H A P P Y  E A S T E R

Best wishes for a wonderful Easter filled with sweet treats and
the joy of spring.
For those of you who have never had a palm reading....Ellen has an offer for you!

From April 2 through April 10 only.....Take a clear picture of both of your palms. Make sure to include your thumb & fingers.  Label which is your right and which is your left hand and also which hand is your dominant hand 
( the one you use the most).  Email the photos( no texting please) to me at  [email protected] .  Your palm reading will be recorded and the audio file sent to your email.

The cost is $20.00, and I request you prepay through my website, www.ellenbone.com  

Once you have prepaid and I have received your pictures I will start working on your palm reading.  It is very important you follow all the directions above to ensure a timely response from me.
This will be great fun! Come play and see what your hand reveals.

Personal Updates
#1 Taxes are done...whew..and we get enough back to pay the CPA and buy two big buckets of ice cream...Life is good
#2 My 87 year old mother broke her leg, that's the bad news. The good news is that she is sailing through rehab and still has her smile,her mind and her wicked wit.
#3 I have been reading Christiane Northrup's new book                      "GODDESSES NEVER AGE". I like her writing style and her thoughts that it is our beliefs that age us. In her book was a quote that I fell in love with and will have my doctor put on the front of my file..
That's the way I want to live out my life!
#4 My amazing and long suffering office manager, Jessica Harris, has agreed to keep my life free from post it notes for another year. Her daughter, my granddaughter, is age 7 and is practicing doing readings. You will love her when she takes over the business since she searches for the right card to confirm her predictions.Her readings are always about confirming your wishes will come true....so boyfriends, diamond rings and puppies will all be yours.
#5 Every so many years I reinvent how I want to deliver my readings to clients. I have for years been participating in psychic events , doing private parties and seeing clients. I intend to continue those things, but this year I am exploring more intimate settings with groups to explore your abilities and be available for your questions.The statement I hear often is "I wish I had more time with you to just talk!" I think I will call it "TEA AND TWO HOURS WITH ME"...lol.
Your thoughts? I will keep you all posted.

Ellen's Events!

April 4
Private Party - Little Hocking, Ohio

April 9
Marietta, Ohio
Readings by appointment only 1 - 4 pm

April 9 
Marietta, Ohio
Ellen will be attending Business After Hours 
Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce
The Lafayette Hotel
5 - 6:30 pm

April 11 & 12
Cincinnati, Ohio
Victory of Light Psychic Festival
Sharonville Convention Center
Booth 203

April 20
Marietta, Ohio
Ellen's interview with WMOA AM 1490
8:40 - 9:00 am

April 25
Rushville, Ohio
Private Party