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National Report on SR2S
New Pathway for Edna Maguire School
Teachers loves/hates her bike commute
Teens are safer cycling
Walking for Health
Greenway Program gets Results
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Women onWheels      

Are you planning a Charity of Century ride?  Learn the drills that will in crease your speed and distance.  First class February 16

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Study Reveals More Kindergarten to 8th Grade Children Are Walking to School


   Brookside iwalk

New research from the National Center for Safe Routes to School shows more kindergarten to grade 8 (K-8) students are walking to and from school across the country.


According to the data, the percentage of K-8 children who walked to school in the morning increased 27 percent. 


The full report, "Trends in Walking and Bicycling to School from 2007 to 2012," analyzed parent survey data collected by nearly 4,700 schools located in all states and Washington DC from 2007 through 2012.  The complete study is available online at The National Center Web Site. 


Edna Maguire School Gets New Pathway


Edna Maguire connector

Edna Maguire School students were greeted with a new pathway connecting the Mill Valley Bike Path to the school.  New signage and pavement markings are to be added since this picture was taken.  This connector will also help anyone connecting from the bike path to the Lomita pathway to travel to Corte Madera. 

January Blog: Ninja Teacher's Love/Hate Relationship with Biking



Ninja teacher hates biking but does it anyway and discovers life lessons along the way. 


 "Often in the morning, especially on those red sunrise days,
I reflect on how lucky I am to ride to work.  

"I've stopped numerous times to watch the sky change as the sun rises - on those days I reflect on how much my life has changed in the last year."                     


 - Mary Beth Leland


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Safety Tip of the Month:

They're Better off Cycling


teen cyclists


While people are generally encouraged to use their bikes to get to work, school, or play for a variety of beneficial reasons, safety concerns are frequently cited as the explanation for not using pedal power to get around.


A new study from University College London that appeared in the open access journal PLoS ONE shows that those concerns over safety may be unfounded, especially for young male drivers between 17 to 20 years old, who face almost five times greater risk of fatality per hour than cyclists in their peer group.


The study examined the risks associated with walking, cycling, and driving for several different age groups and both sexes.


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Sitting is the New Smoking - Walking for Health


walk and roll wednesdays  
Every Wednesday is Walk and Roll to School Day in Marin County.  Do you need more reasons? 
Researchers have discovered a "wonder drug" for many of today's most common medical problems, says Dr. Bob Sallis, a family practitioner at a Kaiser Permanente clinic in Fontana, California. It's been proven to help treat or prevent MUltiple diseases Sallis told leaders at the 2013 Walking Summit in Washington, D.C.


"The drug is called walking," Sallis announced. "Its generic name is physical activity."


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 Greenway to School Program Gets Results


Kentifle students on W2SD

Marin Safe Routes to Schools has completed a three-year study on introducing Green Team Activities and SchoolPool into Marin County Schools.  Overall, 327 metric tons of Greenhouse gas reductions were achieved over a 3-year period. 


Twenty-one (21) schools utilized one of more of the strategies to boost Green Trips to School.  Schools which held contests, had Green classes and formed student green teams saw a rise in 2% to 4% green trips after introducing the programs.  Bacich School which organized SchoolPool rose by 6% and Brookside School which utilized rose a startling 19%.


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