Pontiac Central High School
Class of 1963   50th Reunion
Issue: # 9
June 8, 2013
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Celebrate PCHS 1963
50th Class Reunion

Please complete a registration/questionaire form and mail with payment to:

Carol Farner Johnson
5982 Road 24

Continental, Ohio 45831 



Please send us your history since 1963 to include in an updated class directory which

will be included in the reunion package or may be ordered separately
by those unable to
attend for $10.



Questions? Call Carol at 419.596.3530
Email: kitcar@metalink.net


Join the 50th Reunion Celebration
Pontiac Central High School Class of 1963
Weekend of August 24, 2013
Please complete and return the registration/questionaire
so we can finalize and confirm the schedule of events.

July 15- deadline

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  Classmates Who Married Classmates
Dave and Judy Baal            Judy Linton & Dave Baal
Dave and Judy met in the 10th grade, married
and raised their family in Clarkston, MI.  After retirement they had a family farm in Iowa...then retired again and moved to Arizona...read more!
  Joann Stark and Larry Anderson
Joann Stark & Larry Anderson  
Larry Anderson and Joanne Stark married in 1965 and lived in Michigan before his career took them to Washington DC. They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren...read more!

Bob and Sandy WalkerSandy Shapiro & Robert Walker
 Sandy Shapiro and Bob Walker attended different universities, married in 1965, raised their family and retired in Michigan. They have 6 grandchildren and enjoy adventurous world travel...read more!
Gary Giddings & Cindi Hiltz & Dick RichaPrincess Cindi Hiltzrds
   Cindi Hiltz was Pontiac Central's Princess in
1962-63 before she attended Michigan State.
Cindi married Gary Giddings in 1966 and
married Dick Richards in 2000. She owned an interior decorating business...read more! 
Mystery Pop Quiz!
Can you name other classmates
who are married to classmates?
   Find the answer and more details on the PCH Class of 1963
Facebook page, in the 1963 Quiver or reply
to this email to ask  for the answer.

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Join the party with the classmates and their guests below who are registered for reunion events!!   30 more classmates have been added to the confirmed reunion attendee list since our last email! 
Contact Carol Farner Johnson for late registation information. 419.595.3530    Email: kitcar@metalink.net
Great news! We are starting to invite teachers to join our celebration and Lewis Hayner, Doug Treais and Steve Szabo
have confirmed that they will attend the Saturday night event!

Bob Lorenz
Sharon Fowler
Geraldine Whiters
Ken Spenser
Sherrie Dudley
Evelyn Warren
Suzie Dawe
Robert Colpus
Elizabeth Morris
Maxine Knox
Frank Troxel
Gwen Manning
Steve Jones
Sharon Logan
Irene Johnson
Leon LeDuff
Pete Beevers
Mary Ann O'brien
Toni Nelson
Gene Luppino
Tommie Gordon
Shirley Giles
Ocelia Stewart
Ellen Bisgeier
Velda Tear
Betty Shorter
Lawrence Wall
Nancy Thomas

 Richard Taylor

 Larry Hargett

Sharon Booth
Janet Henry
Sue MacFadyen
Sandy Shapiro
Bob Walker
Carolyn Johnson
Esther Reehm
Sherry White
Autria Ledsinger
Overdis Warren
Jane Bigler
Gretchen Gaensbauer  
Carol Bisanz
Roger Shaw
Wayne Gonzales
Keith Cooley
Althea Bell
Nancy Chapman
Leslie SeissLinda Mann
Pam Griffin
Colleen O'Neil
Ann Fisher
Ann Stephison
Betty Moore
Lois Zimmer
Dick Johnson
Larry Nichols
Bill Nesbitt
Connie Ludwick
Judy Linton
David Baal
Danny Harrell
Richard King
Gwen Watkins
Willie Cummings
Mike Pippen
Nancy Boomer
Mark Lightfoot
Carol Farner
Janet Taylor
Peggy Coppersmith
Gary Kosiba
Karen McKinney
Mary Petiprin
Karen Schulz
Carol Remez
Abraham Keis
Joan GrahekJim Forman
Doug Sheffield
Jon Blocher
Roger Tate
Marvel Wolfe
Barbara Moore
Bill Smith
Thomas Jackson
Cindi HiltzKathy Reeling
Betty Douglass
Clara Bradley
Donna Rofe
Al Galbraith
Janice Goines
Jack Miller

     The following classmates have made cash and/or door prize donations:
               Joan Stark            Larry Anderson             Geraldine Whiters
Abe Keis                Carol Chappel                Nathaniel Stephen
               Althea Bell             Janice Goines               Mark Lightfoot
               John Hayes           Barbara Graybiel          Nancy Boomer
               Carol Farner                                                         


   Contact Carol Farner Johnson kitcar@metalink.net to make a donation! 

      Please add janice.goines@brazosport.edu  to your email address book
            to ensure that these messages will arrive in your inbox--Thanks