For more than 20 years I have loved the art of palmistry and have rarely seen a palm that didn't intrigue me.  -  Ellen Bone
The pictures inside are real, it seems
They can leave you to ponder...
Are you the Dreamer?
Or are you the Dreamed?
poem remembered, but author unknown 
 Happy April ! Taxes, spring cleaning and religious holidays..oh my!
For the past two years I have been a procrastinator. I still arrive early for all engagements, pay my bills on time,keep a clean house, run a business,cook,etc., but I seem to stubbornly stall when it comes to things I really don't want to do.
I come up with reasons...some of them age, busy schedule, health of various family members, community obligations and then I come up with others, like why this newsletter is late.
April 1st, my last minute newsletter day, was interrupted by the most glorious weather  here in Ohio. The breeze was brisk and warm and I decided to wash all the windows( cleaning is how I meditate)  and opened them wide. The summer like day was an exquisite gift after such a seemingly long and relentless winter.
Wishing you a lovely spring month of accomplished tasks and some guiltless days of fun.
Blessings, Ellen
Every year, for the past 35, my daughter and husband have delighted in playing an April Fool's Day prank on each other. I have always been the amused observer to their yearly ritual and have secretly enjoyed the elaborate planning and scheming and finally the triumphant groans of one besting the other. This year they quietly decided not to reason...but I must admit I missed the foolishness of the day and felt we had let slip away another piece of childhood and the cloak of "maturity" seemed heavier. Silly isn't it?
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