SEASON'S striped-noel.jpg GREETINGS

Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and
prosperity in the New Year.

My granddaughter who turned seven this past October still believes ,if for only one more year, in Santa Claus. She also believes in fairies, elves and more than anything else that 
magic is everywhere.
For one more year she is free of prejudices, sees only beauty in others and herself. This red haired dreamer can still color clouds the way she sees them, before the world will convince her they are only white.
The gift to all of us is, and has always been, the child .
Wishing you a magical holiday.

Plans, Delays and Big Goals
First, let me begin with the delays and/or disappointments. The first is that my writing has not progressed this year despite the persistent nudge from my assistant. Do I want to write a book?...yes. Do i have a book in my head?...yes. Is it on paper ready for publication?...uh...I need a cup of coffee.

The second delay is the retreat. We had planned on a retreat for March. It was to be small, cozy,good food, good company in a lovely lodge in the woods. It all sounded simple until we looked at possible weather issues, contracts, commitments and cost. So, until we learn how to put it together seamlessly, it will have to wait until later in the Fall.

I do want to do more writing and speaking this coming year so I will be sending out a monthly update of my schedule, but will be only writing a newsletter quarterly.

I intend to do some continuing education for myself this year and NLP is on top of my list. I have already paid for the first course and we'll see where this takes me. I may also dust off my 
hypnotherapy credentials again and renew my license.
If Jessica can put up with me for another year, 
 know I can reach my goals.

I have two reading locations that have been offered to me. One is in Columbus and the other in Marietta. This will allow me to see some of you more often in person.

Thank you everyone for traveling with me this past year. This coming year of 2015 will mark 25 years as a professional psychic. I couldn't have done it without all of you. I have been truly
Ellen's Events
December 5  Psychic Readings at Magnolia Knoll, A historic ( and haunted) mansion in McConnelsville, Ohio         Readings are by appointment only, 5 pm - 9 pm

December 6  Private Party,  Zanesville, Ohio

December 12   Psychic Readings at Magnolia Knoll in McConnelsville, Ohio.  Readings are by appointment only  5 pm - 9 pm

December 15  5:30 pm,  Ellen will be the speaker at the     Kate Love Simpson Library in McConnelsville, Ohio      Event is open to the public

December 16  Ellen will be speaking at a private event in Granville, Ohio

January 10  Private Party, Pleasant City Ohio

Jessica's Corner
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  May your stocking be filled with chocolate & your eggnog be spiked.   :-)