is the approach the administration prefers to use. Pass new laws with just a basic description of what it is and then go back and fill in the details anyway they want. That's very scary in my opinion. The current proposed budget states that no "tax-preferred" retirement plan should be larger than what is needed to generate $205,000 a year in income. Based upon today's interest rates and returns that works out to be $3 million dollars, but as interest rates and returns vary so will the total accumulated amount allowed.


That's really all it says.... there is no mention of how this will be handled or tracked, or if it will be indexed to inflation or more important, what will happen to retirement plans that have accumulated more than the allowed amount. Some are concerned the government will simply confiscate any savings above and beyond the cap. Personally, I find that unlikely for many reasons but we have to be honest and say it is at least a possibly. They could just declare anything above that a taxable distribution, which is problematic to say the least. I think what's most concerning to me is it's just one more attack on retirement plans and if something like this passes it gives the administration the ability to go in and back fill all of the rules and regulations as they see fit!

Offshore Opportunities are Disappearing! Act Now!


We've received notice 2 more offshore financial institutions have decided they will no longer take U.S. Clients. In several of my earlier articles I spoke about what I saw as a multipronged attack on offshore investing. Our government has forced their will on foreign financial institutions in such a way that many of them have thrown up their hands and have completely divorced themselves of U.S. Clients.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures
  1. The IRS Scandal
  2. Benghazi
  3. The Attack on the AP
  4. The Attack on Fox News

It seems like every week we are hearing about another scandal or attack on our wealth, our rights and our way of living.


I am worried about what "their" end game might be. It should be crystal clear by now. If you have any kind of wealth in your retirement plan you better do something to protect it now while you still can.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional concerns or questions.


Precious Metals Fatigue? Consider This New Asset Class!


Demand for rare and strategic metals has exploded in recent years. These metals are required in all kinds of high-tech products from new computer pads, smart phones, cell phones and hybrid cars, medicine, clothing to jet engines and many more. These metals are now used in 80% of all products today. The National Geographic Magazine referred to them in 2011 as The Secret Ingredient of almost everything!


You'll be pleased to hear that we have discovered

a solution for holding these rare strategic metals in physical form for investment purposes in tax-free, secure and insured vaults in Switzerland and/or Panama.  

In this form they are definitely not subject to government reporting requirements. They are also completely independent of manipulated commodity markets, stock markets, fiat money and the global financial system generally.


"The trend is for a continued increase in the use of rare earths in many applications, especially automotive catalytic converters, permanent magnets, and rechargeable batteries."


"The US government is using the same strategy which has once already failed with oil:

begging foreign countries not to take advantage of their monopolies."  


Jim Rogers, December 30th, 2010 Currently, China which has significant amounts of rare and strategic metal reserves at 40% of the total world supply, controls 97% of all the refined end-product in the world. China has been reducing exports of these metals to industrialized nations like the US, Japan, and the EU over the past few years, and has been increasing the price. They want to receive what they believe is now proper market value for metals that are now used in so many products, and they do not want countries outside of China owning stockpiles of these metals. For now on, everything will be hand to mouth. Just what you need and no more. And you will pay more for these metals.


If you are participating in a stockpiling program outside of China, then you are benefiting from these increased values in the metals, and you are well on your way to beating inflation, while being safely out of paper and digital money, or unreliable capital markets.


Swissmetal Inc. SA, in Panama City Panama, with Swiss-German parent company Schweizerich Metalhandel, and German metal traders Haines and Maassen, created just such a program in 2009. It began with German citizens trading in their weakening Euro for strategic metals as a way to protect their family assets, and now has expanded to all countries outside of Germany.


The metals in the program are grouped into 4 baskets (large stacks of metals between 100 and 200lbs) . The sectors are Key Industries, Tech and Energy, Construction and Engineering, and Defense Industry.  


SMI likes to say that the metals are not household names but are in everything around your house. Gallium, hafnium, indium, tantalum, tellurium, rhenium, molybdenum, cobalt, chromium, zirconium, tungsten, and bismuth. They are currently the only reputable company in the world that can give you allocated, segregated, physical ownership of rare and strategic metals. They also provide .9995 pure industrial silver granules (right from the refinery) and gold upon request.


The assets are liquid and should be considered a 3 to 5 year medium length play. This is similar to precious metals, and why most of Swissmetal clients are also gold and silver bugs. These people are experiencing precious metal fatigue and like the idea of getting into this new asset class of metals to protect their wealth, with the extra layer of protection coming from overseas, insured storage in the Swiss and Panama Duty Free zones.


Sovereign International Pension Services is an IRA administrator that many or our clients have used when working with Swiss Metals.

If you would like to know more about Swissmetal Inc.s unique and empowering programs please feel free to contact us at our USA Toll Free number 855-854-4679 or email us at

Please note from time to time SIPS may accept articles written by outside advisors or companies. Articles such as these should not be considered an endorsement or an investment recommendation of any type. Neither SIPS, nor any of its employees provides investment, legal, or tax advice.  



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The Obama administration might confiscate retirement plans!
Offshore Opportunities are Disappearing! Act Now
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Precious Metals Fatigue? Consider This New Asset Class!
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