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January 2015
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Benefits and Concerns of Using a Parent Coordinator (PC) in High-Conflict Divorce 


In high-conflict divorce it can be difficult for parents to make joint decisions regarding their children. When parents seem more invested in winning the conflict than in finding resolution for the sake of the child, it's time to consider a Parenting Coordinator (PC). The PC is appointed by a judge who believes that a trained professional is needed to minimize conflict in a particular case. This helps protect the child and keep courtrooms clear of parental battles. It also means that attorneys do not have to participate in hostile disputes over parenting conflicts, and can focus on their job while letting the PC handle the tasks involved in helping the clients make certain decisions. The benefits seem obvious, but though the PC role was created back in the early 1990s, many but not all states, and many but not all NC counties, make use of PCs. Why?


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