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Wed, Dec 5, 2012                                                  Volume 5, Issue 24



ENGINE             TSN          CSN        TSO       REMAINING       STATUS                  

PT6A-28          6294.9       7778       4455.9    ZERO               SALE

PT6A-28          6288.2      7721        2779.2     820                 SALE

JT15D-4/4B       3530.6     2136        71         3429                 SALE

PT6A-20B        3'231:03     9'589      2'610:03    990                SALE  

JT15D-4B         7782          8121     1428          2072             SALE OR LEASE

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*Precision Turbines is an ASR (Authorized Sales Representative) for Sierra Industries and specializes in Citation and King Air Engine retrofits. 


Precision Turbines Receives JT15D-4B STC
Boca Raton, Florida-based Precision Turbines has achieved its first supplemental type certificate for Citation II operators, which allows the company to replace Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-4 engines with JT15D-4B engines without time limits...Read More

Delta Says Sandy Dampened November Gains
Delta Air Lines saw an increase in revenue per seat mile in November despite what the carrier estimates is a $25 million monthly profit loss caused by superstorm Sandy. Delta said the storm also hindered production and efficiency levels at its refinery startup...Read More

JetNet: Used Bizjet Market Making 'Strong Recovery'
"A strong recovery of the pre-owned business jet market full-sale transactions is under way in 2012 and should result in a new record peak activity, surpassing that last seen in 2007," business aviation market information firm JetNet said yesterday in its latest market update. The compounded annual growth rate for sales transactions of used business jets has averaged 12.2 percent...Read More

Hawker Beechcraft Forecasts $1.9B In Sales Next Year
Hawker Beechcraft, which reported a $44 million net loss and $95 million negative cash flow in October, followed that filing with the bankruptcy court by reporting in a separate filing a sales forecast of $1.9 billion in 2013 as a new, standalone company following its emergence from bankruptcy...Read More

Boeing Signs Maintenance Contract for Navy Patrol Aircraft Trainers
The U.S. Navy signed Boeing to a $56 million contract to maintain its aircrew training devices for a total of six aircraft types over the next five years. The contract includes P-3C, EP-3, P-8A, EA-6B, EA-18G and SH-60B trainers, located at naval stations in the United States and Japan...Read More

Deal Struck Between American Eagle And Final Union Awaits Approval
American Eagle has struck a tentative deal with the union representing its 91 dispatchers. If the dispatchers approve it, the airline will have new labor contracts secured with all of its unions, and will likely request a postponement of a bankruptcy court hearing next week that would consider ending the extant contract with dispatchers...Read More


United Reports It's Best On-Time Performance Of The Year In November
United Airlines is reporting a monthly domestic on-time performance rate of 85.5%, with international flights averaging 81.2%, for November. The rates, which encompass the busy Thanksgiving week, are the carrier's best of 2012 so far...Read More

Airbus CEO Anticipates Positive Outlook For Airbus, EADS
Airbus has a bright outlook for the next four to five years, President and CEO Fabrice Brégier says. He does not anticipate the EADS restructuring to negatively affect Airbus. "I am very optimistic that Airbus will continue to be supported and that we will have free hands to do what is necessary for Airbus' success," he said...Read More

Delta, Singapore Airlines Reportedly Discuss Virgin Atlantic Stake
Delta Air Lines has inquired with Singapore Airlines about purchasing its 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic. Singapore says it is hosting talks to possibly sell its stake, but didn't say Delta was involved. "We are always talking to many airlines on a number of different matters, but we never comment on the details of these discussions," a Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman said...Read More


AMR Requests Reorganization Extension
American Airlines' parent company, AMR Corp., has filed a request for an extension on its bankruptcy reorganization-plan deadline. The request, if approved, would give AMR until March 11 to file its reorganization plan. The company is considering exiting bankruptcy as a standalone company and as part of a merger...Read More


NOAA's Next Generation Geostationary Satellite Program Successfully Reviewed

The GOES-R Series Program, which is leading the effort to replace and upgrade NOAA's existing fleet of geostationary satellites that track severe weather across the United States, received a favorable appraisal conducted by an external team of aerospace experts of its preparations to launch the new series, beginning in late 2015....Read More 

'Lost' Spitfire Squadron Could Be Airborne Again In Three Years

The airplanes, thought to be rare Mark XIV Spitfires, were interred in August of 1945 as the Second World War was coming to an end. The airplanes had been shipped to Burma for use in the campaign against the Japanese in that country,

and were buried in an effort to keep them out of enemy hands. They have lain under about 30 feet of dirt since 1945...Read More 

Hawker Beechcraft Sets Date To Complete Bankruptcy
Hawker Beechcraft has set Jan. 31 as the date the company will emerge from bankruptcy as the stand-alone company Beechcraft Corp. During a hearing, a federal bankruptcy judge indicated the company's reorganization plan would be approved after a few revisions are made...Read More
United Receives It's Third Dreamliner, Begins Training In Denver
United Continental Holdings has received its third 787 Dreamliner jet from Boeing. Crews began training in Denver in preparation for a domestic route beginning in early December and the jet's primary route between Denver International Airport and Japan's Narita International Airport. United expects two more Dreamliners by the end of the year...Read More 

Embraer Legacy 500 Makes First Flight  
For the first time in more than four years, new aircraft have emerged from the former Eclipse Aviation final-assembly facility in Albuquerque, N.M. Two unfinished airframes left on the assembly line when that company declared bankruptcy in November 2008 were recently completed by the...Read More

UTC Aerospace To Develop Actuators For U.S. Air Force
The research and development for the actuators will be performed as part of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory's Integrated Vehicle Energy Technology (INVENT) program. UTC and Boeing are collaborating to develop and test an integrated suite of actuators with technology focused on improving energy, power and thermal management for primary flight control...Read More

Embraer's New Facility Promises High-Paying Jobs For Fla. In a move to bring its product closer to its customers, Brazilian jet manufacturer Embraer broke ground on a 67,000-square-foot facility in Melbourne, Fla. The new Engineering and Technology Center will house state-of-the-art labs and prototypes, a $26 million investment that will provide 200 jobs with an average salary of $70,000 to the area...Read More

United-Continental Merger Has "Come A Long Way," CEO Says Two years after its merger with Continental, United is still struggling with financial and operational problems from the integration of the airlines. Most recently, a computer glitch delayed 250 flights globally for about two hours -- the same day that the carrier's inaugural 787 Dreamliner flight took place. "The integration of two airlines takes years. It's very complex. If you look at where we were two years ago, we've come a long way,".....Read More 

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