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Hello Friends, GRRers & Fellow Greyhound Lovers: 


As the winter weather and the holidays fast approach, I would be remiss if I didn't put out a few reminders. Holidays are great times for friends and family but dogs can act differently with all the hustle and bustle. Be sure they get extra exercise and attention, be sure overnight guests are aware to close doors and gates behind them and above all, be sure food and goodies (especially chocolate) aren't left accessible. Presents under the tree are always fun for a hound to open when nobody is home and ornaments hung on the low branches of a Christmas tree can be used as "chew" toys. Don't forget, Poinsettias are poisonous to dogs.


And above all, with windy, snowy and icy conditions, gates and fences should always be checked before letting the hounds out.


I recently spent some time with friends in Vermont. It was foreign to watch them open the door and let their dog out without leash or fenced yard; certainly nothing that should ever be done with a greyhound. No matter how confident you are that your hound "will always come home", there will come a day when he/she won't. Every winter I remember Elwood and Raven; two hounds accidentally lost in the bitter cold winter. What a horrible way to die: missing family, alone, cold, lost and possibly pursued by coyotes.


Keep your hounds safe.


Always for the hounds,

Christine Johnson


President, GRR

Immediate Foster Home Needed




Sex: Male
Color: White with Brindle

Age: 3
Cats: No


Meat Man (horrible name) is a super guy. He's friendly and gets along with others, except cats. Look at his smiling face. He's come all the way from Florida to find his forever home, but the foster home we had lined up has cancelled. Now Meat Man is sitting at the vet because he has nowhere to go.


This is really a tough situation. I committed to taking Meat Man because we had a foster home ready. It isn't fair that he's stuck in a crate at the vet because GRR doesn't have a foster home for him. Could someone without cats or small dogs please offer to take him in? You won't be sorry.                                                                          


Happy Thanksgiving!
While enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday, remember that rich foods can cause stomach upset in dogs.  Some turkey is fine, but refrain from feeding your dog stuffing and gravy and other fatty foods that may have you making a trip to the animal ER.  Also, be careful with guests arriving and leaving your home that your dog doesn't get loose.  Taking some precautions will result in a much happier holiday for all.  thanksgiving-banner.jpg

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Change Shopping for Good™ and earn free money for GRR! The donations keep growing as you keep shopping. It doesn't cost any more to shop through iGive, they have tons of participating stores that you probably already shop at and you'll be helping the hounds.  The holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings or shopping for yourself - do your shopping through  iGive.com.


You can use iGive for searches too. A penny a search and a portion of each purchase will be donated to your favorite cause.

How often do you search or shop online? Start helping today.  


November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month 

by Mary Fleming       

GRR has two seniors currently up for adoption, Lady and Miss Design - see below.  Why would I want to adopt a senior you ask?  Because seniors make greyt pets, that's why. They like to go for walks, they like nice warm beds and they like people that care about them and will make them a part of their family.  In other words, they're just like all dogs but older and more mature and you'll get a wonderful friend and companion.  Yes, chances are a senior may not be with you as long as a younger dog you would adopt, but all dogs deserve good homes and what could be better than saving an older dog that hasn't been lucky enough to find their forever home?
I've been adopting only seniors for the past few years.  As my dogs got older and I added dogs to the household, it made sense to adopt dogs that were most compatible to mine and that also may have been passed up by other adopters who wouldn't consider a senior.  I adopted a brood mom, Ivy in February of this year to keep my senior dog Dakota company after my other dog Red went to the Bridge.  Ivy has been a terrific addition.  She gets along well with Dakota and my cats.  She loves people and engages everyone she meets.  People comment that she is the happiest and most outgoing greyhound they've ever met.   She'll be nine in December but you would never know it.  Just ask the squirrels she chases while we're on our walks!
So if you're considering adopting, think about Lady or Miss Design.  These girls worked very hard and they are very deserving of their own wonderful homes. 
Happily another of our other brood moms, Mika,  just found her forever home - see Recent Placements below.

Featured Hound 1




Sex: Female
Color: Brindle
Age: 7 years
Cats: Yes


This tiny little girl weighs in around 55 pounds and lives up to her name. She's a real lady, just as sweet as can be. After a short racing career that ended with an injury to her right hind leg, Lady embarked on her second career as a mom with nine pups currently registered as racers. This pretty little thing is ready for pet life and a couch to call her own.


Featured Hound 2


Miss Design


Sex: Female
Color: Brindle
Age: 7 years
Cats: TBD


At 62 pounds and seven years young, Miss Design is ready to retire from being a mom to eight racing greyhounds and before that, being a racer herself. She's an easy going, laid back and friendly girl who deserves to have a comfortable warm and safe home to call her own. She's still on a breeding farm in West Virginia and hasn't been cat tested yet.


Injured Hounds Update  - King and Jason


Stunning and gentle, King (shown in black collar), injured his rear leg in a race in August. GRR paid for it to be surgically repaired and now this sweet, deserving hound is ready for his forever home. He walks beautifully and though he isn't allowed to run full out for another three months, he's fit as a fiddle and ready for love. King is cat safe and gets along fabulously with other dogs large and small.


Jason (in blue collar) is another beautiful black hound who was injured while racing; breaking his left front leg. It's been surgically repaired and he's doing great. We aren't sure how old he is because he was dropped off at the vet to be put to sleep and they gave no information on him, but we know that he's a quiet kind of guy who's definitely on the younger side. He didn't actively chase after the cats during the test, but I've been told the tester wasn't confident enough in Jason's body language to say he would be safe in a home with a cat.


Black males so rarely have a chance at life. I'm really happy that GRR has provided both King and Jason with that second chance.  For those of you who read the e-group, there was a recent thread about how wonderful the black dogs are so please don't overlook these guys.  Both these dogs will be heading to New York from West Virginia in the next couple of weeks. They've put together their holiday wish list and both asked for the same thing; a foster or forever home.


Thank you to our Foster Homes!


We'd like to thank the following who are currently fostering:


Nina Malmed and Bruce Levinson with Hodges

The Abramson Family with Ghost

Christine Johnson and Chris Procopis with Sugar

Jen Spagnolo with Warp

The Albanos with Wave

Amy Wilbur with Dale

Ryan and Amy Kundrat with Lexie

Rich and Christine Durand with Paris

The Babon Family with Rollen





E-mail christine@greyhoundrescuerehab.org if you can foster.


Recent Placements
The following dogs found homes:
Lap with Deb Gwaltney
Mabel with Brian Thomas and Kevin Haber
Lou with Barbara and Fort DiRenno
Daniel with Lee Ann Adams
Mika aka Knockout with Deborah Pelletier
Aragon aka Fox with the Mathias Family
Congratulations to these lucky dogs and their new families!

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GRR has an e-group for adopters and volunteers. It's a greyt way to post comments, questions or share greyhound stories. If you would like to join, please contact Jason at snowjay@prodigy.net.

If you'd like to see a topic featured in the newsletter or you have a story for the newsletter, please contact Mary at greysrus11@yahoo.com.

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