January 2013

It's a new year! Time to start fresh and make 2013 a year to remember.
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Ask Ron,
Damien from HB wrote....

I had my Civic in for some mechanical work not too long ago. Once I was told how much the repairs were going to be I started doing some price shopping. I found the parts at an auto parts store for less. I still don't understand why you couldn't have just installed the cheaper parts I found?


When we repair your car we shop around to find the best price on quality parts. These parts have proven reliability and we are confident installing and guaranteeing them in your vehicle.


As you know we offer one of the best warranties out there: 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first on all non-friction parts. In partnership with our parts vendors we also have expanded that to include a nationwide 12 month warranty should anything fail while you are not in the state, or outside our designated service area.*


Many customers have been able to find parts at discount auto suppliers who carry similar warranties. These warranties from the discount auto parts stores cover the part, but do not reimburse you for the labor. So you may be saving on a part but if anything goes wrong, you will have to pay the labor again.


In addition, if you purchased a part on the Internet and it failed, you would have to return the old part and get a new one shipped to you. Not to mention the inconvenience of being with out your vehicle for additional days.


If you have a question contact me at ron@cattautocare.com

*For details on our new nationwide 12 month warranty please see your service advisor.

New 2013 Laws

In 2013 800+ new bills were signed into law. Some of them affect us on the road and how we travel. Read all about them below.

AB 1047 - will prevent law enforcement from having a motorcycle safety program that targets, entraps and profiles motorcycle riders as a group for tickets and citations. It will also prohibit the use of State/Federal funds for such programs but instead use the funds for their intended use: true motorcycle safety education. Read the law...

AB 1452 - adds a requirement to the existing booster seat law that parents with children 8 and under be notified about where, and at no cost, the child passenger restraint system can be inspected, and proper installation instruction can be given at the time of discharge from a hospital, clinic, or birthing center. Read the law... 

AB 1708 - We love this one! Allows California drivers to show proof of active vehicle insurance coverage using a mobile electronic device such as a smart phone. Read the law... 

AB 2247 -  no selling or pedaling of goods on public transportation without express written consent. Darn! Read the law...  


AB 2405 - eligible low emission and hybrid vehicles will be allowed to occupy High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes (HOV) without the required number of passengers. Does your vehicle qualify?


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From Right Bill Goodwin, Brent Summers, Tyler Vasquez.
Bill is an ASE Master Technician with over 15 years experience in the automotive industry. Bill served 7 years in the US Army as a diesel technician before becoming a civilian mechanic.
Brent began an apprenticeship in the automotive industry while still in high school. Brent is an ASE certified technician who has also worked as a service advisor and quality assurance manager.
Tyler studied automotive technology at the Universal Technical Institute. He is ASE certified and is continually obtaining new certifications.
Is Your Car a Tax Deduction?
Speak to your qualified tax preparer about deducting your vehicle use from your taxes. You may be able to deduct your vehicle if it's used for:
  • Business Purposes
  • Medical Purposes
  • Moving and Relocating
  • Charitable Service

You may need a copy of your service records for mileage verification. You can obtain a history of your service from us by calling 714 893 2020, emailing, or stopping in. We will be happy to help.

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