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MV Carpool Campaign
15 MPH Coming to San Anselmo
Walk a Lot with Chocolate
Little Bellas
Winter Walking and Riding
Free Range Children Now Legal
Free Bike Racks     
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Father's Colossal Determination Makes Streets Safer for Children
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Make Starting a Carpool Your New Year's Resolution for 2016!
Do you want to create more personal time for yourself in 2016? Spend less time driving and stuck in school traffic?
Start a carpool! It's fun for kids, and easy to do. Heavy rains are forecasted for 2016, making now the ideal time to contact another to form a carpool.
If you are driving your child to school alone every day, then you are the perfect candidate to begin a new routine of carpooling with a neighbor.
Mill Valley is launching a new 2016 carpool campaign to assist parents of elementary school students in organizing carpool. Edna Maguire launched its campaign in January. Participants were asked to come up with a carpool name and take a carpool selfie, or group photo. Other Mill Valley schools will be joining the campaign throughout the year.

15 mph Speed Limit Coming to 
San Anselmo Schools
The Town of San Anselmo will be the first jurisdiction in Marin County to implement AB321, a law passed in 2008 which allows speed limits to be reduced to 15 mph around schools. In order to qualify, a school has to be located in a residential district on a two-lane road with an existing speed limit of 30 mph or less. For such schools, a city or county may, by resolution, establish the 15 mph speed limit in the area up to 500 feet from the school, when children are present and with appropriate signage. 

San Anselmo has approved the program after conducting traffic studies to satisfy concerns by law enforcement. The 15 mph signs will be installed on residential streets around Brookside School, Drake High School, Wade Thomas, and St. Anselm School.

Walk a Lot with Chocolate

Catchy themes seem to get students' attention; so does hot chocolate on a cold winter's morning. Add a contest rewarding the homeroom with the most "green trips" and you have a recipe for success!

Sinaloa Middle School Teens Go Green club members know it's difficult to get out of bed in the dark, cold winter - students enjoy a little encouragement. Winter is a good time to serve up "Hot Walk-o-late."

Little Bellas Comes to Marin                           
A new mountain biking opportunity is coming to Marin for girls ages 7-12 who like to bike.
Professional cyclists Lea Davison and Kate Courtney (NorCal alumnus) are starting a chapter of Little Bellas, with Kent Middle School assistant principal Jenny Walsh as the local coordinator.  

Little Bellas brings together girls ages 7 to 16 with female mentors using mountain biking as a vehicle to teach the importance of teamwork, goal-setting, and fostering a healthy lifestyle. Registration opens on February 1st.  Click here to learn about Marin's chapter. Scholarships are available for those with financial barriers.

Making the Cold Cool: Keeping Your SRTS Program Going During the Winter
rain biking
As we enter the coldest months of the year, many Safe Routes to School Programs are put on hold due to the challenges of winter walking and cycling. Cold or icy and rainy conditions can often seem like insurmountable roadblocks to a program's continued success.  However, this does not have to be the case. On February 28, the National Center for Safe Routes to Schools will be sponsoring a webinar on winter walking and biking. While geared toward the snowy areas of the country, Marin's cold and rainy month pose its own challenges. Check out the webinar

Free Range Children are Now Legal                            
Recent legislation allows parents to decide when a child is ready to walk/bike to school. After a spate of high profile cases where parents were arrested for allowing their children to walk alone, a new law will put a stop to that. The recently-signed Every Student Succeeds Act contains a section (858) that protects the rights of kids to walk or go out alone. The act was sponsored by Utah senator Mike Lee, who is a supporter of the Free Range Kids movement, and provides some hope for parents who feel that their kids should be allowed some autonomy to get by on their own. Read More