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The V-BID Center continues to follow health insurance exchange roll-outs.

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JAMA: Seven major reform proposals support V-BIDJAMA

7 Nat'l Policy Centers and Stakeholder orgs endorse V-BID
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Recently, JAMA reviewed major
 proposals from the Bipartisan Policy Center, Brookings Institution, The Commonwealth Fund, Kaiser Family Foundation, National Coalition on Health Care, Partnership for Sustainable Health Care, and Urban Institute on reforming the US health care system. Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID) and value-based payment reform were unanimously listed as key elements for sustainable health care. V-BID's inclusion in each of these proposals demonstrates growing stakeholder and bipartisan political consensus that V-BID is essential to a high-performing health care delivery system.
V-BID Summit 2013: Infusing clinical nuance
into health care transformationSummit  

The 2013 V-BID Summit, Volume to Value: Infusing Clinical Nuance into Health Care Transformation, engaged policymakers, state health commissioners, plan directors, and health system leaders in a highly interactive format to address supply- and demand-side innovations in numerous payer settings including state health insurance exchanges, accountable care organizations, commercial insurance plans, and Medicaid and Medicare plans.  Videos and slides from the day's summit are available.  

Three insurers incorporate V-BID to improve complianceThree  

A recent Advisory Board Company briefing notes that three prominent insurers, Aetna, Wellpoint and Humana, have reduced patient cost-sharing for preventive medicine to improve compliance with medication regimens.  Both Aetna's and Wellpoint's V-BID programs reduce or waive cost-sharing for certain preventive medications and for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and heart failure while Humana offers an education program where nurses counsel patients diagnosed with chronic conditions on the importance of drug adherence and calls them to remind them to take medication. 
NCPIE Coalition's action plan includes V-BID principlesNCPIE 

The National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) has released a 10-step Adherence Action Agenda to address poor medication adherence among those age 65 and older with multiple chronic conditions. Several V-BID principles such as incentivizing providers to provide high-value care, eliminating barriers to filling prescriptions via reduced cost-sharing, and encouraging patient/provider dialogues to promote adherence are noted as key steps to improving adherence.   
Aon Hewitt: Consumer-driven health plans continue to growAON

Results from Aon Hewitt's 2013 Health Care Survey indicate that CDHPs have become the second most prevalent plan offered by employers after preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and could potentially surpass them as the most common plan type offered in the next three to five years. Early evidence shows that over 75% of enrollees were satisfied with their coverage, 60% made positive health behavior changes, and 19% of enrollees researched health care costs more frequently. 
V-BID infographic: Clinical nuance is the keyInfo  

The V-BID Center has produced an infographic that succinctly conveys the central principles and results of clinical nuance--the crux of Value-Based Insurance Design.  A PDF and online version are both available for public dissemination. 
V-BID October brief: The "Cadillac" redesign--A role for clinical nuance and V-BIDCaddy

In 2018, "Cadillac" benefit plans (plans that exceed the benefit cap of $10,200 annually for individuals and $27,500 for family coverage) will be taxed at 40 percent of their cost in excess of the limit.  By using clinical nuance and other V-BID principles to intelligently redesign plans that better engage consumers in making cost-conscious health decisions, plan sponsors may avoid the excise tax while still providing "Cadillac-quality" benefits.  For more information, read the V-BID Center brief on Cadillac plans
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