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  Complete The Year Feeling Complete!            Happy Holidays 2013

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From my spirit to yours, Happy Holidays. May you, and your loved ones, always be connected to the light within.
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Complete The Year Feeling Complete, aah... 
Complete The Year Feeling Complete: Video Version
Watch how-to on video or if you prefer read the article below. How do you learn better?

Many of us complete the year and we don't feel a sense of completion. There is always more to do and often it feels like we have never done enough. So how can we really complete our year and feel great about it? It is so important to have closure for our year and not only closure but to recognize how much we transformed, accomplished and succeeded throughout our year. This gives us the momentum to step into the New Year energized and ready to co-create an inspirational year. Everyone wants to feel this way but most of us don't. Here is a solution that works. I have been using it personally and with my clients for many years. It's simply called, What Worked in 2013.


I asked a client recently what worked for her this year and she responded with what she was in the middle of now that wasn't quite working yet. I said, "But what about all your accomplishments this year, all the hard word you did on you?" She responded by saying, "She could not recall these things off the top of her head." This is exactly the point. We are not holding our accomplishments, gifts, successes, and transformations in our heads. When we do, life responds very differently to us. We live in a law of attraction universe so this begs the question, what do you want to attract in 2014?


After I had my client do the exercise of What Worked in 2013, she was astounded by how much she had achieved in her own spiritual growth, in her ability to live more on purpose, in her compassion and kindness to others, in her many successes and in some very long-term dreams she had actually brought to fruition. This left her with a feeling of Yes, I can! This is exactly how you want to approach the New Year.


I had another client who used this tool so successfully for himself that he decided to bring it to his board meeting so the non-profit organization he runs can also look at what they achieved this year before planning the next year. This is such a fruitful process for any organization or business. For all the business owners out there, imagine your employees acknowledging and celebrating their successes throughout 2013. How motivating this would be for them and for the company as a whole as you enter 2014.


To create your list of "What Worked in 2013," get yourself centered, clear and connected first. Take some reflection time to tune into all the successes throughout your year, including: your growth, your service, your peak experiences, your dreams you brought to fruition, your adventures, your loves... all the things that make your heart sing... do this from the perspective of your spirit and you will see so many more accomplishments than you realize. You can also add pictures of your peak experiences from 2013. Go into the New Year celebrating yourself, all you are and all you do. This will give you the inspiration to take new steps and achieve new dreams in 2014.


Many Blessing for an Inspirational & High-vibrational 2014,




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Believe In Yourself The new year is coming and now is the time to make a commitment to yourself. If you want to transform your life for the better, our unique one-on-one spirit coaching can help you do this. If you are interested in propelling every aspect of your Self towards your highest potential, contact me about Spirit Coaching and I will happily tune into the Spirit Coach® most aligned for you. We now have 51 Certified Spirit Coaches who can guide you towards your highest and best life path. 
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  • Increase your personal power
  • Make your contribution in the world
  • Experience more peace & freedom
  • Strengthen your intuition to know your path
  • Deepen your connection to the Divine in you


"I can honestly say that it is the best money I've ever spent on anything in my life - including my very expensive and 'prestigious' college education.  I don't just believe, but know, that anything can be created through this work when one has the commitment, patience and perseverance to engage it wholeheartedly.  The level of peace, joy, awareness and purpose that I experience now is beyond anything I could have imagined for myself." -Natalie Doel


Blessings to Be Spirit Led,
Jenai Lane
Founder, Spirit Coach® Training
Direct Line (415) 786-3817
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Take one-minute from the holiday hustle and bustle to relax, realign and let your light shine with this healing holiday meditation I made for you. Happy Holy Days. Be the light that you are.
1 Minute Healing Holiday Meditation
1-Minute Meditation: Shine Your Light

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Spirit Speaks:
Healing Words that Illuminate the Spirit Within
Listen to the message below and allow yourself to reflect on how it resonates for you.
Sometimes what we fear and what we desire comes from the same place. Our fear creates the desire so then the desire becomes an extension of our fear or a false desire. Anything that is motivated by fear does not emanate from love. If love is who we are, then what is born of love is aligned for us and what is not probably isn't. This is often not understood so that what motivates us becomes our fear. This is the difference between loving what you do for a living and doing what you do for a living so you won't be on the street. Both are valid but one feels aligned and the other does not. The goal is to move ourselves from fear to love in all of our motivations, and subsequent actions. This in turn leads to more choices we love, even if we do not yet know how those choices will make us feel. The key is to listen to your inner guidance and gently ask, is this coming from fear or love. When we create our actions based on love, we also increase the love in our lives. Take the leap from fear to love. After all, it is the most natural thing as love is who we are.
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About Spirit Coaching
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What you most want in life and of life may be waiting on the other side.

-Mike Netzel, Client


This type of coaching is the fast track to Real Freedom!

-Tim Wood, Client


It is a system that helps people find their light inside of them and then with the help of Divine energy that light begins to shine brighter and brighter.

- Mike McCarthy, Certified Spirit Coach   

A life changing experience that is beyond your wildest imagination. It will provide you with tools for your life that operate from a much higher level of integrity and power. It is designed to unfold your true potential and allow it to shine upon this world.

- Sunil Patel, Certified Spirit Coach


This coaching has largely impacted how I think and feel today. It has enhanced my love and respect for who I am. It has improved my confidence, my self-esteem and made me more aware of the present. Today, I know how to face my fears and doubts and be responsible for all of my creations - right or wrong, good or bad. It has increased my vibration to a very high level where I feel good throughout the day, week, or month. I have had several paradigm shifts, such as scarcity to abundance, negative or neutral thoughts to empowering thoughts, and knowing that there is no such thing as luck or coincidence, I am the creator.

-Rob Gispert, Client


It opens up ones mind in exploring what is possible, not in a way that you are telling me what is possible, but giving me the tools to explore, so I am doing the work, plus obtaining the skills that I can utilize again when needed- a much more sustainable shift than traditional coaching.

-Lauren Lai, Client


This coaching will change your life in ways you can't imagine. You will find yourself giving people and situations the benefit of the doubt. You will feel connected to Source and you will notice when that connection has weakened or been compromised. You will feel completely content. You will learn so much about who you really are. You will learn to love yourself.

-Sherry Huffman, Client   


It has made me much calmer, able to breath and not feel so reactive to people and situations. I am much more grounded, meaning I'm closer to myself than I have ever been. My perspective is much healthier. I feel like I've been a beautiful sweater but it turns out I've had it on inside-out all my life, and now I'm turning it right side-out. I have clarity with people, insight into why I'm attracted to them (or not). I've learned how to tap into creating days of ease, rather than struggle. I've learned the importance of identifying and clearing my energy drains.

-Lynda Pelayo, Client


Words can not express my gratitude for this Training. The depth, the safety, the care, the group members, the assistant coaches; had the environment feel extraordinary. And that was just the beginning.

- Beth Noonan, Certified Spirit Coach  


Spirit Coach Training offered me a safe container to explore trust in my own knowing. The space was held with clarity and radiance, and I valued every minute of the experience.

- Kalle Cook, Certified Spirit Coach


Spirit Coach Training Certification is an amazingly powerful process. Not only do you learn about the coaching tools and materials, but it also facilitates a huge amount of personal spiritual growth  which will support you in being more fully your true self and thus, an even better coach.

- Maya Paul, Certified Spirit Coach