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Special "LAWYERS IN LOVE " Edition  (Vol. 4)
VALENTINE'S WEEK - February 2013
     Ah, it's that time of year again.  Time for another special "Lawyers In Love" e-dition of LEGAL TRENDS.  
     You might well ask why I am once again sending out such silliness?  After all, there is in fact much more serious business going on that will have huge a huge impact on North Carolina's legal landscape.  In just the first few days of the new legislative session, the State Senate has proposed sweeping changes in the Industrial Commission and pulling twelve Superior Court judges off the Bench.  And this comes after Gov. McCrory's first official executive order, dissolving the non-partisan Judicial Commission and placing the power of judicial appointment back in the Governor's office.
     Well, the reason behind my misplaced priorities lies with the fact that of all the past newsletters that have gone out over the last four years, the Valentine's "Lawyers In Love" edition traditionally is the one that draws the most response.  
     So, once again, snuggle up with your sweetie as you romance him/her with your litigious loving best, and bring out the "amorous attorney" in you!
    All the best,  
    Mike Daisley
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"Oh it's so nice just litigating by the fire with you..."
     A quiet evening.  You, your loved one... a great time for watching a movie together.  Instead of those silly romantic movies, get those juices flowing with something that will really stir the passionate flames -- movies about lawyers!
My Cousin Vinny: Maybe the best
My Cousin Vinny: Maybe the best "date movie" about the law
  A few years back, American Bar Association published its list of The Top 25 Lawyer Movies.  Seriously, has Demi Moore ever looking hotter than in her JAG uniform in A Few Good Men? And is there anything more tender than seeing Paul Newman cold-cock Charlotte Rampling in The Verdict?   OK, OK -- maybe not the most romantic fare, BUT -- My Cousin Vinny, is #3 on the ABA's list, and that really IS a fun date movie. Besides having some great scenes between Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei, it has some of the funniest courtroom dialogue on film
Too cheap for a movie?  Just turn on the TV... 
     The ABA also released a list of The 25 Greatest Legal TV Shows.  With 300 channels these days on satellite and cable, surely the #1 show is playing somewhere.  (CLICK here to find out what it is.) 
Issue a Restraining Order on the Remote. 
WARNING:  This is just for the truly adventuresome...
Those romantics not satisfied with just staring at a screen, but willing to take on a little role-playing to make their relationships have more "appeal" so to speak might want to, check out this "hot" website where your "supreme" fantasies can be indulged...
(Players are standing by to see your briefs.)
And LawyersInLOVEfinally, the truth about that song... 
     Just about every year around this time, someone cracks a joke about that big 80's hit "Lawyers in Love." 
     But did you know that this song -- despite its title --  had nothing to do with "lawyers" or "love"?  Hey, don't take my word for it; listen to the artist, Jackson Browne
     I rest my case.
     Happy Valentine's!
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