February 2014

Application Deadline Extended for Youth in International Development and Foreign Affairs Internship Program

The summer 2015 Youth in International Development and Foreign Affairs internship program call for applicants has been extended to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 (2:00 p.m. Pacific Time).


USICD's internship program focuses on youth with disabilities from across the U.S. who are interested in international development and foreign affairs careers.  The summer 2015 internship program will bring a group of talented graduate students, recent graduates, and rising college juniors and seniors with disabilities to Washington, DC, for nine weeks.  This will include a one-week training and orientation program followed by an eight-week internship at an international organization in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. USICD will cover the cost of fully-accessible housing during the nine-week program, reimburse travel expenses to and from DC, and provide a limited stipend.  The program encourages applications from graduate students and from recent graduates who have a master's or other graduate degree, or a law degree, or a bachelor's degree.  The program also accepts applications from rising juniors and seniors in college.  Most applicants should be age 30 or younger.  In limited circumstances (especially U.S. veterans) candidates may remain eligible until age 35.


It is anticipated that interns will need to be in DC from May 24 to July 25, 2015. These dates may be subject to change.  To learn more about the internship program, eligibility criteria, and the application process, please visit


USICD thanks the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation for their support for this initiative.
USICD Launches 2015 Membership Drive 
Dear USICD Member and Supporter,

Here we are in mid winter, and most of the country is in a deep freeze or feet of snow!  We don't get much snow here in Washington, but we are knee deep in projects that create a lot of excitement for us, and hopefully for you.  These include partnerships to support the disability rights movement in Burma (Myanmar), Kenya, Vietnam and Mexico, our advocacy for greater inclusion of people with disabilities in U.S. foreign assistance and international cooperation, and our fostering of a new generation of professionals with disabilities entering the international development field.

As President, I want to lead USICD to deliver more value for your membership.  Collaboration is the way of the world for us in the disability community.  USICD's strength is its membership, and we aim to provide you with the best information that money can buy.

If you or your organization is a current USICD member, you will receive a renewal notice soon. We want your membership experience to be valuable and beneficial, and will also be surveying our members this year to learn what benefit of membership you want and need. One thing we're considering is a dedicated Member's Corner of our website.  We would like to provide a place for our members to interact, get answers to questions, and collaborate.  But, we'd like your feedback in order to shape it to your needs.   

So, when you receive the renewal notice and survey by email, please renew and complete the survey.  We will compile survey responses and provide you with a report about what other members are asking for.  

If you or your organization is not a USICD member, think about joining today!  Visit here to learn more.  The staff and I are always available to answer and to hear your ideas.

Thank you for supporting USICD by being a member!

Stay Warm,

Patricia Morrissey, Ph.D.
USICD President's Blog 
USICD President Dr. Patricia Morrissey, will be inviting communication with USICD members and friends via a new, regular USICD President's blog.  Read her inaugural blog post and new year's message, "USICD President's First Blog" at  at  In her inaugural blog post, she invites feedback from USICD members on what you value about your membership and what you would like to see added as membership benefits, what initiatives you want us to pursue as an organization and what role you would like to have as a partner, and what ideas you have for expanding our membership.  Visit the link to post your comments on her blog post.
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USICD Launches 2015 Membership Drive
USICD President's Blog

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