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"Consumers may also need new incentives, such as value-based insurance design, to invest in their health capital and long-term outcomes." 
 -Neal Halfon and Patrick Conway,
"The Opportunities and Challenges of a Lifelong Health System." New England Journal of Medicine, 
 April 25, 2013.
V-BID Newsletter
May 2013

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May's newsletter highlights:
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AHIPAHIP: V-BID plays a key role in health plan innovation

V-BID transforms how health plans interact with providers and consumers, according to an American Journal of Managed Care article written by Karen Ignagni, president of America's Health Insurance Plans.  Ignagni recognizes V-BID for its role in improving health by "encouraging individuals who are healthy to stay healthy, and encouraging individuals with certain risk factors, and/or those with chronic conditions, to seek treatment." 
CongressCongressional report encourages V-BID in state Medicaid programs
A Congressional report released this month encourages states to use V-BID in modernizing their Medicaid programs. The report, from House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton and Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Orrin Hatch, says states should be empowered to implement innovative, patient-centered reforms such as V-BID. 
BrookingsBrooking Institution report: V-BID key in bending the cost curve

V-BID can be used in both public and private insurance markets to lower the rate of cost growth, argues a recent Brookings Institution report. The report recommends that regulations encourage, or at least do not inhibit, the use of V-BID as part of an overall push to value-based health care.
AshevilleAsheville, N.C. realizes huge health care savings from V-BID program

The city of Asheville, N.C. became one of the first in the nation to use V-BID to reduce rising health care costs, an effort detailed in a recent Business Insurance article. The city has seen a 4:1 return in investment by reducing co-pays and requiring pharmaceutical counseling for chronically ill employees. 
Non-adherenceMedication non-adherence remains widespread issue 
A number of recent reports have highlighted that many people have trouble adhering to a prescription regimen, often due to cost. A study published in the Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy used electronic medical records to discover that 15 percent of patients who were prescribed a statin failed to pick it up from the pharmacy within 90 days. In addition, a report from Walgreens found 20 percent of Medicare beneficiaries have skipped or delayed a prescription to help manage costs. Finally, a survey from a new initiative, Prescriptions for a Healthy America, found that 28 percent of respondents to a nationwide survey had stopped taking a medication without consulting their physician. 
StatinAnalysis shows gender and racial disparities in statin adherence
A meta-analysis examining differences in medication adherence by gender and race found that women and non-white patients were less likely to adhere to a statin prescription regimen. The authors suggested this difference may account for some of the disparity in cardiovascular outcomes. 
Millions now covered by HDHPs with health savings accountsHSAGrowth2 

According to a recent news release, Fidelity Investments reported a 53 percent increase in the opening of HSAs in 2012. That augments a survey from the Employee Benefits Research Institute showing that nearly 19 million adults, or 15 percent of the private insurance market, were eligible for an HSA in 2012, and nearly 12 million reported having one. 
MediEssentialPromoting high-value care through  "Medicare Essential"

A new Commonwealth Fund article published in Health Affairs argues that a "Medicare Essential" package, which rolls hospital, physician, prescription drug and supplemental health coverage into one comprehensive plan, would reduce overall health spending and beneficiaries' out-of-pocket costs, while accelerating the shift to high-value care.  

This month's V-BID Center brief focuses on using the State Innovation Models Initiative to catalyze multi-payer reform efforts and gives states a road map for doing implementing those reforms. Check out, also, our accompanying video summary and road map infographic
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