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March Events
3/2 Petsmart Mohegan Lake 11-2
3/9  Brookfield Petco 10-2
3/17 Wilton Vet Clinic 12-3

Hello Friends, GRRers & Fellow Greyhound Lovers: 


Our 13th annual picnic will be June 15th at Bennett Memorial Park in Bethel. Mark your calendars so you don't miss out on this fun-filled event. There are vendors, games, contests, raffle and silent auction, lots of good friends (two-legged and four) and yummy food.


We need a committee of volunteers to spearhead and run the picnic silent auction and raffle. It's really not as daunting as it sounds. The committee is responsible for collecting all the donated goodies from the designated drop off spots, deciding which is for the auction or raffle and making up the raffle baskets. The day of the picnic, the committee will arrange for transport of all the items and join the rest of us who arrive early at the park, to set up their tables and run the fund-raising events. The wonderful folks who've run these events in the past have moved away. Without a new silent auction/raffle committee we may not be able to have our wonderful picnic as part of the money raised goes to cover the picnic expenses. Join the picnic team by emailing Karen at drivinmsdaisy5@att.net.


Fundraising is vital to GRR and the picnic is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  I hope you all will attend.  Dogs like Jill, Frankie, Freddy, Ace, McGraw (see below) are given a second chance because of the generous support of our donors and friends and we are very appreciative. 


For the hounds,


Christine Johnson


President, GRR

Go Shopping

For the month of March, 100% of the proceeds of all sales will go to GRR. Shop 'til you drop at www.etsy.com/shop/handmade4hounds and be sure to spread the word. It's all for the HOUNDS!


Greyhound Help WantedVolunteers Needed


GRR relies on volunteers to continue its mission of finding forever homes for retired racing greyhounds and we presently have a shortage of volunteers. The following is a list of the volunteer positions where we have openings along with brief descriptions of each:


Adoption Representative - If you adopted a dog from GRR, you are familiar with the role of the adoption rep. The adoption rep gets the application from Christine Johnson who has done a preliminary review of the application. The adoption rep then contacts the potential adopter immediately to set up a time for the home visit. The adoption rep conducts the home visit, conducts reference checks and, if the potential adopter is approved, consults with Christine about the dogs to best fit the home, i.e., a cat-safe dog is needed, the adopter specified a dog they were interested in, etc. The adoption rep then makes arrangements for the adopters to meet dogs (if more than one is a good fit), places the adopted dog and does the follow-up with the new adopters. The adoption rep is also the contact with the adopters should any future issues arise.


Foster - Houses an adoptable dog in their home until the dog finds their forever home. Is responsible for treating the foster dog as they would their own pet dog - feeding, walking, house training, playing with the dog, socializing the dog, etc. Also provides feedback to Christine about the dog's personality once it settles in, provides photos and writes a short bio of the dog for GRR's website and brings the foster dog to events to meet potential adopters. The foster home is provided with any medication the dog may need as well as Heartguard and Frontline. The foster home can request food be supplied from GRR or they may provide their own to the foster dog.


Event Participant - Spreads the word about greyhounds making greyt pets at our meet and greets and other events. You can bring your own dog or preferably a foster dog looking for their forever home. Potential adopters attending events like to see the adoptable dogs.


Event Chair - The event chair is the event leader. They are responsible for scheduling the event with the approval of the event coordinator, who is Bobbi Nelson (greytgreys@live.com); getting volunteers for the event; bringing the event kit - banner, table, GRR materials, donation jar, items for sale - to the event; supervising the attendees at the event; and forwarding the completed applications and donations to the GRR office. We have an immediate need for event chairs for locations in mid- and southern Westchester. This is an area that we have unfortunately not been doing for a couple of years and where we used to do very well.


Dog Intake - Meet the hauler, help with bathing, nail clipping, feeding and walking of the new arrivals, photographing the dogs for the website.


Chauffer - Bringing the new dogs to and/or from the vet for their medical and dental work. Getting the dogs to their foster homes or meet and greets if the foster family is unavailable.


Please note that with all of the above, mileage incurred while doing volunteer work can be claimed on your taxes as well as any expenses incurred.   For example, if you're buying dog food for a foster dog, that expense can be claimed.


GRR cannot function adequately and cannot respond to dogs in need without any of the above. Please volunteer if you can.  To volunteer or for more information, contact christine@greyhoundrescuerehab.org.


For those of you who are currently volunteering, THANK YOU.


Jill and Dazziq
Lea with Dazziq and Jill (right)

Featured Hound for Adoption


Jill by Lea Baxter


Sex: Female
Color: Black
Age: 10 years
Cats: No


Jill is a very sweet girl; she is friendly to everyone who visits and will stand next to you for as long as you feel like petting her. She rides nicely in a car, is very good on a leash and enjoys frolicking in our fenced-in yard.   She doesn't mind her crate or our resident greyhound, Dazziq, and loves to toss toys in the air and catch them. Jill is an easy-going, low maintenance companion that anyone would love having as part of their family.


It is fitting that Jill is our Featured Hound for March with St. Patrick's Day around the corner because she is an Irish lass. She ran five races at the Cork track in Ireland before she made her way to the U.S. She started having puppies at the age of three and to date has 32 that are registered racers. We think she had a litter recently so there may be more. This girl deserves an excellent home with lots of lovin' where she can spend her golden years.

Rehabilitated and Ready for a Home


Sex: Male
Color: White with Brindle
Age: 2 years
Cats: No


We previously highlighted Frankie in our Injured Dog Update in the February newsletter. The greyt news is he has recovered from his broken leg thanks to the care provided by the O'Rourke's, his foster family, and he is now looking for his forever home!

Injured Dogs


Freddy, Ace, McGraw 



On January 20th, I received a call to let me know there had been a bad dog fight in a racing kennel turn out area in WV. A two year old hound had been wounded and needed emergency care. At the time, I had no idea how very serious and life threatening his injuries were. Three days later, he was transported to Ohio State University Veterinary Center, the only place close enough where they had the knowledge of greyhounds to, hopefully, save his life. We knew it was going to cost many thousands of dollars so we reached out to you, our GRR family, by way of our e-newsletter. An auction on Facebook was suggested so we started the ball rolling there to continue our fundraising efforts. Freddy's fan club grew nationwide and extended to the UK, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and beyond.


By February 5th, the vets at OSU were confident that Freddy would live, but there was a good chance they would have to amputate his right leg. The wounds were hugely extensive; most of his inside thigh was gone. We had the financial support to authorize OSU to keep trying to save his leg as long it wasn't causing Freddy any unnecessary pain and suffering.


March 3rd, six weeks from the date he was attacked, Freddy is arriving here with all four legs. No, they aren't perfect, his gait is a little odd, and yes he has lots of scars, but he's alive, happy, loves his treats, can do stairs and after some adjustment to pet life here with me, my husband and our "pack" of seven hounds, Freddy will get a forever home as a GRRer.


The financial support was so tremendous, on behalf of Freddy, we were also able to help two more injured hounds, Ace and McGraw, who've had surgery and will eventually come to GRR to find homes.


Freddy thanks you all for your caring, love and passion for him and the other greyhounds we are committed to help.






Thank you to our Foster Homes!



We'd like to thank the following who are currently fostering:


Britta Betzin with Miles

Hill Family with Boots

O'Rourke Family with Frankie

Rieger Family with Geno 

Debbie Napolitano with Little Bear

Daryl and Len Lindholm with Tazzie

Lea and Bob Baxter with Jill

Bartlett Family with Polky

Deb Sullivan with Sal

Nina Malmed and Bruce Levinson with Justice and Rover

Annabel Saunders and John Anderson with Trixie

Lefler Family with Darling Daring

Albanos with Avril

Annette Diskin with Patty

Gower Family with Rally 

Noreen and Mike Marshall with Charley 




E-mail christine@greyhoundrescuerehab.org if you can foster.




Xylitol Poisoning


Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is dangerous to dogs. Xylitol can be found in a variety of items like toothpaste and other oral hygiene products, sugar-free gum, mints, candy and in granulated form. Just a small amount ingested by a dog can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar and liver damage. If not treated, Xylitol poisoning can cause death.


Symptoms may include depression, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, tremors, an unsteady gait, bleeding and anemia, seizures, increased thirst, increase in urination and black or bloody feces. Symptoms can appear within 30 minutes of the pet being exposed.


Keep any products containing Xylitol in your home safely away from your pets. If you suspect your dog has ingested a product with Xylitol, get him or her immediately to the vet.


With the Easter bunny arriving soon, remember that chocolate is also toxic to dogs. If your dog ingests chocolate, get him or her to a vet immediately as well.


Recent Placements



The following hounds found homes:  


Beans with Donna Edwards

Scarlet aka Karen with Sue Levine

Nala aka Sara with Rob Denkin

Lullaby with Andrea Long

Flash aka Flush with Diane Sergenian and Rick Searles



Congratulations to these lucky dogs and their new families!




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Change Shopping for Good™ and earn free money for GRR! The donations keep growing as you keep shopping. It doesn't cost any more to shop through iGive, they have tons of participating stores that you probably already shop at and you'll be helping the hounds.  Birthdays, graduations, weddings, or shopping for yourself - do your shopping through iGive and support GRR. It's free to sign up, just click this link: http://www.igive.com/grrehab.

You can use iGive for searches too. A penny a search and a portion of each purchase will be donated to your favorite cause.

How often do you search or shop online? Start helping today.  

Join the E-group


GRR has an e-group for adopters and volunteers. It's a greyt way to post comments, questions or share greyhound stories. If you would like to join, please contact Jason at snowjay@prodigy.net.

If you'd like to see a topic featured in the newsletter or you have a story for the newsletter, please contact Mary at greysrus11@yahoo.com.

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