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Event Calendar

Hello Friends, GRRers & Fellow Greyhound Lovers: 


Fall is here and many of our outdoor Meet & Greets will be finishing up their 2014 schedule. Some of these events won't resume in the spring of 2015. The event chairs are retiring after years of dedication and devotion to helping GRR and the hounds.


Meet & Greets are so important to the work we do. Events are not just raising awareness about greyhounds as pets, but they're fundraisers too. Whether it's $20 or $200 or $2000 raised, every single cent matters. Medical costs are on the rise. Yes, GRR spends a lot to repair injured hounds, but our standard medical expenses incurred by each hound that enters our adoption program have risen tremendously over the years. Our adoption fee is now $325. Can you imagine what it costs to get a healthy dog ready for adoption? It's now about $380. And that doesn't cover the costs of food going to foster families or the deworming, Heartguard and Frontline we give to each foster.


The loss on each adoption needs to be covered or GRR can't continue without raising the adoption fee again which we are trying hard not to do.


We need Meet & Greets to keep going so those donations keep coming in. It doesn't have to be monthly at a pet store. Look around your area for fairs, craft shows, tag sales. All it takes is asking for space and showing up with a little table, a few supplies and a dog or two.


So here's hoping some new people will step up and continue the work we've done so well for 14 years.


Always for the hounds,

Christine Johnson


President, GRR

Celebrating Greyhounds Calendars


It's that time of year again and GRR is getting ready to place our order for the 2015 calendars. They're chock full of beautiful and fun greyhound photographs. Some of GRR adopters' photos have been featured in the past. Wall calendars are $12 and desk style calendars are $15. Shipping is $3.50 each or $5.00 for multiple copies (up to 5). Don't miss out, quantities are limited. Place your order by email to BrittaBetzin@msn.com.

Halloween Safety              

It's that time of year to remind pet owners about Halloween safety. Remember the following:

  • Chocolate is toxic for pets, never feed it to them and if they get into the candy, head to the animal ER immediately
  • Use caution when opening the front door for trick-or-treaters so that your pets don't get out; a good idea is to keep the pets in a separate room or leave a bowl of candy outside for the trick-or-treaters to help themselves
  • If you have a fenced yard, do not leave your dog outdoors unaccompanied around or on Halloween, same goes for cats
  • If you are decorating pumpkins and using lighted candles, leave them out of reach of pets so they don't get knocked over
  • Pet costumes are adorable but only if the pet enjoys wearing a costume

See the attached links for more information:







Featured Hound




Sex: Male
Color: Black

Age: 2
Cats: Yes


Despite breaking my leg, things have turned out pretty good for me. My bandage is off, my leg is healed and I'm learning all about living the good life. In my new house, there are cats (kind of interesting but I really don't care about them), really yummy food, a HUGE bed all for me, lots of grass and lots and lots of petting. I get to go on walks (I'm told I am very well behaved) and sometimes in the car. I am still nervous about stairs. It's hard to know where to put your back legs when you are as lanky as me! Speaking of which, I am a skinny 72 pounds and on the taller side. And handsome. I am playful if you want to play with me (squeaky toys are a little alarming but I don't mind the lawn mower - go figure), but also fine with lying around. I am a friendly guy and would like to meet you and maybe go home with you if you have as big a bed for me (see photo). 


More Galgos On The Way!




Sex: Male
Color: Brindle
Age: 2 years
Cats: Yes


Fox will be arriving in NY on October 5th. He's a Spanish Galgo and is coming all the way from Spain to find his forever home. He was found in the dog pound in Don Benito. His story is like the majority of Galgos in Spain. He would have been of no more use to his galguero (hunter) owner and was just left, to be forgotten, in the dog pound. He was very underweight. Fox is a very sweet, quiet boy though he is not shy. He gets on well with all the other dogs and is not dominant. He has been cat tested and was not at all interested in the cat. He has a beautiful coloring and is a very elegant, noble and affectionate boy.


More news to follow on Fox and the other Galgos after they arrive.


In the meantime, there is a video on the SPCAI site that shows the horrific treatment of Galgos in Spain and the reason why GRR is stepping up to save these dogs - SPCAI Galgo.  Warning, this video is very graphic and viewer discretion is strongly advised.


Thank you to our Foster Homes!


We'd like to thank the following who are currently fostering:


Nina Malmed and Bruce Levinson with Hodges

Deb and Dave Sullivan with Ghost

Christine Johnson and Chris Procopis with Sugar

Annette Deluca with Daniel

Deb Gwaltney with Lap

Jen Spagnolo with Warp

The Albanos with Wave

Amy Wilbur with Dale

Nancy Hill with Lou




E-mail christine@greyhoundrescuerehab.org if you can foster.


Doggie Liver Treats by Christine Johnson

As the days get cooler, I always start cooking and baking more. And that goes for the furkids' goodies too. Here's an easy, inexpensive recipe for liver treats.  Yeah, I know it sounds gross, but you'll be well rewarded when you see how much your pup(s) enjoy them.

1lb raw
liver (beef or chicken) rinsed and patted dry

1 box
corn muffin mix
2 cloves garlic

Heat oven to the temperature listed for baking the corn muffins. In blender or food
processor, mix liver and garlic until liquid. Stir in box of muffin mix. Scrape
onto a cookie sheet and pat to about - 1 inch thick. Bake until very firm but
not burned. Cut into squares. These freeze well.

iGive.comiGive - Earn Free Money for GRR!

Change Shopping for Good™ and earn free money for GRR! The donations keep growing as you keep shopping. It doesn't cost any more to shop through iGive, they have tons of participating stores that you probably already shop at and you'll be helping the hounds.  Birthdays, graduations, weddings or shopping for yourself - do your shopping through iGive at  http://www.igive.com/grrehab.


You can use iGive for searches too. A penny a search and a portion of each purchase will be donated to your favorite cause.

How often do you search or shop online? Start helping today.  

Join the E-group


GRR has an e-group for adopters and volunteers. It's a greyt way to post comments, questions or share greyhound stories. If you would like to join, please contact Jason at snowjay@prodigy.net.

If you'd like to see a topic featured in the newsletter or you have a story for the newsletter, please contact Mary at greysrus11@yahoo.com.

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