March 2016
 The DuraSpace Digest highlights recent events, releases and 
opportunities of interest to DuraSpace communities
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DuraSpace News

Change is Good-A View from the DuraSpace Sixth Annual Member Summit
At the sixth Annual DuraSpace Member Summit held at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. DuraSpace members were interested in formal and informal conversations about the open source projects in which they primarily participate, the general state of the scholarly ecosystem, emerging opportunities, and of course, the recently announced "intent to merge" with LYRASIS.  Read more

Getting to Know LYRASIS
As you may have recently heard, based on recommendations from the executive teams of LYRASIS and DuraSpace, the respective boards unanimously approved an "Intent to Merge" the two organizations. We are thrilled with this new potential path.  Read more

Recordings Available: "VIVO plus SHARE: Closing the Loop on Tracking Scholarly Activity"
This series explored how the effort to link VIVO and SHARE together will bring us closer to a wider picture of today's scholarship.  Read more
DuraSpace Projects

Community Action Story: Developing a Future-forward DSpace User Interface
In 2015 the DSpace Project made the decision to to develop a new, single user interface for DSpace to replace aging JSPUI and XMLUI interfaces.  Read more

AVAILABLE: Version 4.5.0 of the Fedora Camel Messaging Toolkit
Announcing the release of version 4.5.0 of the Fedora Camel Messaging Toolkit providing a collection of asynchronous integrations between a Fedora 4 repository and external systems.  Read more

Osmania University Offers "Live DVD" for DSpace and Joomla Installation 
A team at Osmania University has developed a live DVD for installation of DSpace 5.2 and Joomla 3.4.5, which was formally released in 2015.  Read more 
VIVO Updates 
Anniversary, Upcoming Events, Open VIVO  February 28, 2016 
Conference Proposal Deadline, OpenVIVO  March 6, 2016
DuraSpace Summit, Conference, VIVO at George Washington U  March 13, 2016
User Group Meeting, Summit Recap++ March 20, 2016
User Group Meeting Details, Membership Focus  March 27, 2016
German DSpace User Group Meeting to be Held in Hamburg, Sept. 27, 2016 
The ZBW - German National Library of Economics gladly invites you to join the next German DSpace User Group meeting in Hamburg.  Read more 

INTRODUCING the South Central States Fedora Users Group
We are pleased to announce the formation of the South Central States Fedora Users Group.  Read more
NOW AVAILABLE: DSpace 5.5 With Security Fixes/Bug Fixes to 5.x
DSpace 5.5 is now available providing security fixes to both the XMLUI and JSPUI, along with bug fixes to the DSpace 5.x platform.  Read more

Announcing the availability of the 5.5.0 version of DSpace-CRIS built on top of DSpace JSPUI 5.5.  Read more

VIVO/Fedora Integration Forum 
There has been increasing interest and discussion around the opportunities of an integration between VIVO and Fedora 4.  Read more
DuraSpace Registered Service Providers

Introducing the first Open Peer Review Module for DSpace Repositories 
With the support of OpenAIRE, Open Scholar has coordinated a consortium of five partners to develop the first Open Peer Review Module (OPRM) for DSPACE.  Read more 

INTRODUCING a New Digital Preservation Network (DPN) Web Site
The clean, one-page design explains DPN as the only large-scale digital preservation service administered by and for the academy that is built to last beyond the life spans of individuals, technological systems, and organizations.  Read more  

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