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E-Newsletter       February 2015
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Safer Streets are Being Built
Bikes Donated to Marin City
Safe Neighborhood Committees
Health Care Awareness Month
Exercise Can Change Your DNA

  Family Biking and

         Bike Mobile      

 Receive free service on your child's bike and learn valuable skills on biking together


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Friday, March 27, 2015

Bike Mobile:

 2:45 to 5:45pm (pre-registration required)

Family Biking workshop:

 3:30 to 5:30

  Bike to School Day May 6th

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Marin streets  are getting safer 

 See our February Blog


Safer Streets for Marin Schools  

green bike lane

Based on the outstanding efforts of public works engineers, parent volunteers leaders, Task Force members, and staff at various jurisdictions, much has been done to increase green trips in Marin County, including the planning, design and construction of numerous infrastructure improvements.


Over $20 million in SR2S infrastructure projects have been constructed in the past 10 years.


Find out about our improvements in our February Blog 


New Bikes for Marin City


Thirty-five Marin City students will be receiving a very special Valentine on February 14th.


Turning Wheels and Corporate Visions combined their efforts in a team building exercise to build the Diamond Back bikes and offer them to at-risk communities. They contacted Performing Stars of Marin which transforms the lives of low-income, primarily multicultural, children throughout Marin County by using enrichment programs to build pride, character, discipline and self-esteem. They in turn contacted Martin Luther King School offering them the bikes. Safe Routes to Schools will provide instruction to the students and conduct a family bike ride on February 14th from 10-1 when the children will be awarded their new bikes.  

Volunteers are needed for the ride. Contact 


Safety Neighborhoods


Safe Neighborhood committees are cropping up across the Ross Valley. Led by Supervisor Katie Rice's office, these committees are bringing together neighborhood groups, Safe Routes volunteers and school officials, law enforcement and county public works staff to address speeding and other unsafe driving behavior.


Committees have formed in Sleepy Hollow in San Anselmo (Brookside and Hidden Valley Schools), Oak Manor Drive in Fairfax (Manor School) and McAllister Street in Kentfield (Bacich and Kent Schools). In Sleepy Hollow the Safe Corridor committee is looking into vinyl banners with fun and suggestive safety messages.  There have been several vehicle collisions at the curve of Oak Manor and the group is exploring similar safety campaigns to those of Sleepy Hollow.


McAllister street residents have requested no stopping and no parking signage during school hours, and they want to explore making McAllister one way.   Safe Routes to Schools applauds Supervisor Rice for initiating these safety efforts in her district.


Middle School Students Lead the Way


Overflowing bike racks at MVMS  photo by Peter Oppenheimer

Almost half of the middle school students at Kent and Hall Middle Schools, and over half of Mill Valley Middle School students, walk or bike to school according to the latest Safe Routes to Schools surveys.


All three of these schools have been active in the Safe Routes to Schools program for more than a decade. They are blessed with safe pathways leading to their schools and new infrastructure has helped connect those pathways to the schools. The students all went through the Safe Routes to Schools program in their elementary schools and it shows that learning healthy habits at an early age builds as they grow older.


February is National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month 

The School-Based Health Alliance is lifting up National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month in February, and all across the country people are celebrating school-based health centers (SBHCs) and the impact they have on their communities.


Here's how you can learn about and leverage National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month in your community: in celebration of National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month, take advantage of free access to explore the Blueprint tool, which allows users to explore a framework of information and resources to help you design and operate an SBHC that meets the needs of your students and community, for the entire month of February, including the ability to download select resources under the Planning tab. Click here to start exploring.


Learn more about the School-Based Health Alliance and their Hallways to Health program. This initiative, part of Kaiser's Thriving Schools movement, aims to build the skills and practices required for school-based health centers (SBHCs) to facilitate improvements in health care and behavior among students, their families, and school staff. The target health issues include obesity prevention and treatment, social and emotional health, and school employee wellness.  


Exercise Can Change Your DNA


We all know that exercise can make us fitter and reduce our risk for illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. But just how, from start to finish, a run or a bike ride might translate into a healthier life has remained baffling.


Now new research reports that the answer may lie, in part, in our DNA. Exercise, a new study finds, changes the shape and functioning of our genes, an important stop on the way to improved health and fitness.


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