As I was going through some papers, I found my notes on a question asked in a writing class years ago. The question was
 "What transformation do you want for yourself from writing your book?"

(see my notes/response at the bottom of this newsletter)


November 12
Private Party - Reno, Ohio

November 19 & 20
Victory of Light Expo
Cincinnati, Ohio
Booth 203

December 4
Marietta Psychic & Holistic Fair
The Lafayette Hotel
Marietta, Ohio
11 am to 5 pm

  I want to explain, through my stories and experiences about the sometimes lonely, interesting, exasperating , and always humbling life of an ordinary professional psychic. I want folks to see that it really is plain, not too magical, but definitely life changing and it's managed to pay the bills for over 25 years.

  I would like the last few years of active psychic work be polished off with a book that would be a crowning achievement..(whoa! that sounds rather egotistical) to my career. If good enough, and this would be dreaming HUGE, it would allow me some small speaking events and paid travel with family. It would be recognition that comes after doing all the day to day work for all these years. The book would honor my family, birth family, but also the family( husband, daughter ,etc) who have been by my side throughout it all. It is a life that all information is confidential, so now is the time, with names changed, the stories can be told and the lessons that I have learned shared.

    I have always wanted to to write a book and I realize as I have gotten older...old actually..that I have stories and experiences to share that may enlighten or just plain lighten the load of others on this path called Life. I'd like this last step to add completion and  a pride to my work that I have honestly loved.  I have never stopped being amazed by the gift and privilege of seeing behind the mask of so many. To really truly see with all my senses the oneness of us all!. It's not trite. It's not about "spirit says"," it's not about divination, it's about the vulnerability, the beauty, and the true Divine spark  in each of the people I have ever met.

   I would like this book to not be a "how to ,not a "Bible",not a testament to my abilities. I want this book of stories to be a thank you, a deep profound thank you  for my life  to have been part of all those angels in human disguise who really came to change my life when they thought they were only coming to get answers to theirs.

   My book will be a tribute to all the hands, eyes and voices that have been shown and whispered to me. Let this be my legacy, a small gift to be remembered when I am gone...or better said, when I return to the place from which I sprang.
Ellen Bone - The Intuitive Edge