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Walk and Roll Wednesdays
Summer Infrastructure Improvements
New Brochure on Bike Safety
Marin Shines at National Conference
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Walk & Roll Wednesdays Kick off School Year



walk and roll wednesdays

Wednesday, October 9th is International Walk to School Day.  This annual event brings millions of children to the streets as they walk and bike to school in over 40 countries around the world.   This will be Marin's 14th year participating in this worldwide event.  But that is just the beginning! 


This year Marin Safe Routes to Schools, a program of the Transportation Authority of Marin, is introducing Walk and Roll Wednesdays.  Our aspiration is to embed a regular weekly green travel day at every school in Marin County - primarily walking and biking but also carpool and bus.  Our mission is to make green travel a daily habit for this generation of children by encouraging them to use their feet to get places. 


We invite all the schools in Marin to establish Wednesdays as the day to walk or bike to school if families are not already taking a green way to school.  We will be asking our school champions to set up monthly tables to remind everyone that Wednesday is the day to use your feet to get to school.  If you live to far away, you can always find a remote place to park and walk the rest of the way.  You can also form a carpool, or put your kids on the bus if it's available.  Middle and high school students can take advantage of low-fare student discount cards to ride public transit. 


Walk and Roll Wednesday Guidebook

Three Marin schools will have safer ways to campus this fall 

lagunitas curb cut
As classes begin, three Marin elementary schools will have safer ways for students to get there.


Miller Creek Middle School in San Rafael, Edna Maguire Elementary School in Mill Valley, and Lagunitas School is Lagunitas will see improvements to sidewalks and crosswalks over the summer as part of a $653,000 county project.


"The goal is to have all the work done by the time school begins," said Saaid Fakharzadeh, assistant director for the county's Department of Public Works.


The Miller Creek School project includes curb extensions into the parking lane on either side of the crosswalk on Las Gallinas Avenue and a new curb ramp at Elvia Court.

The Edna Maguire School project will install a new sidewalk closing a gap of about 1,015 feet along the north side of Lomita Drive from Shell Court to Greenfield Court, along with drainage improvements and new uphill bike lanes.

The Lagunitas School project includes crosswalk improvements on the north side of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard to shorten the existing crosswalk length, making it safer to cross.


New Brochure Teaches Bike Safety


  bike brochure         

Marin's Safe Routes to School program wants students to be safe on the road.  A newly developed brochure gives basic safety information including proper helmet and bike fit and tips on bicycle safety.  You can download this and other brochures here.

  • Stop, Look and Listen before entering or crossing a road.  Regardless of whether you are on foot or wheels always Stop, Look Left-Right-Left, and listen before entering traffic.
  • Bike in the same direction as cars. Drivers do not look for wrong-way traffic.
  • Obey Stop signs and traffic lights. Identify upcoming intersection and how to negotiate them. Remember, you can always walk in the crosswalk!

Communicate. Use hand signals and waves to communicate with traffic. 


Safe Routes to Schools National Conference Showcases Marin Programs 


Gwen and Laura at National Conference
Gwen Froh and Laura Kelly with friend at the National Conference

Hundreds of health and planning professionals, educators, advocates and student leaders from across the country gathered on August 13-15 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel for the National Safe Routes to Schools conference. More than 220 speakers spoke about a wide range of topics connected to creating safer routes to schools, bike-friendly places and healthy communities.

Marin County shined at the Safe Routes to Schools National Conference providing presentations on the Marin's teen and education programs, the new neighborhood SchoolPool program, the Fairfax Bike Spine, and the recently-completed ten-year program evaluation.Staff taught others from throughout the US how to conduct a successful walking and bicycling audit and provided tips for developing solutions. Staff also picked up tips on mapping, incentive and promotion ideas, curriculum opportunities and much more.