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BLAST Bulletin
April 4, 2014
Skirball Middle School

Mr. Nnoli, 7th Grade Math Teacher at Skirball Middle School, had the most complete city in Revolution K-12 (which comes from having the most activities and highest levels of proficiency for his classes) in the entire United States last month!
This Month's Featured Websites and Tips

Think CERCA is an online, CCSS-aligned literacy program with tools and content so teachers can help students learn to read closely, think critically, and develop powerful arguments.

Ten Marks is designed to deliver and support deep conceptual understanding and CCSS mastery. They have a bank of Common Core-aligned questions and supporting instructional materials.

No Red Ink helps students improve their grammar and writing skills. Teachers can target Common Core skills using their students' interests; create assignments and quizzes without all of the grading; and track students' progress in real time.

Google Tips - Here are some quick tips and tricks for GMAIL users.

Last Month's Featured Tools
It is a personal networking application for K-12 teachers, developed for the sole purpose of enabling teachers to expand and maintain their sphere of influences.

Innovative lessons from Effective Teachers: With BetterLesson, browse over 1,300,000 lesson plans, classroom materials, and instructional resources from high-performing teachers.
A site where educators share free K-12 resources and materials for lessons: Upload and download files easily!
Lesson planning made easy! This site allows you to plan your lessons and classes, track standards taught, and collaborate with other educators for resources.
Upcoming BLAST Events and Deadlines
Upcoming BLAST Events and Deadlines
April and May
4/10: Burton Tech Instructional Rounds and Skirball Site Visit with new Blended Learning Principals
4/11: CRMA #5 Site Visit
4/14-4/18: Spring Break!
4/21-4/22: Jonathan and O'Donovan Administration and Teachers Presenting at Achieve 3000 Conference in San Diego
4/23-4/24: Jonathan in Seattle for Highline Public Schools/Achieve 3000 Blended Learning Convening
4/25: Ouchi Instructional Rounds
4/26: FREE innovatED.LA Conference - Should be a helpful conference with great presenters and speakers
4/27-4/29: Jonathan and Robert in Texas for Community of Innovative Practice Convening
5/2: Governor Brown Visit to CRMA 5/Smidt Tech Complex
Announcements and To-Do List
If your school is using the Pearson Common Core curriculum for the iPads, please complete the following survey for our Vice Presidents of Schools: iPad Pearson Common Core Check In: April 2014

Also, here is a quick summary report for Achieve 3000 that we've created in Google Docs. Please log-in to your BLAST LA account to access the file.

Principals and Teachers
If you weren't aware already, Talar is out on leave, so if you have any questions or needs for support, please contact Christie or Jonathan using the contact information below.

Contact a BLAST Coach or Director
Talar Samuelian
BLAST Implementation Coach
Alliance College-Ready Public Schools
601 S. Figueroa St.,
4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 943-4930 Ext.1013
Christie M. Hayes
BLAST Implementation Coach
Alliance College-Ready Public Schools
601 S. Figueroa St.,
4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
[email protected]
(213) 943-4930 Ext.1083
Jonathan Tiongco
BLAST Director
Alliance College-Ready Public Schools
601 S. Figueroa St.,
4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
[email protected]
(213) 943-4930 Ext.1072
Cell: (310) 403-4607
Our Mission

The mission of Alliance College- Ready Public Schools, a nonprofit charter management organization, is to open and operate a network of high performing high schools and middle schools in low-income communities in  

California with historically under-performing schools that will graduate students ready for success in college and future careers.
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