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D.C. Guard Retires C-38A Fleet

The District of Columbia Air National Guard retired its C-38A Courier light airlift fleet, handing the aircraft off to the Navy for use as chase planes this week, unit spokesman MSgt. Craig Clapper told Air Force Magazine on July 28. Two C-38s augmented the 201st Airlift Squadron's larger C-40C Clipper aircraft, which provide executive airlift for the First Lady, members of Congress, and Pentagon officials from JB Andrews, Md. The 201st AS was the sole Air Force operator of the modified Israeli-built business jets, which were delivered to the Guard in 1998...Read More

Air Canada Accepts Dreamliner Delivery 

Air Canada announced that it took delivery of its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.  The carrier plans to use the aircraft on non-stop routes from Toronto to Delhi, set to begin on November 1, and from Toronto to Dubai, which will begin November 3. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is the second member of the Dreamliner family to be produced.  Similar to the 787-8, the stretch jet uses 20% less fuel and produces 20% fewer emissions than similar-sized airplanes.  The 787-9 is 20' (six meters) longer, has greater capacity, and has a range...Read More 


Boeing Oklahoma City Expansion Grows Facilities, Business Presence

Boeing has broken ground on a new 290,000 square-foot facility with space for approximately 800 employees. The new structure, the third in Boeing's existing campus, will open in summer 2016 and house employees working in engineering, research and development laboratories, and some support staff. During the groundbreaking ceremony Global Services & Support (GS&S) President Leanne Caret announced that headquarters for GS&S' Aircraft Modernization and Sustainment (AM&S) division would move...Read More

Boeing Flight Services Readies Airline For Delivery Of Its First 787 Dreamliner 

Under the agreement, Boeing Flight Services, a business unit of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, will provide flight training for the airline's new 787 Dreamliner fleet at Boeing's Singapore training campus. Nearly 90 Vietnam Airlines pilots are expected to undergo training this year. "With Boeing's experience and expertise, we are confident that we will have a smooth entry into service with the training and operational support they provide," said Phan Xuan Duc, executive...Read More


Southwest Keeps Its Business Plan Simple For Success 

Southwest Airlines has reported record profits for the past nine quarters. The airline has also bucked industry standards by expanding across the country, not just in hub cities, and by sticking to a fleet of exclusively 737s. By keeping its business simple Southwest has found an alternative path to success...Read More 


United's First Female Pilot Passes Away 

Capt. Gail Gorski, the first female pilot hired by United Airlines, died on July 20, the airline announced. Gorski, a Boeing 747 pilot based in San Francisco, was hired by United in 1978. She was scheduled to retire in 2017, the airline said."She was one of the original members of the International Society of Women Airline Pilots, as well as a leader of "Fear of Flying" classes to help calm those who were scared of air travel," United told employees...Read More


U.S. Marines Corps Declares F-35B Operational 

The U.S. Marine Corps' F-35B Lightning II aircraft reached initial operational capability July 31, 2015 with a squadron of 10 F-35Bs ready for world-wide deployment. Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 (VMFA-121), based in Yuma, Arizona, is the first squadron in military history to become operational with an F-35 variant, following a five-day Operational Readiness Inspection, which concluded July 17."I am pleased to announce that VMFA-121...Read More


Contractors Congratulate USMC

Lockheed Martin, builder of the F-35B, said its newly declared operational status with the Marine Corps "represents a quantum leap in air dominance capability." Aside from being the first operational supersonic, stealthy STOVL jet, the F-35B has "the most powerful and comprehensive integrated sensor package of any fighter aircraft in history, to provide unprecedented lethality and survivability," and has "ushered in a new era in military aviation." Engine maker Pratt & Whitney said the on-time IOC declaration is due to "the unyielding commitment and leadership of...Read More


Orbital ATK, Airbus Finalize Agreement On A350-1000 Variant 

Orbital ATK has finalized an agreement with Airbus to expand its current contract to include the manufacture of composite stringers and frames on the -1000 variant of the A350 program, adding to the work already being performed on the A350 program. This agreement builds on Orbital ATK's valuable working relationship with Airbus and its partners. The Aerospace Structures Division of Orbital ATK's Flight Systems Group is executing the A350 program at its state-of-the-art Aircraft Commercial... Read More 


Back In The Air

Boeing's 767-2C provisioned freighter-one of its four planned KC-46 aerial tanker test aircraft-was back in the air on July 29, a company spokesman said Thursday. The aircraft is starting "the next phase of airworthiness testing," to include expansion of the flight envelope, such as speed and altitude, said Boeing spokesman Charles Ramey. The flight of over two hours was made out of the company's Everett, Wash., facility, and the aircraft carried a non-functional refueling probe and wing pods...Read More 


Pilot Error Cited By NTSB In SpaceShipTwo Accident

The NTSB has released its probable cause report from the SpaceShipTwo accident last October 31 that resulted in the fatal injury of one pilot and which seriously injured the second. In a meeting Tuesday morning, the board stated that the probable cause was the "copilot's unlocking of SpaceShipTwo's feather locks."  The board also said that the pilots were not adequately trained to deal with problems with the feather locking system, and that the system was not designed to prevent the feather from being unlocked prematurely, according to a report from television...Read More


Tora! Tora! Tora! Demonstration Is About More Than Flying 

On December 8th, 1941, President Roosevelt announced that the United States of America was going to war with Japan. The day before, the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, destroying half of the American naval forces. The Japanese used Zeros, Kates, and Vals in the attack. Now, 74 years later, the flying group Tora! Tora! Tora! is reenacting the attack at airshow across the country. The show has three main components: the visual, the flying, and the narration. There are pyrotechnics during the whole show...Read More


NTSB Releases Probable Cause Finding On Southwest Airlines Flight 345 

The NTSB found the captain's attempt to recover from an unstabilized approach by transferring airplane control at low altitude instead of performing a go-around was the primary cause of this accident. Contributing to the accident was the captain's failure to comply with standard operating procedures. The following are excerpts from the report. For the full report, use the link listed below. As the airplane was on final approach, the captain, who was the pilot monitoring, realized that...Read More


Citation Latitude Continues To Stretch Its Legs On Transcontinental Flights 

The Cessna Aircraft Company last week demonstrated the trans-Pacific capability of its newly FAA-certified Citation Latitude between the U.S. West Coast and Hawaii. The flights follow other recent successful transcontinental missions on the aircraft, including the first trans-Atlantic crossing in May and nonstop U.S. coast-to-coast flights earlier this month. "With certification achieved, we see the Citation Latitude demonstrating its impressive capabilities and performance during...Read More 


Flight Management System Market Worth $912.20 Million By 2020 

The global Flight Management System Market is estimated to be $601.36 million in 2014 to register a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 7.19% to reach $912.20 million by 2020, according to new research published by MarketsandMarkets. Flight management systems can be classified into four segments according to the cockpit architecture of different types of commercial aircraft. These four segments include very large aircraft, wide body aircraft, narrow body...Read More 


Allegiant Execs At Controls Of Jet that Ran Low On Fuel

There are many more questions than answers surrounding an in-flight low fuel emergency involving an Allegiant Air MD-80 arriving in Fargo, North Dakota, last month, with fingers variously being pointed at the pilots, the airline's management and the Fargo Tower controller. The drama unfolded...Read More


Airbus Files Patent For Hypersonic Bizjet 

Airbus engineers have quietly received a patent for a 20-passenger hypersonic "ultra-rapid" business jet that would be capable of whisking the well-heeled from San Francisco to Paris in under three hours. The patent claims the ambitious aircraft would significantly reduce its...Read More


Oklahoma Guard's First MC-12

The Oklahoma Air National Guard's first MC-12W Liberty intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft recently arrived at Will Rogers ANGB, Okla., recommencing flight operations there for the first time since 2007, officials announced. "The 137th Air Refueling Wing is very excited to return flying operations back to Will Rogers ... and join Air Force Special Operations Command," 137th ARW Commander Col. Devin Wooden said in a release. The Oklahoma unit lost its C-130s and moved to Tinker AFB, Okla., becoming a KC-135 associate unit with the Active Duty 507th...Read More


Wing flap Thought To Be Part Of MH370 Is Escorted By Police On Way For Analysis In France After Malaysia Airlines Confirm It IS From A Boeing 777

 Plane debris that washed up on an Indian Ocean island is from a Boeing 777, Malaysian authorities said Friday, making it almost certainly the first piece of wreckage recovered from missing flight MH370.If confirmed by analysis of the debris, which will be flown to France on Saturday, the discovery would mark the first breakthrough in a case that has baffled aviation experts since the plane disappeared 16 months ago with 239 people on board. Malaysian deputy transport minister...Read More


Lockheed Martin Technology Helps Pilots, UAS Operators Share Data 

As Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) take to the skies, it is essential for safety that UAS operators and pilots are aware of each other. To help provide this shared situational awareness, Lockheed Martin has deployed the first components of a UAS traffic management (UTM) system that is available to the UAS community now.

Lockheed Martin's online Flight Service Pilot Web feeds flight plan information directly to the Federal Aviation Administration's National Airspace System (NAS)...Read More


Tuskegee Airman Flies Again 

Often when we have a story dealing with the Tuskegee Airmen, it carries the words "Gone West" in the headline. This time, however, the story is more positive. Dr. Granville Coggs, a documented original Tuskegee Airman, celebrated his 90th birthday in the skies during a 'fini' flight and ceremony with the 99th Flying Training Squadron July 30 at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph. Though Coggs was unable to attend the Tuskegee Airmen Tribute ceremony held at JBSA-Randolph June 11-12, 99th FTS members offered to fly him as they had other Tuskegee Airmen in...Read More


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