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V-BID Newsletter
January 2013 
January's newsletter highlights:
  • HHS proposes cost-sharing flexibility in Medicaid 
  • California becomes a testing ground for V-BID plans
  • KFF report cites V-BID to reign in Medicare costs 
  • RWJ report urges employers to adopt V-BID   
  • Insurers and hospitals discourage early deliveries 
  • Focus groups reveal confusion, anger over health costs
  • Reports emphasize value to slow spending growth 
  • ACP announces high-value care website 
  • New book details how to fix perverse healthcare incentives
  • A report on the widespread shift to value in health care
  • Bill would eliminate cost-sharing in some federal programs
  • V-BID Center comments on wellness programs to Department of Labor
  • V-BID Center brief on Connecticut's insurance experiment
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HHSProposed Medicaid rule encourages clinical nuance in benefit design
Amid a host of proposed regulations, new rules would allow state Medicaid programs to alter co-pays for non-preferred drugs and non-emergency use of the emergency room. An HHS press release and NY Times article provide details.  
CaliforniaCalifornia becomes V-BID testing ground
In a recent Workforce article, insurance companies in the Golden State are marketing V-BID plans as a way to control spending without shifting more costs to the consumer.
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Report cites V-BID as a policy option to sustain Medicare budget
An extensive report from the Kaiser Family Foundation says V-BID "could produce savings while minimizing the harm to beneficiaries or even making beneficiaries better off in terms of reducing costs and/or improving the quality of care."
Bang for the health care buck: RWJF brief urges employers to implement V-BID
infographic RWJF
A new brief from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Aligning Forces for Quality details the cost employers absorb for poor health and suggests initiatives
that promote the highest value in health care spending.
Insurers discourage elective early deliveries

A report from Kaiser Health news indicates that Medicare, states, 
private insurers and hospitals increasingly discourage elective early deliveries without medical cause.
Consumers angry about rising health care costs; express desire for value
RWJF logo.jpeg
A series of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-supported focus groups show that people are both angry and confused by rising health care costs. A separate California Healthcare Foundation study suggests consumers are eager to use value in decisions, but need further education. 
 should focus on value to curb cost growth, new reports say 

Commonwealth Fund logo
Findings from both the Commonwealth Fund and UnitedHealth Group show that spending can be slowed through a number of payment and quality innovations, including V-BID. 
ACPAmerican College of Physicians announces high-value care website
The website consolidates resources and information around the ACP's high-value care initiative, which is intended to help physicians deliver the best care to their patients and reduce waste.
BookIt's the incentives, stupid!
Published in 2013, The Incentive Cure details the perverse incentives built into the health care system and proposes a remedy. Available as a download.  
WymanReport: The volume-to-value revolution
Oliver Wyman
Oliver Wyman Group's new report
details the current movement in health care toward a more value-based, patient-centered model. This report is the first in a series on innovations in health care. 
U.S. Senate bill would eliminate cost-sharing for prevention in some federal programs

Health Education Labor Pensions
A bill introduced by Sen. Tom Harkin includes a number of initiatives to encourage public health, such as the elimination of cost-sharing for preventive services in Medicaid and the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program. 
CommentsV-BID Center submits comments to Department of Labor on wellness initiatives 

V-BID logo miniemail lsignature
Our comments to the Department of Labor emphasize the value of wellness programs for improving both the health of beneficiaries and the long-term financial stability of group health plans.
BriefV-BID Brief: The Connecticut Experiment

July 2012 Brief
This month's brief describes a V-BID plan in action. Specifically, Connecticut state employees' Health Enhancement Program.
The University of Michigan Center for Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID) leads in research, development and advocacy for innovative health benefit designs.

To contact the V-BID center, email us at
vbidcenter@umich.edu or call 734-615-9635

For examples of V-BID programs from across the country, visit our V-BID registry.

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