June and July, 2014    


 It's a late newsletter, but it's been a busy month with many private psychic parties,cookouts, kindergarten graduation, garden and flower plans and!

  I have a haunted house or two on my list of "must do", as well as reactivate my blog site and get busy with some writing there again.

   My six year old granddaughter will be spending one day a week with us this summer so we will be doing mini vacations all summer of picnics and swimming, the zoo, the Wilds and we are saving for one extravagant purchase of tickets to see The Lion King musical when it comes to Columbus, Ohio.

  I want to say THANK YOU to all those who 'Liked" my Face Book page and took advantage of the discounted readings. It was really fun and I may have to do something similar next year.

   My husband bought a very beat up heap of metal called a motorcycle. The motor was great but a butter knife was how you started it, just to give you an idea of how pathetic the cosmetic appearance of this thing was. My husband has happily tinkered on it for weeks and because he can turn any piece of metal into a work of is beginning to look like we may be riding here soon. So, with helmets dusted off , we may be enjoying some country roads like we once did 20 years ago.So, as we explore old cemeteries , abandoned houses and explore forgotten ghost towns my next newsletter will be August and I'll catch you up then on news with The Intuitive Edge.
  Have a joyous summer!!


June began with private parties in Caldwell,Port Washington and Duncan Falls, Ohio...wonderful time! 

Here's the party dates booked for the remainder of June and for the month of July:


June 13th...private party in Lancaster, Ohio
June 20th..private party in Zanesville, Ohio
June 21... private party in Duncan Falls, Ohio


July 20th..private party...Cambridge, Ohio

Wonderful two months of celebrations!

Happy Father's Day...June 15
Happy July 4th
Bone Family reunion  J
uly 19

It's all about families, past and present. Celebrate and give thanks and, if you are fortunate, hugs to those near you.

 I will be returning to Lancaster in June.
June 27th...hours from 3 pm-9 pm
June 28th...hours from 9 am-11:30 am
by appointment only so call or email soon!

The Tope family has graciously allowed me to stay in their wonderful cabin in the woods to see clients again this year. Please call or email for an appointment since this time books quickly!
July 11 and 12th

"The thing thou so cravest awaits in the distance,wrapt in the silence unseen and dumb. Essential to the soul and thy existence. Live worthy of it, call...and it shall come"
Ella Wheeler Wicox