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OCTOBER 2015  #61

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contact Bill Stevens at  wastevens@aol.com
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               NEXT HEALING CIRCLE               
You are welcome to attend the next Healing Circle on Wednesday, 
OCTOBER 21, 2015. 
It is from 6-9 pm. 
And will be held at Asbury Tower
1701 Ocean Ave. Apt. 23 H in Asbury Park

PLEASE RSVP. Since the space is limited, I will need to know if you are coming. You can do this by e-mail [WASTEVENS@AOL.COM] , phone 732-284-9990, or text.

If I cannot accommodate everyone who wants to come on the date announced, I will offer a second date to those who call.

This is an opportunity to gather with other practitioners and share what is going on, ask questions, and receive support. It is also a time for both meditation and receiving Reiju and, of course, this is all followed by an exchange of Reiki. 
Hope to see you there.

Click on the link below for directions and give me a call if you are having any problems.

There is a parking lot used by surfers and fisherman as well as others, opposite the front entrance of Asbury Tower, to the left of the boardwalk, which you can use FREE. 

There are also parking spaces all around the building 
which have parking meters.  

Also a block down any side street, there is open parking. 

It is a couple of blocks north of 404  5th Ave.  where we use to have it and you can easily see the tall building from there. 

 Feel free to call me if you are having any trouble.  

The Sunset Ave. Bridge is also closed for repairs to add to the challenge -  but detour signs are clearly marked. 

Just touch the #1 when you come into the main entrance and the security guard will let you in. Take elevator to 23rd floor.

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(There are no healing circles in July and August)


[Taught by Bill Stevens]

Usui Reiki Ryoho - Level I [Shoden]
Saturday - OCTOBER 17, 2015  - 9-5 pm - Asbury Park
With an optional evening from 6-9 pm for those who want more practice.
 Please make intention to take this class known to Bill, 
 two weeks prior to class.
Call 732-284-9990
Usui Reiki Ryoho - Level II [Okuden]
Saturday - NOVEMBER 14,  2015 ,  9-5 pm - Asbury Park
With an optional evening from 6-9 pm for those who want more practice. Please make intention to take class known to Bill two weeks prior to class.
Call 732-284-9990

Usui Reiki Ryoho-Level III [Shinpiden]
Saturday/Sunday DECEMBER 12/13, 2015 -   9-5 pm
[Need to attend both days]
With an optional evening from 6-9 pm for those who want more practice. Please make intention to take class known to Bill two weeks prior to class. 
Call 732- 284-9990

CLASS:  Animal Reiki for Reiki Practitioners
WHEN: (not scheduled)
WHERE:  Morning: Asbury Park      
 Afternoon: Popcorn Zoo, Forked River, NJ
50% of all fees will be donated to the Popcorn zoo 


CALL 732-224-2315 


Saturday, October 10,  2015    
10 am - 5 pm       $149
Call Brookdale College to register  732-224-2315

New Book - The Inner Heart of Reiki - 
 Rediscovering Your True Self
by Frans Stiene

Frans has a book out, The Inner Heart of Reiki - Rediscovering Your True Self, 
 which will be out in the Fall, 2015

5 Powerful Tips for Coping with Life as an Empath
BY Frans Stiene

Empathy means that we sense and feel what the other person is experiencing; we empathise with them. Empathy can be a great asset as it can help us to feel and see what someone is going through, which in turn will help us to understand the person better. However, it also can have its drawbacks. We can be too empathic, and if we start to experience the suffering of the person directly, this can lead to empathy distress. 
If we feel we are entering the state of mind of empathy distress, there are great techniques and insights to help us. By practicing these techniques and contemplating these insights, we can learn how to cope as an empathic person.

The Owl and the pussy cat - Best friends for life
When I started my animal Reiki business out of my living room 11 years ago, one of my biggest challenges to building my new business was finding shelters willing to allow me in so I could bring Reiki to the animals. Back then, no one had even heard of Reiki! So imagine how difficult it was to open those doors and make those connections. But with a lot of perseverance, one by one I found people with open hearts and minds willing to take a chance on me.

Since then, I've been able to work with animals and bring Reiki programs to BrightHaven SanctuaryGuide Dogs for the Blind and the San Francisco SPCA in California; Best Friends Animal Society in Utah; Animal Haven in New York City; Chenoa Manor Farm Sanctuary in Pennsylvania; The CARE Foundation in Florida; and even to sanctuaries worldwide-like Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in the UK. Today my nonprofit SARA, which I co-founded with Leah D'Ambrosio to bring Reiki programs to shelters around the world, has more than 400 members worldwide and Reiki programs in shelters and sanctuaries across the U.S., Canada, England and Australia.

None of that could have happened without some amazing transformations-of skeptics into believers. Here are my best tips, based on years of experience encountering plenty of pushback. Try these tactics for staying strong, outlasting the critics and doing what you do best: bringing Reiki to shelter animals in need.

Reiki in Medicine
Free-writing is easy to learn and easy to practice. Hmm, sounds like First degree Reiki! Maybe that's why Reiki and free-writing make such good partners!
In WRITE REIKI, for two weeks, you'll free write at your convenience, on your schedule, in your time, while getting the support you want, when you want it. I've done everything I can to make it comfortable and easy for you.
Plus you'll have a chance to share what you are discovering about your practice -- and yourself -- with our online global community in our private Writers' Haven.
You won't share your actual writing -- that's for your eyes alone. That privacy helps you feel safe enough to free your inner writer. Since you don't share your free-write and there is no critiquing, you have the freedom to write your Reiki heart and discover your very own insight and practice gems.
And I'll be there to cheer you on and respond to your questions. If you've been thinking of working closely with me, this is your chance to do so with all the flexibility and affordability of an online program.
Save by registering now with the early bird pricing.
My very best,


September, 2015

Sometimes I get very angry, sometimes sad, sometimes despairing as I think of all the homeless children we see every day. One in every 30 children in the U.S. experiences homelessness every year - that's one student in every classroom in America. Why is this not a national crisis discussed by every political, religious, education and community leader in this country? Why does the media not talk about 2.5 million homeless kids? Is it too overwhelming to consider? Too hard to talk about? Too shameful to acknowledge?
I don't have to tell any of you, our loyal and generous volunteers, donors and supporters, about the heart-breaking issue of homeless children. You are there for them every day, giving them the tools they need to succeed in school, the consistency of a mentor and positive role model, the hope we all need to survive. That's a lot. Now I am asking you to take one more step: shout out loud for homeless kids. Make your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, political representatives, baristas, Uber drivers, understand the magnitude of this problem. Talk about how education is a critical link in breaking this terrible cycle of homelessness. Tell them about our students and how challenging their lives are. They have no power and no voice, but you do.

Catherine Meek
Executive Director
School on Wheels