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Brookside School #1
Grants for Bike Racks
Larkspur Family's Trek to School
Tips for Foul Weather
Safety Tips
Denmark's Super Bicycle Highway
Holiday Bike Buying Guide 
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Brookside School #1


   Brookside iwalk

Brookside School in San Anselmo is the number one school (out of 40 schools) to scan in student travel information using the web site  On International Walk to School day Brookside scanned in 238 students.  Brookside has been using scanning devices to log in students who walk and bike to school every Wednesday since the beginning of last school year.  Since that time there has been a 55% increase in students walking and biking to school.  Congratulations to Team Leader Deb Merten and her fabulous team.


Get Bike Racks


bike racks

Do you need bike racks for your school?  The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is offering reimbursement for bike racks.  Awards are made in the form of Vouchers for up to $60 per bicycle parking spot created,limited to a maximum of $12,000 in total Voucher awards per applicant.  Any public agency may apply.    Get more information  

December Blog:

St. Anselm Family Hooked on Biking


 biking the bike path 

Dawniele Richardson Pasha, a Larkspur mother of sons Jack, seven, and Owen, five, has set a goal of bicycling her children to St. Anselm School at least once a week.  That has now turned into three times a week.  Dawniele says the 50-minute ride to school is great exercise for her family and worth getting up early,  because they arrive at school feeling refreshed and relaxed.  "I like that cycling gets the 'wiggles' out of my boys before school starts.  They calm down before arriving and seem to better focus after biking to school."  read more


Biking in Foul Weather


bundle up


As the season grows colder and wetter; it doesn't necessarily need to be less active.  We're blessed with California weather which means there will still be sunny days, and even though the temperature is a little nippy, that doesn't mean the kids have to stay indoors. 

 Here are a few tips for cold days:
    - Wear full-fingered gloves

    - Hats, hoods, headbands to cover the neck and ears  (under the helmet too)

    - Dress in layers; you warm up quickly when riding.

    - Wear a wind-proof jacket

For rainy days:

   - Wear bright colors

   - Walk with school logo umbrellas

   - Make sure your child has waterproof rain gear


There are Children Cycling in the Road!


Rain or shine the Tiburon Bike Train rolls  
Should children ride on the sidewalk?  Where in the road should they bike? Read some tips here

Denmark's Super Bicycle Highway  


Copenhagen News from Afar                             
How do you make cycling a part of the Culture? Denmark's history tells a story.  After 40 years of emphasizing bicycle infrastructure, the newest innovation comes in the form of a Cycle Super Highway, the first of a network of 26 routes planned to connect commuting suburbanites to the city, including traffic lights timed to average cycling speed, minimizing the number of stops.  People say they cycle because it's more convenient and faster.  Read More