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Rolling in the Dough with RalgroŽ
Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association members turned empty Ralgro wheels into cash
MIDWEST CITY, OK, JULY 27- The wheels rolled in and so did the cash. For the past year, Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association members have been saving those little green wheels. This past week that one simple activity yielded $3199 for the OCA.
For every empty wheel returned during the 61st Annual OCA Convention and Trade Show, Merck Animal Health gave $1 to the organization's special projects fund.
"We appreciate all our members that saved their Ralgro wheels this past year," says Richard Gebhart, OCA President. "The Wheels for Bucks program will allow us to support scholarships and leadership training for the next generation of ranchers."
The Wheels for Bucks program is a partnership between Merck Animal Health and the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association. OCA members bring their empty Ralgro wheels to Annual OCA Convention to help raise money for their association.
"We're pleased so many Oklahoma producers benefit from a wheel of Ralgro at their farm. Then, they are able to turn that wheel into value for the OCA," says Darrel Kane, sales representative for Merck Animal Health. "The Wheels for Bucks program is a small way Merck Animal Health can team up with our customers to strengthen the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association."
Ralgro, a cattle implant from Merck Animal Health, helps the cattle industry sustainably produce more safe, quality beef by adding 20-35 pounds to calf weaning weights. To learn more, visit
The OCA represents more than 5500 Oklahoma ranching families. The OCA exists to support and defend the state and nation's beef cattle industry. The OCA officers, board of directors and membership encourages you to join us in our advocacy efforts to ensure less government intervention, lower taxes and a better bottom line. For more information about OCA membership or activities call 405-235-4391 or visit

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