Happy October! This is the month that it is said the veil between the worlds is the thinnest and our loved ones on the Other Side can communicate with us easier, but I think this is my favorite month mostly because of lovely temperatures, Mother Nature's spectacular beauty and ,of course, witch hats and candy. 

My new appointment book arrived in the mail and I have actually written some things in it for next year. My excitement about a new book to write in has never worn off, but I do sigh at looking at months ahead because it makes the time seem to fly too fast.
My resolution for 2016 is to start with personal stuff...birthday celebrations,anniversary,vacations(more than one),maybe some days off and then work appointments and events around them. I so love what I do that I have to remind myself to have balance and my psychic work has come first for...would you believe 25 years?!..oh my!

Hope all of you have a lovely Fall...pumpkins, candy apples and windows opened wide.


October 2  Private Party
Frazeysburg, Ohio
This private party will be held at at Winery. Too bad I can't drink and do readings!

October 3  Private Party
Frazeysburg, Ohio
this party held at a pizza shop...much safer..lol

October 4 Private Party
Blue Rock, Ohio

October 11 Private Party
Dexter City, Ohio

October 17  Private Party
Mansfield, Ohio
Yearly party for this group. The extra nice perk is that I stay overnight in the Somewhere in Time bed and breakfast. You'd have to see the movie to appreciate.

October 18  Private Party
Dexter City, Ohio
Too many people to be read at last week's party, so continuing this Sunday!

October 23
Magnolia Knoll
McConnelsville, Ohio
A beautiful historic antebellum mansion & paranormal attraction. Psychic readings
5 pm to 9 pm by appointment only
This really is an amazing house and the owners are just as warm and amazing!

October 24  Private Party
Zanesville, Ohio
I do a party every year for this very cool lady and her friends.

October 31 & November 1
Southern Ohio Psychic Fair
Booth 13
Hilton Garden Inn
Miamisburg, Ohio
This will be a first time event and has been advertised greatly. Expecting a gracious and huge crowd from the broad minded Dayton folks!

November 21 & 22
Victory of Light
Booth 203
Sharonville Covention Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
This event is HUGE!!! Well worth a trip!!!

Jessica's Corner
I'm not sure I would have ever believed that communication with those who have passed is possible.....until I witnessed it.

I've seen my Mom (Ellen) do it many times now during psychic readings.  I can't even describe it other than say it is absolutely mind-blowing!  I can only imagine what it must be like as the family member receiving a message from someone who has passed.

I notice mixed emotions of those coming to see Ellen,  not sure what to expect, some very excited and some very nervous, and of course my favorite.....those who think what she does is impossible.

Receiving a message from "the other side"  can be very emotional, but yet a wonderful experience that can often give closure. 

It is not unusual for me to need the tissue box before the client does.  It really is a beautiful thing to experience and I could not be any more amazed with her abilities!
This September

 I recently took a class entitled Psychic Detective. It was wonderful because it opened up a new way to exercise my abilities. You can read my comments from last month on my business FaceBook page...Ellen Bone The Intuitive Edge.

This month(October)I will finish my Psychometry class and my final test is to give as much information as possible about the test samples I received in the mail (looks like broken pottery and a rock right now...LOL). 

My dream class would be James Van Praagh's medium certification but at $1000.00 it will have to go on my wish board.

FaceBook Entry
 Here is a copy of a Facebook entry about my class in case you are not a Facebook fan. My husband's nephew says it should be called CrackBook .... it's addictive and useless to your life

Utilizing all of your psychic senses is necessary in psychic detective work. What do you smell? What sounds do you "hear"? What do you "see". What is especially hard is to describe all those things without actually naming the object!
For instance, one of the examples was a clean well manicured lawn with a bench and it was described as a park. It was actually a cemetery...so valuable time was wasted looking in parks.
One of the exercises in my class was to answer in one word questions about an object. Whew! was that hard, but is fantastic in that it will help me better describe what I get in psychic impressions and not assume.
So..a picture of a large white building with lots of windows would have to be described in some way that would convey that without saying it's a building. Not easy!

Yes, I do parties,psychic events and speaking engagements, but the majority of my readings are over the phone, email or in the privacy of my office....all by appointment.
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