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Upcoming Schedule of Events
An amazing and full schedule of events for May and June!! Hope you will join me or schedule one of your own! Email ( [email protected] ) or call me ( 740-962-6887 ) and I'll send you one of my new flyers about parties.
This Month 

3rd.....private party in Young Hickory, Ohio

4th.....Plate restaurant in New Albany, Ohio
..........11-5 by

11th..Happy Mother's Day!!

17th and 18th
Universal Life Expo
          Veterans Memorial, Columbus, Ohio

24th....private party in Parkersburg, WV
private party in Somerset, Ohio
Month of June

....private party, Port Washington, Ohio
8th....private party, Duncan Falls, Ohio
13th..private party, Lancaster, Ohio

15th..Happy Father's Day

20th..private party, Zanesville, Ohio
21st..private party,Duncan Falls, Ohio
27th..Hampton Inn, Lancaster, Ohio
        hours 3 pm -9 pm (call Ellen for appointment)
28th..Hampton Inn, Lancaster, Ohio
        hours 9 am-noon (call Ellen for appointment)

There's a Ghost in My house! Eek!
  It seems with  the ever growing psychic awareness ( and willingness to discuss it), more and more people are "seeing" and "sensing" spirits and ghosts. If I visited every haunted abode I am asked about I would rarely be home! There are many books written on the subject and probably many more experts. I am not one of those experts. Like many in the metaphysical world, I can only relate to you with some certainty what I have found to be true for me. You must find your own truth. 
 I like the late Sylvia Browne's definition that spirits are those people who have passed and gone to the Light and ghosts are those who have not continued the journey to the Light. I have encountered few ghosts in 23 years of doing this work, but many spirits with messages or a sense of attachment to people or objects. 
I have never encountered anything or anyone "evil". I am sure it must exist, but it is not invited into my work and therefore I don't see it. (It probably helps to be a Pisces..we can bury our head in the ocean bottom and believe in "happy ever after") I like to believe you can only attract like vibrations. If I ever attract anything "evil", then I will assume something is in my vibration that drew the energy in...and I will probably run over you to head back to the old Catholic confessional to get rid of it!
 So, don't be afraid. Be curious  and ask politely your questions of the spirit or your humble but firm request that they leave.
Next month, I'll share how I've done that.
Thoughts and Things
Since I have my new iPhone and iPad, I have been exploring the wonderful world of apps. Actually stumbling my way around would be more accurate, but I have discovered a couple that I really enjoy and have been great in business and personal life.
The first one is Whack Pack. for your iPad. It helps you change your view of most things. Love it!
The second one, which I can't praise enough is TUT: Notes from the Universe for your phone.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
Still in the Works
#1 We are still working on putting together a small retreat

#2 I would like to try an informal class via Skype. Anyone interested?

#3 I am making plans to come to Columbus area hotels this Summer and Fall. First
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