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"Over and over and over
These truths I will say and sing,
That love is mightier far than hate,
That a man's own thought is a man's own fate,
And that life is a goodly thing"
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

September! This is one of the busiest personal months for me.
First, my husband and I will celebrate 45 years of marriage on the 25th!!! 
There are also several big birthdays of not only close friends, but my daughter (our only child) on September 16th, my sister, Rebecca, on the 23rd, and my mother turns 88 on the 27th.

Cards, cake and presents..oh, my!

I hope your September is as busy and blessed!


September 19 & 20
Universal Life Expo
Ohio Expo Center
Lausche Building
717 E 17th Ave
Columbus, Ohio 
Booth 152

September 26
Private Party- Parkersburg, WV

October 3
Private Party- Frazeysburg, Ohio

October 17
Private Party- Mansfield, Ohio

October 24
Private Party- Zanesville, Ohio

October 31 & November 1
Southern Ohio Psychic Fair
Hilton Garden Inn
12000 Innovation Drive
Miamisburg, Ohio
Booth 13 

Many of you know that I am proud and a bit surprised that I celebrated being in business doing professional psychic readings 25 years this year! Many of you may also know that I came from a family that encouraged our natural gifts, but that I have never been formally trained. Oh, I have read many books( my personal library is well over a thousand), attended lectures and have a few certificates...all to learn mostly the metaphysical language, but the gift has always just been there.
This year, this month, I am signed up for some formal education that I am a bit giddy about.  I will be taking an 8 week class on psychic investigation and a class on psychometry (reading objects...as in asking the stone where it came from...real woo woo stuff). I am excited about investing in myself, but my weakness is sometimes I fail in finishing things...so here is where I need your help.
I would like to post a weekly tidbit of what I am doing and how I am doing on my business Facebook page..Ellen Bone The Intuitive Edge. Would anyone be interested? I could be educating you, but also be held accountable for staying on track. My online classes start this month of September...so new notebooks, and pen are ready. My personal and business intention for the next 12 months is to educate myself with some experts in the field. All of this is to make your readings in 2016 with me even deeper and more transforming.

Okay, how many times have we read the headline above or seen it on bumper stickers? Sounds great, but the reality, or at least to me, is that it isn't very grounded. Like the "live in the now" doesn't apply to the woman who is doing breakfast dishes before leaving for work and is already thinking about what to thaw out for supper.
All that said, there is a woman every one of you on a spiritual path/business who wants to really make sense of the above headline and actually agree and really get it, should check out. Her videos are fantastic, straight forward and honest.
You'll thank me later, or like the lady in the movie THE BLIND SIDE said, "you can thank me now". ...she really is worth your time.
Wishing everyone a beautiful Fall.
Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge