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Boeing Reports Strong First-Quarter Results

Boeing reported first-quarter revenue increased 8 percent to $20.5 billion on higher commercial volume. Core earnings per share (non-GAAP or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) increased 14 percent to $1.76 when excluding a benefit of $0.19 per share for the 2012 research and development...Read More 


Boeing to Develop New Radio System for US Air Force

The U.S. Air Force issued a four-year $32.5 million contract to Boeing to develop a new system enabling the rescue of downed pilots and warfighters. Under the contract, Boeing will develop the Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL), consisting of hand-held radios, satellite relays and four global base stations...Read More

China Airlines Adds New Boeing 737s
China Airlines has signed new lease agreements with Air Lease Corp. to add three new Boeing 737-800s to its commercial fleet, according to a new announcement from the Los Angeles-based aircraft leasing company...Read More


Japan Suppliers To Build 20% Of 777X, Sources Say

Boeing will rely on Japanese suppliers to build 20% of its 777X, sources say. Boeing declined to confirm the percentage of work to be performed in Japan. "Supply chain partnerships and production system decisions will be addressed at the appropriate time," said a spokesman for Boeing...Read More


Citation Jet Ends Up In Pond 

The Universal Towing office in Port Orange, Florida, got an unusual call over the weekend. The company was asked to retrieve a Cessna Citation CJ3 business jet out of a pond adjacent to the Spruce Creek Airport in Port Orange, Florida. The pond lies at the bottom of a short grassy embankment...Read More


Southwest Airlines will continue its path to growth through international routes, according to blogger Casual Analyst. "Given its strong leisure customer base, Southwest can very rapidly become a dominant international vacation travel carrier," the blogger writes, noting that the expiration of the Wright Amendment in October will ease restrictions on Southwest...Read More

Pilot Report: Flying the AW609
The idea of a flying machine that will take off and land vertically, then achieve airplane speeds, has been around since the development of engine-driven aircraft. Several designs have been toyed with, but arguably the most successful have fallen into one of two categories: a hybrid using a main rotor and propellers, or vectored thrust (i.e., a tilting rotor)...Read More  

Tom Horton, the chairman of the American Airlines Group, plans to leave his position on June 3, the day prior to the American Airlines annual meeting. After Horton's departure, CEO Doug Parker will assume the role of chairman of the board. "We believe that Mr. Horton's leadership as chairman of the board of directors has allowed the board...Read More

Airman Missing From Vietnam War Accounted For

Air Force Capt. Douglas D. Ferguson, 24, of Tacoma, WA, will be buried May 2, in Lakewood, WA. On Dec. 30, 1969, Ferguson was on an armed reconnaissance mission when his F-4D Phantom II aircraft crashed in Houaphan Province, Laos. A U.S. forward air controller saw an explosion on the ground and interpreted it to be that of Ferguson's aircraft...Read More

Search and Rescue: Extreme Maritime Challenges

Two recent tragic incidents have revealed the challenges of searching for, and rescuing people from, aircraft or vessels that get into difficulties in the maritime environment.In the case of Malaysian Airlines MH370, the challenge was actually tracking and locating where it had gone after it 'disappeared' off its scheduled flight path with 227 passengers and 12 crew onboard...Read More


American Flight Attendants Kick Off Bargaining on After Strong Q1 Earnings Report

Flight attendants at the new American Airlines welcomed reports of the best first quarter in company history and look forward to translating that success to an industry-leading joint contract. In a morning press release, American Airlines announced a staggering $480 million profit, despite a winter full of costly flight cancellations...Read More


American Discusses Embraer E175 Jets With Regional Carriers

Scott Kirby, the president of American Airlines, said the carrier is in discussions with some of its regional carriers about flying Embraer E175 jets. American ordered the 76-seat jets in December, but will not furnish the jets to its subsidiary Envoy Air after Envoy pilots rejected a contract offer. "As to the future of Envoy, it's still a very important part of the airline...Read More   


Airbus Working On Hybrid Electric Regional Aircraft 

Airbus Group is developing a regional aircraft powered by hybrid electric engines that could seat up to 90 passengers. Jean Botti, chief technology officer for Airbus, estimates the technology could take 15 to 20 years to perfect. Botti said the aircraft manufacturer is studying electric cars for inspiration...Read More


Column Explores Benefit Of Trusted Traveler Programs

There are programs in place that allow fliers to expedite the security screening process at airports. Global Entry lets travelers skip immigration lines when they enter the country, the Transportation Security Administration's PreCheck program gives participants...Read More


FAA Proposes New 'One Engine Out' Policy

The FAA is proposing a new policy to protect airspace for emergency operations when an aircraft engine fails during departure. According to the proposal, the new policy would designate one path for all airlines to use when One Engine Inoperative (OEI) procedures are necessary. The agency evaluates the takeoff path from every airport to ensure there are no...Read More


Embry-Riddle Partners on Electric Airplane Project 

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is partnering with a company founded by Erik Lindbergh, the grandson of Charles Lindbergh, to curb emissions and noise from aircraft engines by developing new electric and hybrid power systems. Lindbergh, CEO of Powering Imagination...Read More


Northrop Grumman Achieves B-2 Software Upgrade Milestone 

The upgrade is designed to replace multiple Operational Flight Programs (OFP) - embedded software that allows the B-2 to communicate accurately with the equipment that dispenses its weapons - with a single OFP, Northrop. With the goal of extending the life of the B-2, the U.S. Air Force is...Read More 


Embraer Projects Airline Demand for Regional Jets in Africa, Middle East

Brazilian airframe manufacturer Embraer is forecasting demand for 530 new regional jets in Africa and the Middle East over the next two decades, representing 8 percent of global demand for the segment during that period. 

Among the demand, Embraer sees 65 percent of total new deliveries supporting market growth in the region...Read More


Stowaway Survives 5-Hour Flight To Hawaii

A teenager who climbed into the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767 survived a flight from California to Hawaii on Sunday despite freezing temperatures and a lack of oxygen as the jetliner cruised for hours at FL380. FBI and airline officials said the 16-year-old boy...Read More 


Companies Seek to Improve Flight Tracking as MH370 Search Continues

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 Boeing 777 aircraft is nearing the 50th day, and while there have been hundreds of theories on what happened, the families of the missing victims and the search crew looking for the aircraft will not know what happened until the flight data and cockpit voice recorders are recovered....Read More 


Bombardier Launches Aerospace Research Consortium
Bombardier has launched the Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC), an initiative aimed at uniting the Canadian aerospace industry, university and research institution leaders to advance aerospace technology...Read More  


More Bombers For The Navy Decade?
Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee's seapower and projection forces panel, said the Air Force's plan to buy 80-100 bombers is inadequate. Speaking with defense reporters in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, Forbes said he doesn't have a specific number in mind, but he thinks it's possible the bomber budget won't be enough to get the numbers...Read More 

Westover Falls Victim To Sequestration
The 439th Airlift Wing at Westover ARB, Mass., will lose half of its C-5B aircraft due to federal budget cuts and the continuing impacts of sequestration. Eight Galaxies will transfer from Westover to JBSA-Lackland, Texas, beginning in 2015, states an April 28 release. In addition, the wing will lose some 300 personnel, including 59 full-time enlisted...Read More 

Dark Spartan's First Flight
The first fully configured MC-27J special operations aircraft took to the air for the first time on a test flight from Turin, Italy, announced manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi this week. The mini gunship, which is based on the C-27J Spartan, boasts nose-mounted electro-optical and infrared sensors, and modifications to accommodate the palletized side-firing 30 mm cannon package, according to a company release...Read More
It's Official: Altus, McConnell To Get KC-46A
The first Active Duty-led KC-46A main operating base will be located at McConnell AFB, Kan., and the formal Pegasus training unit will be based at Altus AFB, Okla.,announced the Air Force Wednesday. "Making a final basing decision is an important step in recapitalizing the tanker fleet," said Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James...Read More 

A-10: Been There, Considered That
If the Air Force kept the 42 A-10s it has already re-winged and got rid of the rest, it would only save $1 billion versus the $4.2 billion saved by taking down the whole fleet, Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh said Wednesday. Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Welsh said it's the infrastructure that "drives the big cost," so keeping a few is quite expensive...Read More
Navy Issues Electronic Warfare Contract To Exelis
Exelis announced a $91 million contract from the U.S. Navy to begin full rate production on Lot 11 of the ALQ-214 electronic self-protection system.    Under the production contract, Exelis will provide the systems for the Navy's fleet of F/A-18C/D...Read More 


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