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Hello Friends, GRRers & Fellow Greyhound Lovers:


I'm hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Happy 2015!


Because this newsletter is so special with the year in review and the memorial sections, I want to keep my remarks short and talk briefly about the importance of year-round tick prevention. It's much easier to protect your dog by preventing tick-borne diseases with flea and tick medicine than to treat the disease after the fact.


The adult Blacklegged deer tick that transmits Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis and Babesia can remain active unless temperatures are consistently below freezing. Even with temps below freezing, crafty little ticks can stay warm by hiding under leaves and in tall grasses. Did you know that about 50% of all adult deer ticks carry disease and that they begin their feeding activity about the time of the first frost and will latch on to any larger host any day the temp is near or above freezing?


Protect your dogs. Don't let them get sick from a tick borne disease. It's painful and can be fatal. And please, don't tell me your dog's never had a tick without some kind of prevention. It's silly. You just haven't seen them.


For the hounds,

Christine Johnson


President, GRR


Injured Hound Update 1   




Sex: Female
Color: Red Fawn
Age: 18 months
Cats: TBD           


As mentioned in last month's newsletter, 

Kat was injured at some point earlier in her young life and the broken bones were repaired but not done properly. The technique was wrong and the pin used to hold the bones together was too thin. As Kat grew, the pin bent and then bent more

resulting in her leg being disfigured. 
Dr. Hart with a patient

Kat's surgery is finally on the schedule. Dr. Rob Hart, Director of Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgery at the Animal Medical Center in NYC, will be performing the surgery to correct Kat's deformed leg on January 22nd. 


THANKS to all of Kat's fans for the donations to make this a reality.



Injured Dog Update 2




Sex: Male
Color: Fawn

Age: 2


Sugar came to GRR in August with a badly broken front leg that also had severe tendon damage. The break was surgically repaired with a plate and screws, however, the tendon was so badly severed it couldn't be reattached. After recovering well from the initial surgery, in November, Sugar started limping more noticeably because a couple of screws holding the plate had come loose. The plate was removed and Sugar is doing very well in his second recovery phase. He's not the bravest hound in the world, but with love and patience he has become a happy, well-adjusted boy surrounded by five other resident hounds. He's not quite ready for his forever home but when he is, in a home with another hound for company, Sugar is going to make someone very happy.

Featured Hound




Sex: Male
Color: Red
Age: 6 years
Cats: No


Cooper is a friendly, outgoing guy who's as lovable as they come. He's a real people hound who would like nothing better than to spend his days in someone's lap.  For the past two years, Cooper has been part of a wonderful family enjoying life with the other resident greyhound Courtney (see available dogs), but through no fault of their own, they have been returned to GRR and are now in foster homes. Cooper loves to play and talk, telling you all kinds of stories for as long as you'll listen. He's a stunning red male and even with a congenital deformity of one of his front toes that will always cause him to have a slight limp, Cooper deserves a wonderful, loving forever home.


snowflakes2.jpg Exercising Dogs in Winter/Cold Weather Tips


It's supposed to be very cold again this winter. When taking your dog(s) out, remember that greyhounds and other short haired dogs need coats when the thermometer dips below freezing. Also be careful of ice and rock salt which can irritate and cut dogs' paws. Some dogs don't mind wearing dog booties which can safeguard against this. If your dog doesn't like booties, be sure to wipe off their paws when they come inside from the cold.    


If you have a fenced-in yard, check that the gates and overall fencing are in good condition and it's safe for your dog. Before letting your dogs out, always ensure the gate(s) is securely closed. If we have significant snowfall, the height of the snow may make it so that a dog can easily jump over the fence. If that happens, do not trust your dog in the yard and leash walk instead. If your dog ever gets loose, call the GRR emergency line immediately - 914-403-0872.


Dogs do need their exercise even in cold weather, but in extreme cold, limit their time outdoors to bathroom breaks. When there is a nice day, take them on a longer walk. A good indoor activity to get your dog out of the house is to take them to the nearest Meet & Greet where they can see greyhound friends and you can both promote greyhound adoption. Brookfield's Meet & Greet on January 10th needs volunteers (see event calendar for time and address). If you can help out, please e-mail Ed Miller at elm08@att.net.


Thank you to our Foster Homes!


We'd like to thank the following who are currently fostering:


Nina Malmed and Bruce Levinson with Hodges

Christine Johnson and Chris Procopis with Sugar

Jen Spagnolo and Rich Danise with Warp

Amy Wilbur with Dale

Mary Ellen Byrne with Lady

The Niznik Family with Wave

Karen and Desi Marcelynas with Kat

Noreen and Mike Marshall with Jason 

Christina Wong with Courtney

The Castellanos Family with Cooper



E-mail christine@greyhoundrescuerehab.org if you can foster.



Recent Placements!


The following hounds found homes:

Paris with the Durand Family

King with Christina Wong

Rollen with Mia Renden and David Bork


Congratulations to these lucky dogs and their new families!



Year in Review 2014

The GRR picnic and various events:
Raggedy Ann and Andy, aka Maxi and McGraw Mannix-Weinberg, Best Costume winners

Longest Tail winner, Lisana O'Rourke

Cindy and Fred Waybright, with their new additions, Jessie and Mocha, adopted at the picnic

Jato deplaning the Brave Tide flight from WV

Galgos leaving Madrid
Jordan Malmed with Justice and foster Hodges at Meet & Greet
Hammie at The Hired Man rehearsal at Briarcliff High School
Some memorable rescues and the dogs are now happily homed!:  

Dollar, broken leg
Ginger, brood mom

Ringo, Galgo
 Aragon aka Fox, Galgo

Jackie, broken leg
Some of the hounds that found homes pictured with their new families!:
Missy with John Silbert

Irish meets his new family, Rob and Charlotte Knebel and resident hound Byedy
Goliath (right) with Laura Briggs and Adonis

Thank you to all of our supporters.  We can't do any of this without you.  Here's hoping 2015 will be a greyt year for Greyhound Adoption!

In Memoriam


Gracie 2000-2014, Ace 2000-2014


Gracie was sweet, shy and docile. After she died, Ace lost his way and declined rapidly.  Ace was the most serene, most mellow sweetest greyhound in the world.  Racetrack failure, world class winner of human hearts. I will miss them both with all of mine.  They died within six months of each other; they each lived to be fourteen.  RIP sweet babies.


Deborah Schneider


Gracie (left) and Ace



Molly 2004 - 2014

We lost our beloved dog Molly (aka Blondie/Lace & Ribbons) in November after a short battle with Lymphoma.  Molly was the perfect dog.  She loved car rides, hiking on the trails, zoomies in the snow and roaching in the sun or by the fire.  I hope in the seven years we had her we made her life as rich as she made ours.  She was sweet, goofy and made us laugh.   At last she is able to run free and soar with the angels.   


The Nizniks

Molly Niznik



Hallo Miss Dalia 2001-2014


In loving memory of our dainty little red fawn girl with the eyeliner eyes, goofy overbite, velvet ears, and helicopter tail.  You are greatly missed. 


Jill, Marcus, Kieran, and Big Willy Orellana




Lorna 2007-2014


(Braska) Lorna, started out as my foster, but she was meant to be mine. From the very start, she gravitated toward my newbies, comforting them as if to say, "You're going to be alright now, don't worry". She's pictured here with little brindle girl, Flip Flop. She was a kind and gentle soul, I miss her endlessly.


Patty Murphy


Lorna (right) with Flip Flop



Henry 2000-2014


We love our "little man," "caramel peanut," "good boy," "my boy." May he rest in peace and we will see him again one joyous day.


The Garofalo family




Lexee   2000 - 2014


Adopted into our family at age 9 1/2 along with her brother Amos after having two careers.  First as a racer and then as a Mom to 12 pups.  She was my constant companion at my nursing home job where she always put a smile on everyone's face.  She is greatly missed by us all especially her brother Amos. 


Karen Marcelynas




Molly 1999 - 2014


A friendly, curious soul that found the simple beauty in life. A friend of birds, a connoisseur of beer and shrimp, a natural therapy dog that with her grace and unbiased love could turn the most skeptical of hearts. Our sweet Molly earned her wings two months shy of her 15th birthday.


The Slattery Family


Molly Slattery


Betty Booper 2001-2013, Romeo 2001-2014


Betty Booper was the best trooper and smelled like a beach and Romeo was our Ferdinand and always took time to smell the flowers.  They are together running free. We love and miss you both so much.


Debbie and Greg Hennen

Betty Booper (left) and Romeo


Jewel 2000-2014


Jewel came to me late in her life.  She was 12 and 3/4 years old and a "pistol" for her age, strong and assertive.  Towards the end she developed dementia and started "running" next to the curb during our walks, as if she were back on the track racing.  I couldn't keep up with her so had to use a longer leash to let her run. Run free little girl! We miss you!


Ellen Goodman and Billy





Tiger 2000-2014, Pepper 2002-2014


They put up with so much being my hounds. There were newbies always coming and going. They were role models to so many; a calming presence to those just arriving who weren't sure what to expect next or to those arriving from the vet, hurt and afraid, after injury repair surgery. Tiger was my constant companion and the benevolent leader of the pack and Pepper was the gentle  "anchor". I miss them both so much.


Christine Johnson



Pepper (left) and Tiger



Red 2002-2014


Red was such a gentleman, he'd let the cats sleep on his big bed and he'd sleep on their cat bed. He was a real sweetheart and so handsome with a wonderful greyhound smile. He was also very shy and his favorite thing to do was to relax at home with his buddy Dakota. He is greatly missed.


Mary Fleming


Senior Red


Awesome 2010-2014


We did everything possible to save his life. The disease had him before we did. At least he knew the comforts of life as a pet for a short time. Loved and cared for by foster mom Nancy Hill.


Awesome with Nancy Hill


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