September 2016

Hello, September!! leaves are already beginning to change and the relief from the hot summer weather has begun with lovely cooler nights.

 I have been rearranging books because I decided to remove a bookcase from the master bedroom and I have recently been gifted with a big box of books from a friend who is down sizing.
I love books!! almost as much as I love coffee.

 I have well over one thousand books and I find it close to impossible to part with any of them. How can I part with a set of Zane Grey westerns each one inscribed with a quote and love note from my mother( she will turn 89 on the 27th of this month) to my deceased father? The old set of Book Trails with leather binding almost worn out from years of my mother reading the same fairy tales and stories to all of us growing up....some pages transport me back to early childhood sitting with rapt attention as my mother made the stories come alive.

 The poetry books that stir the soul like music.The old cookbooks with scribbled notes about how to tend to a sick child in the early 1800's to a note and prayer for a soldier at war next to his favorite cookie recipe.

Hundreds of metaphysical and spiritual books, because I am always learning and seeking.

 Many of my books are signed by the author, Mark Twain, Sinclair Lewis, Zane Grey and countless others..and many recent authors I am honored to call friends. How rich I am!

So, today all the books have found their place, except for one old friend that is on the floor near me now that seems to whisper"hurry writing the newsletter and come read me again".



September 17 & 18
Universal Life Expo
Ohio Expo Center
Columbus, Ohio
Booth 140

September 19
Psychic Medium Readings
Marietta, Ohio
Contact Ellen to schedule

I get the question frequently as to whether phone readings are the same as in person readings. Here is my answer:
Phone readings are as accurate as the in person reading. Phone reading appointments are much more flexible because neither of us have to get dressed up to do it. With the advances of technology, people can email me phone photos of their palms and I can even include palmistry!
What an in person reading allows is..well, the nice feeling of actually meeting someone face to face. We all make decisions about whether we trust or like someone in the first few seconds of meeting and this takes a little longer over the phone.
So, when you make your appointment you only need to consider whether you want to make the drive to see me or talk from the comfort of your own home...and not whether the quality of your reading is a concern.
I so love what I do and am so grateful for all of you!

Ellen Bone - The Intuitive Edge