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Happy February!!
I feel great! It is my birthday month, the big 65!! I had to actually pay attention to all those ads for medicare and social security that are for "old people"! LOL
I have  followed through on most of my "intentions" for 2014. Lost 3 pounds so far,did a full fun day for me,sent January birthday cards on time , and have a well known artist designing my book cover for "Mirrors, Magic and Mysteries" by Ellen Bone  to be published in 2015.
I also want to reactivate my blog by answering your questions. Until I get that up and running and eventually connecting to my newsletter, I may be sending you a mid month notice when a blog is published. Please comment on it. I would very much like it to be interactive.

 I have family scattered over at least five states and we have all compared winter tales of this 2014 year so far. I think I have whined the loudest about the cold, but with family in Colorado and Michigan they don't seem to
 sympathize much
So I am wishing you a safe one.




Feb. 7th, Hampton Inn, Cambridge, Ohio
3pm-9pm (hours by appointment)
Feb 8th, Hampton Inn, Cambridge, Ohio
9am-noon (hours by appointment)
Feb14, Brenwood Salon, Zanesville, Ohio
1-6pm( call Brenwood for appointment)
Feb.15, private party, Zanesville, Ohio
Feb.21, Fairfield Inn, Marietta, Ohio
3pm-9pm (hours by appointment)
Feb.22, Fairfield Inn, Marietta, Ohio
9am-noon (hours by appointment)
Feb.28, Holiday Inn Express, Athens, Ohio
3pm-9pm (hours by appointment)
March 1, Holiday Inn Express, Athens
9am-noon (hours by appointment)
 For all hours by appointment call me at 740-962-6887 or email me at [email protected]
Hosting a Psychic Party
I love to do readings at your events!
It can be a private party or large corporate event.
I am putting together a package for 2014 to better explain how to go about hiring me for your event, but here are a few guidelines.
#1 I don't charge for travel(within a 100 miles ), but I do require enough people at your event to make my $200 minimum.
#2  You don't have to feed me,  a glass of water and a place to sit with room to put out my cards is all I need.
#3 I do like to read for people one after the other. Don't worry about break times for me, I'll ask for it if needed, but usually like to work without interruption. So schedule your people close together.
#4 That's it! I do book months fact, April is the first open month at this plan now and we'll work out the details of start time,directions and final confirmation a week before your event is to take place.
It really is fun. I encourage folks to record their sessions. Cash,checks or credit cards are all accepted.
I did a talk about my business in front of a wonderful group of professional women in January. They asked some interesting questions which I will address in my watch your email for a blog update notice.
Thank you all again for the privilege of doing this work. Love it, and love you!

Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge