APRIL 2016
Happy Spring!

This was always my father's favorite time of the year . Every year the seed catalogs would be spread out and an order made out for over  $1000.00 of seeds and flowers ...then slowly and wistfully narrowed down to an affordable $50 or so.

My lilac bush bloomed until December and I am eager to see what happens this spring! It is my favorite flower and scent!

So many people say that their deceased loved ones come to them with a familiar scent..grandma's powder or grandpa's pipe. I am not sure that other people would be moved to tears like I am over the smell of Camel cigarettes and fresh tilled soil, but that's MY dad.

Wishing you all sweet scents and sweet memories  for this beautiful April.

A group of people gathered together with a medium, with the sole purpose of communicating and receiving messages from deceased loved ones.

For information on hosting a Medium Circle contact Ellen

Cincinnati, Ohio
April 9 & 10
Victory of Light Expo
Booth 203

Zanesville, Ohio
April 16
Private Party

Marietta, Ohio
April 18
Noon- 5:00 pm
Psychic readings by appointment only
Contact Ellen to schedule

Columbus, Ohio
Universal Life Expo
Ohio Expo Center
April 23 & 24
Booth 152

Jessica's Corner....
Unfinished Conversations... Messages from the beyond the grave, with Ellen Bone.  

 This was the title of Ellen's speaking engagement recently at the Newark Library. A line was formed about an hour prior to start time.  The room was filled to capacity, and some unfortunately were turned away due to lack of room.

 As her assistant & daughter I often travel with her to events & enjoy our time together very much.  I had my paper ready to take notes at this event. I thought I'd write down how many people were there, how many people received a psychic medium reading ( message from someone who has passed).  At the end, my paper was blank!!  I was just as captivated as everyone else that I didn't even pick up my pen!

Ellen will be returning to the Newark Library in October.. and still no guarantee I will get any note taking done!  

Ellen Bone - Psychic Medium
The Intuitive Edge