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Hello Friends, GRRers & Fellow Greyhound Lovers:

I don't know about your hound(s) but a couple of mine are having a really tough time this winter. It's not that we've had lots of snow (yet), but these bitter temperatures and the road salt are taking a toll on their feet. We're putting Musher's Secret on their pads once a day, but that doesn't really help when a piece of salt gets between the toes. There's nothing so sad as a greyhound holding a paw in the air and trying to lift a second at the same time. My quick remedy is to whip off my gloves and hold the paw in my warm hand. For whatever reason it works...until the next offending piece of ice or salt attacks. Winters are getting longer and longer.


15 years is a long time to be doing one meet and greet a month, but many months Ed and Kathy Miller did two or more. Their love and dedication to retired racing greyhounds has never wavered and they're still going strong. GRR's Officers, Board of Directors and the many hounds who have found homes through their tireless efforts, would like to extend our most sincere thanks to Ed and Kathy Miller. Way to go A-Team!


Speaking of hounds finding homes, through no fault of their own, right before the holidays, Courtney and Cooper were returned to GRR after being happily homed together. Christina Wong and Sara and Erick Castellanos stepped up when our urgent call for foster families was posted on the e-group. I'd like to extend my congratulations to both hounds. They worked their magic and have become permanent members of the Wong and Castellanos families.


And another foster family has failed at fostering. Mine. Sugar is now a permanent resident here with me, my husband Chris and our five hounds. We now have a six-pack. 

For the hounds,

Christine Johnson

President, GRR

Greyhound Help Wanted

Help Wanted!


GRR relies on volunteers to find homes for greyhounds.   We need volunteers throughout the GRR adoption area and all are welcome.  If you want to help the hounds, we have something for you to do!


The following are our current, immediate needs:


Event ChairpersonsThe chairperson is the event leader. They schedule the date with the location, bring the GRR brochures and merchandise for sale along with the donation jar and arrange for volunteers to attend. The locations for GRR events can be craft shows, pet stores, farmers' markets, town fairs, etc. Areas where event chairs are currently most needed are mid- and southern Westchester and southern Fairfield. Being the event chair is hard work, but it's rewarding to know you're helping the hounds.  The time commitment is approximately three-five hours per event. See what Ed and Kathy Miller have to say below about their experience chairing events for the past 15 years!  If you'd like to chair an event or want more information, contact Ruth Tara at rt37si@aol.com.


Event Volunteers: Attend with your dog or a foster dog or even without a dog and promote greyhound adoption. Events are held throughout the GRR adoption area. The time commitment is approximately two hours per event. You'll have fun, meet greyt people and dogs will find homes because you're spreading the word about greyhounds.  Check out our Event Calendar for the next event near you and let us know if you can attend.


Foster Parent: Take a foster dog into your home until the dog is placed in their forever home. Foster homes are key to our program. This is where the foster dog  learns the ropes of home life. GRR provides the food, any medical care and a crate for the foster dog; you provide the training/love for the dog while they are in your care. Fostering is hard work and the most time consuming, but it can also be fun and the most rewarding volunteer "job" of all especially when a dog that you fostered and that wouldn't have found a home otherwise finds its forever home.  See the dogs needing foster homes below.


Fundraising Volunteers: Our biggest fundraiser is our annual picnic in June. Help out at the picnic or on one of the planning committees. Other fundraisers happen throughout the year too. You'll have a good time and you can be sure that your efforts pay off to help the hounds.


We need your help, please consider volunteering.  Contact Christine at Christine@greyhoundrescuerehab.org to help out.


Foster Homes Needed


Yes it's cold and yes we're expecting another bit of stormy weather, but like the U.S. mail, retired greyhounds must get through to adoption groups. I know it isn't the ideal time of year, but these three hounds really didn't expect to be out of a job. Now that they're unemployed they have to get on a truck to somewhere and GRR is it!!


Arriving in the next 10 days and needing foster homes are:

  • Two year old black love named Prissy is 55 pounds, cat and small dog safe and LOVES attention.
  • 18 month old handsome brindle boy Shakespeare only ran two maiden races before he was put out to pasture. Even though his dad's Optimus Prime, Shakespeare is a small guy at 64 pounds. For a youngster, he's well behaved, quiet, a real sweetheart and best yet, he's also cat and small dog safe.
  • Beautiful three year old black girl Bambi broke her leg in early January. GRR paid for the repair and she's doing great. She's a little too interested in kitties to consider her for life with cats, but she gets along great with other greyhounds.

Who could foster one of these beauties? They deserve to be nice and warm too. E-mail me at Christine@GreyhoundRescueRehab.org to help out.







The Joy of Chairing Events by Ed and Kathy Miller


Kathy and I adopted our first greyhound, Amber from Penny at the Bridgeport Track in December of 1999. A couple of months later, we received a phone call from Christine Johnson saying she knew we just adopted a greyhound and she was starting up a greyhound rescue group and would we be willing to come to Petco in Brookfield for the first Meet & Greet on April 29th, 2000 to talk to people about our Greyhound.  Little did we know how much of a blessing that phone call was to become in our lives.  We went and met Christine and Chris and a few other people with their dogs.  We were hooked and were doing two or three or four M&Gs every month at anyplace that would have us. As the group grew, we became the chairman/woman for the Petco Brookfield event and have been doing it for nearly 15 years now.


If you have never done a M&G, you are missing out on a great experience. It is a joy to us every month to meet so many wonderful people, both volunteers and people coming into the stores.  It makes you realize how many great people there are in the world. Kathy and I will be doing M&Gs till we go to our graves or are not physically able.  We were saddened to go to the GRR event calendar and see that many events are canceled because no one will step up and take over the events and we are having a hard time getting volunteers. The only events scheduled are the two Petco's Kathy and I are doing.  If two oldtimers like us can do the M&Gs, you younger people should be able to handle one for a few hours once a month. Look across your room and see that wonderful greyhound laying on your couch and know that he or she is only there because someone gave up a few hours of their time once a month.


It is so rewarding to go to the picnic every year and see all those greyt dogs who only found their homes because someone cared enough to give up a few hours a month to save their lives and to know that we helped. Maybe two people can join together to be captains of a location and can alternate if one cannot make it sometime.

It's for the Greyhounds...


Ed, Jen (Petco Danbury Manger), Kathy and Michelle with ambassadogs Nellie, Annie and Dino

Featured Hound


Valiant by Paul Sinclaire 


Sex: Male
Color: Black
Age: 2 years
Cats and Small Dogs: Yes

 At 66 pounds, Valiant is a petite two year old male who's racing career never took off after deciding comfy beds and long naps were preferable to crates and running around a track for a living. He was a bit wary of his foster home at first, but has quickly adjusted to his new life as a pet. Both the resident cats and pugs agree that he has no desire to eat them. He would do best in a house with another dog to keep him company, or solo in a home where someone is often around to keep him company and take him on lots of walks.


Injured Dog Update



Good news!  On January 22nd, Kat had her reconstruction surgery by Dr. Rob Hart and his team at the Animal Medical Center in NYC. 10 days post-op, Dr. Hart has removed Kat's bandages and is very pleased with the outcome. The leg is straighter and she's putting her foot down straight and flat on the floor. Though she's still not weight bearing 100% of the time, both her foster mom Karen and myself, noticed a huge improvement. Over time, she will only get better as she becomes more accustomed to walking without one leg twisted out to the side. What a GREYT way to start the new year!

February is Pet Dental Health Month

This is a good reminder to all pet owners to keep up with dental care for your pets.  Not providing dental care for your dog can result in tooth decay which leads to other health issues and can be painful for the dog.  Regular brushing and chewing on bones can keep those teeth pearly white.  Many animal hospitals offer discounts on dentals in February so contact your veterinarian because you may be able to save some money if you have your dog's teeth taken care of this month.

Thank you to our Foster Homes!




We'd like to thank the following who are currently fostering:


Nina Malmed and Bruce Levinson with Hodges

Jen and Rich Danise with Warp

The Niznik Family with Wave

Karen and Desi Marcelynas with Kat

Noreen and Mike Marshall with Jason

Paul Sinclaire and Tom McFeeney with Valiant

Patty Murphy with Sally



E-mail christine@greyhoundrescuerehab.org if you can foster.


Recent Placements!

Cooper (red dog) with pal Scotty


The following hounds found homes:

Cooper with the Castellanos

Courtney with Christina Wong

Giacomo aka Mambo with the Corrados

Lady with Mary Ellen Byrne

Zeke aka Dale with Amy Wilbur

Sugar with Christine Johnson and Chris Procopis  


Congratulations to these lucky dogs and their new families!



King (left) with new housemate Courtney


In Memoriam


Mickey 2000-2014


Mickey was 13.5 years old when he crossed over the bridge. He loved his rides in the car, hikes in the woods, and having children read to him as a therapy dog. He will be remembered as the signature dog of Soaring Hawk Road where he lived in Vermont.


Bill Cherico




Rocket Man 2005 - 2015


Rocket Man (C's Rocky) was brave and valiant, goofy and fun. Loved and adored by the Castagna family and lost too soon to osteosarcoma. He was truly a girl's best friend and a constant companion to Gisella in fun and games but especially at homework time.


The Castagna Family

Rocket Man with Gisella


The In Memoriam section will now be a monthly item in the newsletter.  If you would like to share a remembrance of your dog, please send a short write-up (three or four lines maximum) and photo (optional) to Mary at greysrus11@yahoo.com.   All submissions must be received by the 25th of the month to be published in the newsletter the following month.

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GRR has an e-group for adopters and volunteers. It's a greyt way to post comments, questions or share greyhound stories. If you would like to join, please contact Jason at snowjay@prodigy.net.

If you'd like to see a topic featured in the newsletter or you have a story for the newsletter, please contact Mary at greysrus11@yahoo.com.

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