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          April, 2014
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Don't forget a very important judicial race at the bottom of the ballot!
(Here's how my mine will look...)



      Early voting for the May 6th statewide primary begins on Thursday, April 24. And as described in the Charlotte Observer earlier this week, the combination of a new state law and local policy has resulted in more early voting hours in Mecklenburg County, but on fewer days.

More sites, more hours....LESS days!


     For those that think that this primary is unimportant, think again. Perhaps THE most important elected body in this state is the North Carolina Supreme Court.  Even though, as I've written in the past, I think our present system is NUTS, it's the system we currently have, so we need to make the best of it.  

     On the primary ballot there is one race for one of the seats on the Supreme Court, and it poses a tough call for me personally.

     I know Eric Levinson to be a good judge, and I count him as a friend.  Several years ago, when he returned from performing legal services in Iraq during the war there, I came to know him particularly well.  Eric reached out to me  and asked for my help to be appointed Superior Court Judge by the Democratic governor at the time.  (I'd gone through that vetting process myself with Gov. Hunt years earlier, and knew a little about the process.) I believed Eric to be a good fit for the empty seat on the Bench at that time, and I was glad to endorse him.  Since then, he has been on the Court of Appeals. He teaches at the Charlotte School of Law (which I've been asked to do this fall).  He's a good man, and he's well qualified.

     However he will not be getting my vote.  

     That is because, as good as Eric is, Justice ROBIN HUDSON in my view is even better for the job!

     Robin was elected to the North Carolina Court of Appeals in 2000 and the North Carolina Supreme Court in 2006. Her experience and qualifications are
Justice Hudson and Legendary singer/songwriter Carole King
outstanding. Intelligent and hard-working, Justice Hudson is a public servant of the highest integrity.  
Throughout her 37 years of legal experience, and during her 13 years on the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, I have found her opinions to be well reasoned, and for her to be a reliable and a strong voice for fairness to all parties, including citizens and small businesses who have been harmed by the carelessness and recklessness of others.  She's a Yale undergrad, and like me, received her J.D. from UNC-Chapel Hill.  
     One other key element to Robin's qualifications, in my view, is that before she was elected to the Bench, all of her legal work (except for a short stint as an Appellate Defender) was in the private sector.  All of that - plus being a great mom to two accomplished grown children - brings her a valuable, real-world, in-the-trenches viewpoint to the cases she needs to decide.


     As always, understand I am NOT telling you how to vote. You should decide for yourself, after studying the options.  I'm just sharing how my ballot will look...


     To find early voting sites in Mecklenburg County, just CLICK HERE.


     Finally, please know, I am delighted whenever I hear from you on any issue involving the law (or anything else for that matter).  Even If I can't help directly, come try a cup of our fancy coffee here.  I'm happy to offer some options.

     All the best,
     Michel C. Daisley

     Litigation Attorney & Certified Mediator


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