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"Every time I come it's harder to leave. I feel like this place is my home away from home! I always speak highly of this place and do my best to get the word around. It means a lot to me that everyone on the staff treats me as their friend. The personal touch and getting to come hunt wiht my friends is what keeps me coming back."

-Jim Palermo, Delaware 
2015 Whitetail Hunts
Hunts Available

I hope this letter find you warm and toasty. The winter here has been pretty mild until February rolled around and now has turned cold and dropped some snow on us. Shed hunting has been a little slow this year with bucks holding antlers a little longer then usual and fresh snow covering the ground every other day. Hopefully it picks up here in the next couple weeks and warm weather starts creeping in. I hopefully will find a couple of our big buck's sheds that we had on camera or if you need to get out of the house come join me. Shed Hunting>>>

Matt Brunet
2015 Hunts Available
2015 Archery and Gun Spots
Now is the time to reserve your 2015 whitetail deer hunting dates, especially if you want to come during a prime time!!  We have some great hunting dates available, but they won't last long!  The 2015 season should be one of the best in many years.  If you are thinking about doing a whitetail hunt, 2015 should be the year!. 2015 Hunts Available>>>

Trail Cameras - More Options
Trail Cameras More Options
The average user probably only gets 4 - 5 months' worth of use out of a camera on 1 to 2 sets of batteries. You have to figure most guys put out their cameras a month, maybe two, before season starts and pull it down a week or two after the season is done when they pull down their stands. Now I know some people have to remove stuff from farms because they lease hunting ground and aren't sure if they will have it again next year. But if you don't have to worry about that, there are a lot more uses for trail cameras other than just scouting the season. More Trail Camera Uses>>>

Habitat Improvements - Now Is The Time
Trail Camera Picture
Before the Spring Thaw
As we enter the last week of February most people grow anxious for the warmth of spring.  Although I share in this enthusiasm I know that there is work to be done before the flowers start to bloom.  This is the optimum time of the year to make habitat improvements on your land or hunting property.  If you feel like you are stuck inside because of the cold, hopefully I can generate a few ideas that will get you outdoors. Habitat Improvement Ideas >>>

Hopefully you stay warm the rest of this winter and have a good spring shed hunt as well as a tagged out turkey season. If you need a spot for turkey hunting this spring or whitetail in the fall just give me a call and ill see what i can do for you. Be safe and make some memories.


Matt Brunet
Harpole's Heartland Lodge
Harpole's Heartland Lodge
RR 1 Box 8a
Nebo, IL 62355

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