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*Precision Turbines is an ASR (Authorized Sales Representative) for Sierra Industries and specializes in Citation and King Air Engine retrofits. 


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Boeing, Korean Air Announce Order For Five 777 Freighters 

Boeing and Korean Air have finalized an order for five 777 Freighters. The order, valued at more than $1.5 billion at current list prices, will add further efficiency and reliability to Korean Air's all-Boeing freighter fleet. As one of the world's largest cargo airlines, Korean Air currently operates an all-Boeing freighter fleet of 26 airplanes that includes 17 747-400 Freighters, five 747-8 Freighters and four 777 Freighters...Read More 


Boeing, Transavia Announce Order For Up To 20 Next-Generation 737-800s 

Boeing and Transavia Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Air France KLM Group, today announced an order for 17 Next-Generation 737-800s, including options for three additional airplanes. The order, valued at $1.6 billion at current list prices, was previously booked and attributed to an unidentified customer on the Boeing Orders & Deliveries website...Read More


American Pilots Take 787 Dreamliner For Test Flights 

MIDLAND - Before it flies to Beijing or Buenos Aires, American Airlines pilots are testing the fleet's new 787 Dreamliner in West Texas. Pilots performed touch-and-go maneuvers on the runway at Midland International Airport for a couple of hours on Monday. They conducted similar in-flight tests in El Paso hours earlier. "It's a flight training mission today," said Matt Miller, spokesman for the Fort Worth-based aurline. So far, a few dozen American pilots are trained and certified on Boeing's newest jet, Miller added...Read More


AA Announces First Routes For Boeing 787 

American Airlines will begin domestic Boeing 787 Dreamliner service in May and international service in June, according to a company news release. The 787 initially will be deployed between Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) beginning May 7, before launching internationally between DFW and Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) beginning June 2. The new aircraft will also...Read More


JetBlue CEO Brings Experience To New Role 

Robin Hayes starts his position as CEO of JetBlue Airways today. Hayes, a native of the U.K., spent 19 years at British Airways. He joined JetBlue in 2008 as chief commercial officer. "People are so passionate about the JetBlue brand and the JetBlue story," Hayes said...Read More


Cirrus On The Rise, Adding Jobs, New Aircraft

Cirrus Aircraft has added about 300 jobs in the past three years, and is set to launch a new category of airplane with its Vision SF-50 jet, which it says will fill the gap between high-performance propeller planes and light business jets. "It's a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace," said Todd Simmons, Cirrus' executive vice president of sales, marketing and customer support. "We feel we are well ahead...Read More


FAA Finally Proposes 'Flexible' Rule On Small UAS 

Anyone wanting to fly a small unmanned aircraft commercially in U.S. airspace will have to obtain an special operator certificate and pass a test on the "rules of the air", but the aircraft themselves will not require airworthiness approval, according to a proposed rule finally released Feb. 15 by the FAA...Read More


The Tale Of The Unclaimed T-X Aggressor 

ORLANDO - In the midst of a major budget crunch at the Pentagon, the U.S. Air Force is ill-equipped to explain just how a request for $220.5 million for a "red air" aggressor aircraft got into the fiscal 2016 budget plan sent to Congress Feb. 2. An aggressor, or a "red aircraft" is an aircraft used as a stand-in for an enemy to hone a fighter pilot's skills and tactics...Read More


Female U-2 Pilot Blazes Trail Through Society And Space

As a child she imagined flying amongst the stars, thousands of miles above the earth's surface, and today Lt. Col. Merryl Tengesdal is one of eight female pilots to ever fly the U-2 and the only black female pilot during the aircraft's history. A Bronx, N.Y. native, Tengesdal is  a U-2 pilot and 9th Reconnaissance Wing inspector general who was recently selected for promotion to the rank of colonel. "I have seen the curvature of the earth," Tengesdal said...Read More


NASA To Modernize Propeller Systems On P-3 Aircraft
NASA has selected UTC Aerospace Systems for the world's first NP2000 propeller modernization of a P-3 aircraft. The agreement provides for procurement and installation of NP2000 propellers with electronic propeller control systems and will include engineering, technical and logistics services within the next two years. The NP2000 is being offered to replace the HS 54H60 propeller system for the P-3...Read More

Turkish Airlines Transfers All Flight Reporting Functions To iPads
A project to improve the quality of cabin services has been initiated by Turkish Airlines in partnership with tech company Innova. Using a new Digital Cabin Management System (DCMS), flight attendants are able to file all necessary reports instantly by using iPads instead of paper-based systems. The DCMS also helps staff to address important issues as soon as they arise. Using the DCMS, all the flight reports, supply...Read More

ERAU, JSSI Conclude ASA Educational Series In Farnborough

Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) concluded their sponsorship last week of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) Aviation Valuation Educational Series for 2015. The valuation course was conducted in Farnborough, England at the TAG facility on the Farnborough International Airport, which is also home to JSSI's international headquarters. JSSI provided expert insight...Read More

Embraer Delivers 1st E-Jet To American Airlines

At a ceremony held at the Company's headquarters in São José dos Campos, Embraer delivered to American Airlines the first of 60 firm order E175 jets under the contract signed between the two companies in December 2013. The contract also included options for another 90 E175s, taking the total order potential to 150 aircraft. American Airlines selected Compass Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trans States Holdings...Read More

Beech 1900 Down In The South Florida

A Beech 1900 went down Wednesday in the southwestern portion of Florida's Miami-Dade County, resulting in the fatal injury of the four people on board the aircraft. Television station WSVN reports that Miami-Dade Aviation spokesman Greg Chin said that the pilot had reported an engine failure after departure from Miami Executive Airport and was attempting to return to the airport. The plane went down in a relatively unpopulated area of the county...Read More

iPad-Turned-Navigation Device Guides Airplane To Gear-Up Landing

A pilot and his wife on a night flight between Wyoming and Wisconsin in a 1959 PA-24-250 Comanche were forced to turn to their iPads for primary navigation after a complete electrical system failure on the airplane late last Saturday. The pilot, who was not identified, and his wife flew some 80 miles at night until reaching Rapid City Regional Airport in South Dakota using only altitude, airspeed, and heading information from the devices...Read More

US Airways Retires Last Boeing 767-200 In Its Fleet 

US Airways flew its final passenger flight with the iconic Boeing 767-200 on Thursday. The 25-year-old plane is the last of the 767 fleet to be retired by US Airways. "It's the new American, and we'll be using A330 aircraft on some of the international routes that the B767 flew, also the A321 and [Boeing] 757 on some other routes," said Michelle Mohr, a spokeswoman for American Airlines Group...Read More

Airbus Forecasts 2015 A321 Deliveries

 Airbus Group released a forecast for deliveries in 2015. "By end of this year, 36% of deliveries will be A321, and it will be an even bigger proportion as we move forward," said Simon Pickup, strategic marketing director at Airbus Americas. Last year, 31% of deliveries were the A321...Read More

SpaceX Launches DSCOVR, But Barge Landing Not Possible
SpaceX successfully launched its first deep space mission, boosting the DSCOVR Deep Space Climate Observatory into its proper orbit. But plans for a second landing attempt on a floating barge in the Atlantic Ocean were scrubbed by high seas. On the SpaceX website, the company said prior to the Wednesday evening launch that "unfortunately we will not be able to attempt to recover the first stage of the Falcon 9...Read More

Asiana Airlines To Order 25 A321neo Aircraft 

South Korea's Asiana Airlines has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Airbus for the purchase of 25 A321neo single aisle aircraft as part of its ongoing fleet modernization program. Seating 180 passengers in a two class layout, the new aircraft will be operated on the carrier's regional services, as well as on selected domestic routes. Asiana will make a decision on its engine of choice for the aircraft at a later date...Read More


Boeing Opens Propulsion Systems Facility In South Carolina

Boeing has opened a new propulsion engineering and assembly facility in North Charleston. The team of engineers, manufacturing and support personnel at Propulsion South Carolina (PSC) are responsible for the design and assembly of the 737 MAX engine nacelle inlet, the design of the 737 MAX engine nacelle fan cowl and the design and engineering integration for the 777X nacelle. PSC employees have worked in other...Read More

Tough Nut To Crack

The Air Force anticipates having the plan in place soon to ensure it has enough maintainers on hand for the F-35A strike fighter to meet the stealth jet's projected in-service date around August 2016, said service Secretary Deborah Lee James. "We are getting close," she told reporters at AFA's Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 13. "This has been a very tough nut to crack because what we need is a certain number of experienced maintainers...Read More


The Case For Several More CV-22s

Lt. Gen. Bradley Heithold, head of Air Force Special Operations Command, continues to advocate for building an attrition reserve for the CV-22 fleet by acquiring up to four additional aircraft beyond the current program of record for 50. AFSOC has already "dinged a few" CV-22s in use to date and it makes sense to have an attrition reserve for such a combat platform, he told reporters at AFA's Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 12. However, there has been no funding programmed yet for these extra airplanes, said Heithold...Read More


Oklahoma Guard Slated for MC-12

The Air National Guard is going ahead with standing up a new MC-12 Liberty special operations unit at Will Rogers ANGB, Okla., "later this year," Lt. Gen. Bradley Heithold, commander of Air Force Special Operations Command said on Feb. 12.  "We have been given authorization to put 13 of them at Oklahoma, so we're doing that," said Heithold...Read More


Delta Employees Earn More than $1 Billion In Profit Sharing 

Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) employees today will receive profit sharing as part of the company's $1.1 billion total payout for 2014 - the largest payment in the company's history - in recognition for their industry-leading performance. "At Delta, we believe that people, values and culture drive our success," said Richard Anderson, Delta's chief executive officer. "We call it the 'Delta Difference.' It is essential for our employees to have...Read More

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