The Intuitive Edge
Only a few days until the official start of Spring!!
My 6 year old granddaughter has begged to wear her flip flops all winter and has moved them closer to the door in the past few hope blooms.
I have been working on heightening my  abilities  as a medium and have been meeting others with the amazing gift. It is not frightening, but absolutely comforting to speak for those who have passed . I am excited about the opportunity in March to be part of a circle in a divinely beautiful and haunted mansion to deliver messages for those present and hopefully, some from the spirits of those who once lived in the old house. for the present owners. My days are never boring!
Wishing you a wonderful March!
Upcoming Events

March 15- Private Party ...Caldwell, Ohio
March 18- Private Party... McConnelsville, Ohio
March 22- Private Party...  Zanesville, Ohio

March 28  3:00 pm - 9:00 pm & March 29  9:00 am - Noon 
Readings by appointment only at the Hampton Inn, Lancaster, Ohio

March 29- Medium Circle ....  McConnelsville, Ohio

April 5 & 6   Victory of Light, Cincinnati, Ohio  
Booth #203             

April 11- Private Party....  Zanesville, Ohio
April 12- Private Party....  Parkersburg, Ohio
April 26- Private Party .... Cambridge, Ohio
May   3-  Private Party.... Young Hickory, Ohio
May   4-  Zodiac Book Store....  Gahanna, Ohio  11-5 
                Contact Zodiac directly to make appointment

May 17 & 18  Universal Life Expo, Columbus, Ohio
  "Go to heaven for the climate..Hell for the company"  Mark Twain
As you can see, the next couple of months are busy !! We are still working on retreat ideas and look forward to presenting something this summer and fall.
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power....the world will know peace"
With spring comes some office organizing and I am implementing some changes to begin this month.  First, I updated my phone and am now the owner of a new iPad so I will now be able to accept your credit card payments at events .
Second, I  am considering giving up the online scheduler. Very few of you have found it as convenient as I thought you would. Let me know your thoughts. If I don't hear from you, it will be phased out by June.
Last, I  am so grateful for all of you, but time with my patient husband is getting lost in my schedule of erratic hours , so  I am going to begin to return all calls or emails received after 7 pm the next day. I will still schedule  evening readings by appointment.
Thank you so much,