I love the thrill of a new appointment book and new pens. I write everything in ink, highlight with multiple bold colors and use stickers shamelessly. This years's book has an extra space for intentions , goals and daily practices. One of my favorite things to do every year...that I actually do....is ask for one word to define the new year. Sometimes it isn't a fun word, or glamorous and this year I couldn't even spell the word that came to me which was EXHILARATION. It is always interesting to see how the word influences and shapes the year ahead. So, I invite you to try it.

I was recently asked some questions that I thought I would answer on my Facebook page over the next week or so. My Facebook page  can be found under Ellen Bone..The Intuitive Edge.
The questions were
#1 Are the people/spirits waiting on the newly dead family or friends?
#2 What of those that die who are not good people? Do the good become angels and the bad become..?

Check in to see my answers and thoughts and then let me know yours. 
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!


Saturday January 9  2:00-3:30

Licking County Library, Newark Ohio
Ellen will be presenting.....
Unfinished Conversations; 
Messages from the Grave
(Open to the public)

Saturday  January 16  

McConnelsville, Ohio  Private Party

Monday  January 18  Noon - 5:00 pm

Marietta, Ohio
Psychic Readings by appointment only
This will be the first of every third Monday 
office hours in Marietta.
Please call for an appointment

January 22 & 23

Hampton Inn,  Cambridge Ohio
Psychic Readings by appointment only
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Friday 3 pm-8 am
Saturday 9 am-11:30 am

January 29 & 30

Best Western,  Hebron Ohio
Psychic Readings by appointment only
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Friday 3 pm-8 pm
Saturday 9 am-11:30 am

Wishing you good times, good cheer, and a memorable new year.

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