September 2014
September Personal News
I love the Fall!  I don't mind heat and I enjoy the summer, but Fall is the time that I feel I have just about finished all my work in the garden and the jars are all lined up on the shelves and freezer has just enough room left for some apples and cider. 

I can now relax a bit and have time to be thankful for what I have and set goals and wishes for next year....personal and professional.

September is a big celebration month also for me. First, my wedding anniversary of 43 years and two years after we were married, I gave birth to my amazing and precious daughter, Jessica. Her Virgo strength and sensibility has been a blessing times ten with her help in my business in the past two years.I also cherish her wicked sense of humor and am in awe that she is intimidated by no one.

I am fortunate to still have my mother who will also have a birthday this month..number 87. She moved in with my Michigan sister this year which would be like living with your fairy godmother. My sister lavishes attention and love with many hugs and with much laughter. My father always said that my sister, Rebecca, would light up a room when she walked in, so I know my mother's remaining years will be joy filled.

My husband will get out of taking me to the casino for our anniversary because he will be recovering from back surgery scheduled for the 8th. Positive thoughts are welcome.
Many Blessings,

Business News
First the first time in probably a few years I have absolutely no events on my September calendar! I will continue with my readings both here at home and via phone,but plan to stay close to home as husband gets stronger. This will be the perfect time to tweak some 2015 ideas

#1   I have a meeting planned in two weeks with...gulp..deposit in hand... for a women's retreat in March. It will be at the Burr Oak Lodge in Glouster, Ohio As Jessica and I put this together we are open to how busy or laid back you'd like this retreat to be and what might interest you. Remember, this retreat will be in a remote but beautiful wilderness, so once you are there there is no going to town for sightseeing.

#2   You may notice from my website scheduler that I have been not taking appointments in the morning. I will continue that for the rest of the year to allow for some writing time.

#3   October and November are full with events and parties!! So, please, check my website for those dates and times!!

#4   I don't read as much as I used to, but I do continue to enjoy reading and just finished a book that I loved! It is called "YOU are a BADASS. How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life" It is by Jen Sincero. It is not your typical motivation book.She is a kick in the pants change from the usual"lets chant and think positive". She uses strong language to include some 4 letter ones and with humor shocks you into awareness. I enjoyed it so much that I am reading it again from the beginning.


In This Issue

October 4,
2:00 Meeting Room A
Licking County Library
Ellen will be presenting "Inside The Mind of a Psychic" 

October 11 &12
A Holistic Event Expo at the Dayton Convention Center

October 18
Private Party in Mansfield

October 25 & 26
Universal Life Expo
Columbus Convention Center

November 8
Private Party Frazeysburg, OH

November 22 & 23
Victory of Light
Booth 203
Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati, OH

 November 15 Private Party Zanesville, OH


 Jessica's corner...

Ellen's favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. So I'd thought I'd mention it was September 3, 1900 when The Wizard of Oz was Published.  A day of equal importance ( well, to me anyway) is International Chocolate Day which falls on September 13.  However I chose to celebrate it everyday. :-)  



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