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Hello Friends, GRRers & Fellow Greyhound Lovers:


Spring has finally sprung!! Lots of creepy crawling ticks are out there so keep up with your monthly preventative. Mosquitoes are also already out in abundance. Heartworm disease is on the rise in our area and there have been cases of dogs getting the disease even if they've been on monthly heartworm preventative straight through the winter. Tick and heartworm diseases are nothing to fool around with. You love your hounds so please keep them safe from disease.


June 20th is PICNIC day. We're shorthanded. Besides being GREYT fun, the picnic is GRR's largest fundraiser of the year. To keep helping hounds injured at the track, we need to refill our coffers. Volunteers to man the GRR sales and GUGG tents are needed. Who could help out? Please email me at Christine@greyhoundrescuerehab.org.


Enjoy the beautiful weather!

For the hounds,

Christine Johnson

President, GRR

Featured Hound by Kevin Haber and Brian Thomas


Ray Ray     


Sex: Male
Color: Black
Age: 3 years
Cats and Small Dogs: No


Ray Ray, a stunning black three year old male with tuxedo markings is a recent arrival from Florida.  He is currently in a home with two other greyhounds, two adults and an eight year old boy . He likes to be in the middle of everything and watch what you are doing when making dinner or even watching TV. He has recently started to show interest in stuffed toys, carrying them from room to room and seeing how many toys he can pile onto one dog bed. Occasionally there is a surprise pounce and shake of death. Ray Ray has begun to notify us when he wants to go outside by standing the door and jiggling the door knob.

He walks well on a leash. He follows directions well, eats his meals without qualms and falls in line when it is time for bed. In the
a.m. he greets you with a smiling face and is ready to help get your day started.




Petland Thornwood Event Review by Cindy Stickles


Saturday, April 18th was the perfect day for a Meet and Greet!  With temps nearing 80 degrees, we had a lot of families stopping by our table to say hi and meet the greyhounds.  Kids especially were delighted to pet our greys!  Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who made this a very successful first Meet and Greet of 2015 at the Thornwood Petland venue:  Annette and Addie, Rob and Lola, Nick and Sue, Lisa and Jake, Amy and Zeke, and Nina and Bruce with Justice and foster Hodges. 



Bowie by Christine Johnson


Do we or Don't we?


Sadly, many of you may have already endured what we are going through, but I want to share our experience. Why share? It's not because what we're doing is right or wrong. I want to tell you how we knew our boy, six year old Bowie, was sick and how we arrived at our decisions. Maybe our journey will help any of you who are faced with the same heart wrenching diagnosis.


At the end of March, I noticed some very subtle changes in Bowie. For example, I had rarely noticed him drinking water, but I was seeing him drinking on a daily basis and he loved to be upside down in his crate (the door was always open) or curled up in a ball on a dog bed, yet he was spending more time lying on the floor, close to me. I also thought he was losing weight so bumped up his food amounts a little at each meal.


I kept an eye on him for a week to see if he went back to his normal behavior and when he didn't, I took him in for a routine blood and urine work up. Everything was normal, but he had lost one and a half pounds. On April 13th, he started limping. It was so slight you really had to focus to catch it. But then I felt a bump on his shoulder. He was given pain meds for 48 hours and when there was no improvement, I knew in my heart that he had osteosarcoma (bone cancer). On April 16th, he went in for an exam and x-rays. He wasn't limping at all and on exam, the surgeon wasn't overly concerned, but within 20 minutes, as I sat in the parking lot, I got the call. My fears were confirmed. The bottom dropped out of my world. We had chest x-rays done at the same time. There was no metastasis so we jumped through hoops and had an abdominal ultra sound done immediately. All clear.


Our options were straight forward. The pain from the cancer would get progressively worse. We could manage the pain and probably have to euthanize him in four to six weeks or we could amputate the leg and consider chemo. Bowie had his left front leg amputated on April 20th. We didn't make the decision lightly or selfishly. We agonized over it, but he's young, strong and we caught the cancer early so we felt HE would want us to give him a chance. With chemo we could get an additional two years of good quality life...or it could be two months. Two weeks post-op, he's healing well. We're all still working on the transition. He's probably doing better at it than we are. Do we or don't we do chemo? We have to wait and see.


Next month, I'll continue our story. To live and learn.


Sugar and Bowie


Evelyn Ringel, Dedicated Hospice Volunteer by Amy Stern, United Hospice of Rockland E-News

For many years before becoming a Volunteer with United Hospice of Rockland in 2010, Evelyn Ringel was a Hospice Volunteer in the various boroughs of New York. As a special education teacher, Evelyn developed the capacity to relate effectively to people of many different abilities and to help each find the strength to create new pathways to success. 


As a Hospice Volunteer, Evelyn does the same with her patients and families, helping them create opportunities for growth at a time of endings. She offers what is needed, companionship for a patient, respite for a caregiver, and as part of our Pet Therapy team, visits with one of her therapy dogs. Rita is a boxer and Max is a greyhound. Both are rescue dogs, as is Stella, another greyhound who is also being trained as a therapy dog. These dogs and Evelyn's presence bring comfort, joy, and normalcy to both patients and families in private homes and nursing homes.


Evelyn with Rita (left) and Max

Poisonous Plants for Dogs


When planning your garden this year, keep in mind that some plants are poisonous for dogs. Below is a link to the ASPCA's list of toxic and non-toxic plants for dogs and it includes indoor and outdoor plants. The toxic plants are at the top and the non-toxic list starts half-way down the page: ASPCA's List of Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants for Dogs 


Thank you to our Foster Homes!


We'd like to thank the following who are currently fostering:


Nina Malmed and Bruce Levinson with Hodges

The Niznik Family with Wave

Noreen and Mike Marshall with Jason

Debbie Napolitano with Rose

Nancy Hill with Rowena

Kevin Haber and Brian Thomas with Ray Ray

Catherine Rupani with Vanessa

Deb and Dave Sullivan with Kenny Rogers

Chris and Nancy Schneider with Selene

The Danise Family with Cream Puff aka Fancy and Romeo

The Mathias Family with Musa and Chiqui 




E-mail christine@greyhoundrescuerehab.org if you can foster.

Recent Placements!



The following hounds found homes:


Skye aka Shakespeare with Gisela Bucher

Furby aka Ian with the Castagna Family

Buddy aka Stir with Julianna Larkins

Milky Way aka Knockout with the Podhurst Family

Dusty with the Chapin Family


Congratulations to these lucky dogs and their new families!



In Memoriam


"Call Collect"  April 2000-February 2015

We miss you very much, our sweet boy.

 The Motykas 




Sunka Sapa July 2010 - March 2015


Mato and her family are sad to announce the demise of Sunka Sapa due to cancer.  He was elegant and sweet and we miss him every moment; he was Mato's best friend ever and our wonderful family companion. Sunka Sapa would have been five years old on July 6, 2015.


Magdalena Morningstar


Sunka Sapa



Fred "Thessalonian" April 2005 - April 2015


Fred was a large black, handsome boy rescued by GRR in the spring of 2010. He was a foster failure who let all potential adopters know at meet and greets that he had already found his forever home.  He trotted like a horse, was stubborn as a mule, but was a sweet loving gentle greyhound.  He gave us his trust and his heart and we loved him.  He left us too soon.  Till we meet again big fella.


Sanjay Prakash and Laura Jackson




Willy Fix It April 2005 - April 2015


We will always miss our big brindle boy who loved doing air snaps, but wouldn't hurt a fly. Big Will was a lover of seafood and Dentastix and ear rubs. We know that you left us so suddenly because you wanted to spend your 10th birthday in heaven with Dilly Dali. We miss you dearly and know that you are both running free up there!


Love always, Jill, Marcus and Kieran Orellana





Greyhound Billy December 2006 - April 2015


He has his wings and is flying free now. Another victim of Osteosarcoma. He was my baby, my perpetual goofy toddler. 


While walking him last fall, he pulled me across the street to meet a human. He jumped towards her and then leaned against her for petting. She said: "My, he's a big puppy!"  "He's not a puppy, he's almost eight years old", I replied.  Apparently this woman had never met a rambunctious greyhound. I miss this puppy dearly!


Fly pain free Billy.


Ellen Goodman





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