Glorious October!! My favorite month of the year for it's breathtaking color,almost perfect temperatures and more pumpkin pie...yum.

Mercury is retrograde this month, ask your astrologer friends what this means, but I will advise you to save all your receipts if you are Holiday shopping this month and to recheck hotel reservations and any travels plans. 

Plans here are in full swing for the metaphysical and relaxation retreat in March at Burr Oak State Lodge in Glouster, Ohio. We promise to keep you informed.

I have decided to do more public if you are in the Newark, Ohio area on the 4th, stop by the Licking County Library on the 4th (details below).

Thank you all for your continued support and friendship. My business will soon be 25 years old!

Ellen Bone presenting..
"Inside The Mind of a Psychic"
Saturday, October 4   Room A 2:00
Licking County Library Newark, Ohio

A Holistic Event Expo   Dayton, Ohio
October 11 & 12  Dayton Convention Center

October 16 Private Party, Zanesville, Ohio

October 17 Readings at Magnolia Knoll, a historic (and haunted) mansion in McConnelsville, OH
readings are by appointment only from 5-9pm

October 18  Private Party, Mansfield, Ohio
Universal Life Expo   Columbus, Ohio
October 25 & 26  Columbus Convention Center
November 8    Private Party   Frazeysburg, Ohio
November 15  Private Party  Zanesville, Ohio
Victory of Light  Cincinnati, Ohio
November 22 & 23 
Sharonville Convention Center  Booth 203
After spending September close to home as my husband slowly and painfully recovered from back surgery, I must say I am eager and ready to be traveling to all the events this month and next.
Hope to see you soon.
Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge
Jessica's Corner....

Often Ellen is asked if she is like the Long Island Medium.... if when she is out in public does she have people from the other side wanting to make contact with people she is around.   Here is Ellen's answer..

have never met Theresa Caputo from the show , but I think she has been a huge catalyst in increased interest about mediums. I do believe the show has to be a bit exaggerated and her readings very much shortened to work in the 30 minute time frame and to keep the audience interested. Honestly, with all respect, your grandma on the Other Side isn't anymore interesting to strangers than she was when alive. The messages received are always personal and are only meaningful to you. 

For myself, I would hope I would never approach someone uninvited and give them information from a loved one who had passed. I am not saying this is wrong, I just feel this is such a personal and most often emotional thing that it can catch people off guard and make them feel very vulnerable. I have rarely gotten messages that I felt I just HAD to deliver.

I am reading a very good book called"Mediums..Fact or Fiction?" It gives both sides of the argument and is very good and thought provoking. I highly recommend.
I was recently asked what books I would recommend to someone wanting to develop and/or enhance their intuitive abilities. I own over one thousand books and some are worn from frequent reference, but I would say that I find myself drawn to different books at different times in my life. Books, like people and teachers, appear when you are ready. My office bookshelf holds fifty books per shelf and I have 12 shelves, so,for fun, I will list all the books next newsletter on one shelf just to give you an idea of my library