JULY     2015


Palm Readings!



If you have never had a palm reading.... this is a great opportunity 

for you!  Ellen offered this special in April and had a huge response, 

so she has decided to offer it again for the entire month of July!


Take a clear picture of both of your palms. Make sure to include your thumb & fingers. Label which is your right hand and which is your left.  Also label which is your dominant hand ( the one you use the most).  Email the photos ( no texting please) to Ellen at [email protected]  Your reading will be recorded, and the audio file sent to your email.



The cost is 20.00 and Ellen requests you prepay through 

Ellen's website, www.ellenbone.com



Once you have prepaid and the pictures have been received, Ellen will start working on your palm reading.  


It is very important you follow all the directions above to ensure a timely response.


Ellen's Upcoming Events

July 9
Marietta, Ohio
Psychic readings by appointment only

July 11
Private Party  Lancaster, Ohio

July 19
Private Party   Cambridge, Ohio

July 24 & 25
Athens Ohio
Psychic readings by appointment only

August 8
Private party  Heath, Ohio

August 22
An Afternoon Tea With Ellen
Henry Manor Bed & Breakfast
Lancaster, Ohio
Limited space available 
visit www.ellenbone.com for details

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I will be starting my July refreshed and rested after a week of vacation. Jessica and I have been exploring old..and maybe even haunted..bed and breakfast inns for our continued series of "Afternoon Tea with Ellen".
To make appointments please email [email protected] or call 740-962-6887
Thank you!!