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*Precision Turbines is an ASR (Authorized Sales Representative) for Sierra Industries and specializes in Citation and King Air Engine retrofits. 


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Boeing, Etihad Airways Unveil Livery Of Airline's First 787-9

Boeing has rolled out of its paint hangar the first 787-9 Dreamliner that will be delivered to Etihad Airways. The airplane is painted in the airline's new 'Facets of Abu Dhabi' livery with colors reminiscent of the desert landscape, inspired by the culture, Islamic design and architecture motifs of the United Arab Emirates. "The U.S. is a strategically important part of our network," said James Hogan, president and CEO, Etihad Airways...Read More


Boeing Delivers First 777-300ER To China Eastern
China Eastern Airlines has taken delivery of its first Boeing 777-300ER. The new airplane is the first of 20 that China Eastern has on order. "We are delighted to introduce our first 777-300ER in China Eastern's new look in celebration of the 10 th anniversary of the 777-300ER program," said Liu Shaoyong , Chairman of China Eastern Airlines. "The delivery not only marks a milestone in the long-standing business relationship between China Eastern and Boeing...Read More

USAFAC Promotes US-Built Beriev Be-200 Firefighter

USA Firefighting Air Corps (USAFAC) has announced that Russia has signed a collaboration agreement with an American company to develop a US-built Beriev Be-200 multipurpose amphibious aerial firefighting jet, and that the collaboration would be headquartered in Colorado.According to USAFAC, parties to the agreement are Taganrog-based Beriev Aircraft Company and International Emergency Services, Inc., a California company...Read More


Mooney Announces $30M Worth Of Airplane Orders 

Mooney has recently announced it has logged 43 orders for its Acclaim Type S and Ovation 3 aircraft, worth $30 million, since this summer. Two Chinese companies have ordered a combined 35 aircraft, while the other eight aircraft will go to U.S. customers...Read More

PeoplExpress Temporarily Suspends Operations 

With a shortage of crew members and only one airplane, startup scheduled carrier PeoplExpress has temporarily suspended its operations with the hope of resuming flights by October 16. The airline started flying on June 30, and offered flights on seven routes from its base in Newport News, VA. But the Associated Press reports that the airline has suffered a series of setbacks that have kept it from maintaining its full schedule. Among those issues was damage...Read More 


Indiana A-10 ANG Squadron To Deploy To Middle East

A dozen A-10 "Warthog" airplanes and more than 300 airmen attached to the 122nd Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard are scheduled to be deployed to the Middle East early in October. And while they are not specifically part of the current campaign against ISIS, the airplanes could provide air support for ground troops in that fight. The deployment is expected to last six months, according to the Indiana Air National Guard. Col. Patrick R. Renwick...Read More


JetBlue, El Al Israel Seek Code-Share Deal 

JetBlue and El Al Israel Airlines are seeking U.S. Department of Transportation approval for a code-share deal that capitalizes on the airlines' overlap in the New York area. The code share would allow El Al to put its "LY" code on some JetBlue flights, making it possible for passengers to book flights on both airlines with a single ticket...Read More


Advanced Weather-Radar Systems Smooth And Shorten Flights

Airlines are investing in sophisticated weather-radar systems to route between and around storms, making for smoother flights and reducing weather-related detours. "In terms of situational awareness, some of the stuff that the modern-day radars do is incredible," said Erik Eliel, an airline pilot who trains other pilots on radar...Read More


Sierra Nevada Corporation Challenges NASA Commercial Crew Contract 

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has filed a legal challenge to the award of contracts to Boeing and SpaceX under the Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) program. The CCtCap program will restore U.S. transportation capability to the International Space Station. SNC, Boeing and SpaceX submitted separate proposals for the CCtCap program. While all three competitors were found to be compliant and awardable under the criteria set forth...Read More


NTSB Released Prelim In VA T-28C Accident
The NTSB has issued a preliminary report in an accident which occurred near the Virginia International Raceway in Alton in the southern part of Virginia. The accident fatally injured Jon Couch, who was flying the airplane, and his mother who was aboard as a passenger. According to the report, On September 19, 2014, about 1710 eastern daylight time, an experimental North American T-28C, N531KG, operated by a private individual, was substantially damaged when it impacted a kudzu field, while performing low-level aerobatics near...Read More

U.S. Navy, NASA Conduct Third Round Of Orion Underway Recovery Tests

NASA, Orion prime contractor Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Navy successfully completed the third round of tests to practice recovering Orion when it splashes down off the coast of San Diego at the end of its December flight test. The mid-September test series, led by NASA's Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) Program, continued to perfect techniques and ensure the full team and all equipment are ready when Orion returns to Earth after traveling more...Read More

PacAvi Group Launches A320 A321 Freighter Conversion Program
A new program for conversions of Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 aircraft from passenger-to-freighter configuration has been launched by PacAvi Group. The company's principal offices are in San Diego, CA, and Bremen and Dresden in Germany. "There are currently about 600 freighters of the size category of the A320 and A321 operating globally, and this market is set to grow rapidly in the BRIC countries and around the world," said PacAvi Group...Read More

Surface Pro 3 Approved For Use In The Cockpit

The Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency have approved Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 for use by pilots as an "electronic flight bag." EFB vendor navAero will partner with Microsoft to produce docking stations that will allow the gadget to plug directly into cockpit computer and communications systems...Read More

USAF To Begin Fielding F-16 Collision Avoidance System

The Air Force will begin fielding the automatic ground collision avoidance system for its F-16 fleet this fall, the service recently announced. Operational testing for the new system concluded this past summer at Eglin AFB, Fla. The database tool uses digital terrain data and positioning information to determine if an F-16 is about to crash into the ground, or an impending controlled flight into terrain. If the system determines a collision is imminent...Read More

DOD Ends Fiscal Year By Awarding $2.9 Billion In Contracts 

The end of the 2014 fiscal year brought a deluge of 93 contracts from the armed services and Defense Department agencies totaling more than $2.9 billion, the Pentagon reported late Tuesday. That included 24 contracts from the Air Force worth a total of $664.8 million. The Defense Logistics Agency topped the charts, spending just over $800 million on 10 contracts for food and beverage supplies, water service, cold...Read More


First U.S. Built A-29 Super Tucano For USAF LAS Program Unveiled

The first United States-built A-29 Super Tucano light air support aircraft was unveiled Thursday in Jacksonville, FL in a roll-out ceremony with the U.S. Air Force and government officials, industry and community representatives. The aircraft, which also performs as an advanced trainer, is the first of 20 that are being delivered to the U.S. Air Force for its Light Air Support (LAS) program to support the stability of Afghanistan as it assumes...Read More


Bombardier, Macquarie AirFinance Sign Purchase Agreement 

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced Thursday that a wholly owned affiliate of Macquarie AirFinance has signed a firm purchase agreement for 40 CS300 jetliners and has taken options on an additional 10 CS300 aircraft. Macquarie AirFinance, which currently owns or manages 136 jet aircraft leased to 73 operators in 43 countries across six continents, will lease the CS300 aircraft to airline operators around the world. Delivery of the aircraft will be on a phased basis from 2017 to 2019...Read More


Airbus Says A320neo Is A "Game-Changer" 

Airbus has received nearly 3,300 orders for its single-aisle A320neo, and the jetmaker believes it will sell a total of about 15,000 of the planes over the next two decades. Airbus performed the plane's first test flight this week, and Airbus executives highlighted the plane's fuel efficiency. "Fuel is 40% of the operating cost of a plane, and we're forecasting fuel in 10 years at $160 a barrel...Read More 


Sierra Industries Engages With GE Honda Aero Engines To Develop A New Citation Jet Engine Retrofit Program

GREENBRIER, WV - September 18, 2014 - Sierra Industries, Ltd., part of the SkyWay Group, announced today a joint project to develop an engine retrofit program for the legacy Citation Jet platform using the recently certified GE Honda HF120 engine. This new project, known as the Sapphire program, replaces the original factory-installed Williams FJ44-1A engines with the state-of-the-art GE Honda HF120 engine. The HF120 engine will provide the Citation Jet with improved performance and enhanced productivity. The Sapphire retrofit plan would include FADEC engine management along with redesigned engine pylons and nacelles for improved aerodynamics...Read More


Naval Aviator Tells Story Of Flying In Vietnam

John Laughter says he was born into a family of aviators; both of his parents and his uncle were pilots. He got a ride in a Beechcraft Mentor T-34 while at East Carolina University and joined the U.S. Navy right away. After flight school, he was deployed to North Vietnam where he flew a total of 155 combat missions...Read More


Delta To Give All Employees 5% Profit Sharing This Year

Delta Air Lines notified employees on Wednesday that all employees will receive 5% profit sharing in 2014. In addition, most employees will also receive raises of up to 4% next year. "We have always been committed to sharing with employees the success they help create," CEO Richard Anderson wrote in a letter to employees...Read More


Welcome Back 19th Air Force

The 19th Air Force activated under Air Education Training Command on Oct. 1. The new unit, which was inactivated in 2012, was brought back following a Rand study identifying a need for "realigning responsibilities to reinforce proper command relationships and training oversight," according to an Air Force release. The new 19th Air Force will be headquartered at JBSA-Randolph, Texas, and will include 19 training locations, 10 regular Air Force wings, six Guard and Reserve wings, approximately 32,000 personnel...Read More


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